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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Changing Fates in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Changing Fates

You Control Your Own Destiny.

Emi Kazuko is no ordinary Fire Nation girl. She's a firebender, and a good one. After repelling the attacks of two wanna-be criminals, she is invited to attend the Elite Nation Academy by a high general. At first Emi is honored and amazed, but she soon discovers that things aren't always as they appear.

Meanwhile, an old friend of Emi faces problems in the Capital City Prison. Taiyo is determined to escape the depressing jail he's been stuck in for a year, but how far is he willing to go?

It is the fall before Sozin's Comet. In a warring and changing world, two teenagers are struggling to find their place. But they'd better do it fast - or they may end up on the wrong side of the war.

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Dragons firebending

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Things Have Changed

Capital City Prison
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Book One: Innocent
PrologueNo Such Thing as EasyFateful DecisionsStruggling to Survive, Part 1Struggling to Survive, Part 2Pure in HeartThings Have Changed • Kyoshi Island • Visions of Dragons • Princess Azula
Book Two: Blind
Book Three: Changing
Book Four: Fearless


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Page Names

While looking at different pages, you might notice that all the page titles have different things at the end in parentheses (ex CFE). Below I will list the meanings of each.

  • CFE: Changing Fates episode
  • CFC: Changing Fates character
  • CFL: Changing Fates location


2/8/2013 - Starting the Transcript
Hello everyone! This is the new Changing Fates Transcript, which will let you know exactly what is happening around this fanon and its creator, Mango! Anyone who is interested in reading this fanon should check out the following link.

  • The first chapter is here.

Chapter 4: Struggling to Survive, Part 2 is coming along a lot slower than I planned. Writing battle scenes is pretty hard because I have to make sure it seems realistic. Right now I pretty much suck at them -_-

I have finished the first challenge revealed to be a maze. The second is being worked on. The idea goes partially to ByBray who helped me out with some great challenge ideas I might use later on in the fanon. I plan on having Chapter 4 out by the end of February. The lucky mango 25 February 2013

Well, Chapter 5: Pure in Heart is taking longer than I expected. For a short while I lost my "fire." Haha... But don't worry, I'm back in full steam! I'm charging through the chapter - at least 15% is done now instead of the dreary 5% it's been at the past few weeks.

I have just finished the first conversation necessary that will introduce a character we've all met before, Ming. Ah, I just love adding minor characters into my story. Well, hopefully the new chapter will be up before you know it! This is Mango, signing out! The lucky mango 13:22, April 6, 2013 (UTC)

I'm hoping to get through Chapter 6 by the end of May. It's going pretty slow right now because of school. All my exams are coming up quickly and I can't spend much time writing.

I'd like to hear what you think about Chapter 5. Who do you think Reika was talking to? What are Taiyo and Emi going to do now? Thanks for reading! The lucky mango 20:59, April 25, 2013 (UTC)

Haha, so much for getting Chapter 6 out by the end of May. More like, the end of July. That makes a record of three months between updates. Sorry for being such a terrible author :(

On the upside, Chapter 6 is finally out and it is long! 4,000 words long! I'm hoping to get the next chapter out before school starts again. I have this really annoying AP assignment to do so it will be a challenge. :) The lucky mango 18:58, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Note From the Author

This is my first fanon, so it may not be high quality material yet, though I plan on improving it whenever possible. I would love to hear any feedback you can give me on how to improve! Enjoy.

As a high school student I may not be able to post chapters frequently. I will try to get at least one two-three weeks or less. Unfortunately - and I can't believe I'm saying this - school takes priority over Avatar. Blame my AP classes.

Special thanks to all of the following people! I couldn't have done this without you.

  • Braden for his awesome ideas and layout help.
  • Ty for his helpful hints.
  • Ultimate for helping me get started.

I have decided that this page will change colors every time the book changes. Right now we're in Book One: Innocent so the colors will be red or orange. In the next book, we'll go blue.


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