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Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa, Haoke


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The Rescue

Chang is a wealthy nobleman of the Earth Kingdom who lives in his luxurious estate with his wife, Haoke. He is a kind and intelligent man with a great deal of respect for the Avatar. Chang is a loving husband, showing much affection for Haoke during their reunion after being apart for an extended period of time.


Before the events of The Rescue, Chang had left his home to protest the Avatar Day festival of Chin Village nearby. Upon his arrival at the village, he objected to the mayor, Tong, criticizing the premise of the festival and demanding it be changed. Being the indifferent and stubborn man that he is, Tong did not listen, but simply dismissed Chang without a second thought and sentenced him to life in prison. Helpless to escape his predicament, Chang had no choice but to accept his unjust punishment.

Following the arrival of Aang and his friends the next day, the Rough Rhino attack was repelled by them, and the meaning of Avatar Day was forever changed to a celebration in honor of the Avatar, rather than a reminder of the Avatar's supposed guilt. With the new order in place, Chang's "crime" was forgiven and he was set free.

Chang hurriedly started on his way home, long overdue for his return. Before Chang could complete his journey, however, he was met with another obstacle as fire began to rain down upon him from amidst the clouds of the night sky. Once again powerless in a futile situation, the nobleman did all he could by frantically running and jumping about in an attempt to dodge the incoming projectiles. As the fires began to surround him and hope started to fade, Aang, followed by his friends, emerged from the flames and urged Chang to get to safety, assuring him that he and his team could handle the situation. A few minutes passed and Chang returned to the scene to thank Aang and his companions for their help. He also invited them to his home for a night's stay, an offer they accepted.

Chang escorted the Avatar's party to his estate where a miserable Haoke waited for them. Her husband's return brought great joy to her as she reunited with Chang after his unforeseen absence, and the couple catered to Aang and his friends for the night. The next day, however, the Avatar brought very troubling news to Chang and Haoke's attention, and a plan was devised that required he and his wife to abandon their home.


  • Chang's name (昌) roughly translates to "prosperous" in Chinese.

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