By N 3rd Street Part of the Legend of Korra: The Betrothal Necklace continuity.

The Chancellor is a non-canonical character referenced in the fan fiction article, Legend of Korra: The Betrothal Necklace. He is Republic City's head of state, and supposed leader of the anti-bending movement.


Mentioned in an interview, the main villain in the The Last Airbender was described by Michael DiMartino as "...kind of an anti-bending revolutionary guy. Very scary dude. And definitely is quite a challenge for Korra."[1] Extrapolating on this idea, fanon author N 3rd Street personified this character as the corrupt leader of Republic City's government, and assigned him the title of Chancellor.


The Chancellor hates all bending and is the primary instigator of Republic City's anti-bending policy. He is obsessed with the prospect of apprehending the Avatar, which cannot easily be done through bureaucratic legal channels or without a heavy amount of force. He has no qualms about backdoor dealing, however. He apparently commissions a Republic City gang to ambush and either capture Korra or capture one of her friends to ransom in exchange for her. This attempt fails when Tenzin comes to the aid of Korra, who had been wandering the streets in search of the Airbending master along with her friend Jinora.


  • The significance of this title is derived from two sources: In the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the Chancellor is the leader of the Galactic Republic, and in Germany, the Chancellor is the head of Parliament. For example, in 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor, marking the beginning of the Third Reich.
  • In "Legend of Korra: The Betrothal Necklace," Tenzin mentions that in order to escape Republic City's influence, he and Korra would have to travel in excess of 100 miles. This indicates that Republic City is not a city state, but rather the capital of a territory at least 200 miles in width.


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