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This page will be a list of all the characters that appear in the series Changing Fates and a little bit about them. They are listed in alphabetical order. Titles are ignored.

Characters must have a speaking line to be mentioned here.

A - M

Akira: Taiyo's fourteen-year-old prison friend. She can easily read people's strengths and weaknesses, but she doesn't use it against them. She has strong hope and faith.

Brek: The leader of the rebels involved in the Prison Escape Plan.


Kiara's brother, Chan.

Chan: Kiara's brother and a skilled swordsman. He is a good friend of Emi and is willing to help whenever he's needed. He also happens to the from the original A:TLA series. You read read about him here.

Emi: A fifteen-year-old firebender with a strong sense of truth and determination. She will do anything to protect the people she loves, although her judgement is sometimes clouded by her desire to become a firebending master. Emi is intimidated by the Fire Nation royal family.

Hana: Taiyo's mother. Hana is strong friends with Reika, shown by her promise when the two say goodbye. She loves her son and has a streak of humor that she passed down to her son, though it was suppressed when Taiyo was locked in prison. Hana's husband died in the Hundred Year War but she stayed strong and raised a stable, courageous son.

Hiro: An elderly high general opposed to General Kuzai. He questions everything Kuzai does and is very good at arguing. He is also very wise in military tactics, though he spends most of his time doting on his infinite number of grandchildren.

Kiara: A skilled archer and Chan's younger sister. Friendly and brave, one of her main goals in life is to attend the ENA and become a member of the Yuyan Archers.

Commander Zhao

Warlord Kuzai

Kuzai: A younger high general and one of the most powerful warlords in the Fire Nation. Kuzai is a great speaker, excellent at persuading his side of an argument. He has an open rivalry with General Hiro, although the origin of this opposition is unknown.

Ming: One of the Zune Kasai Prison guards. She is kind to those she feels are deserving of respect and generosity. Also in the A:TLA original series here.

N - Z

Razin: One of Zong's friends. He is the cool-headed one in the group as he keeps Zong from starting unnecessary fights.

Reika: Emi's loving mother. She cares for her husband and daughter and is very protective, sometimes straining her relationship with her daughter. Reika doesn't want Emi to train at the academy because she doesn't want her daughter to get involved in the war.

School clothes

Shoji, Emi's young friend.

Shoji: A young boy from Sanjiui who participated in initiation at the ENA but didn't make the cut. He's friendly and kind, as shown in his cameo episode Struggling to Survive, Part 2. Shoji is also seen in the A:TLA series. Read about him here.

Taiyo: About the same age as Emi, Taiyo is a young earthbender with limited training. He is very loyal to friends and family, especially those closest to him. He doesn't forget things easily and remembers friends from long ago and the bond he had with them. The year he spent in prison changed his personality drastically from a risk-taking boy to a cautious young man.

Tazo: Another one of Zong's friends. He fought Emi in a mock Agni Kai match during initiation. He's a skilled firebender, definitely a worthy opponent.

Troublemakers: Two men who attacked Emi on her birthday. One is tall and skinny while the other is short and fat.

Zhun: Emi's somewhat distant father. Zhun is stern and doesn't outwardly show love for Emi. However he cares a lot about her safety and well-being as he feels it is his job to keep her safe and protected.

Zong: A boy Emi fought in the initiation maze. He uses swords, though not very well. He gets angry easily. Chan also fought him during a mock sword fight.

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