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Chapter 5: The Scars of Chan Dai (Avatar Neo Revolution)

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Chan Dai is a decrepit ghost town that is overrun with poverty and crime. The local gang, The Bloody Knuckles, runs the town, blackmailing and threatening the citizens into submission. East of the town are mountains once rich in minerals and the peaceful Gao Lin Falls (a popular camping spot), while heading West down the valley leads to thick forests.

Layout and Description

Face off at Tu Zin

The derelict houses of Chan Dai

Chan Dai is west of Gao Lin, further downhill and closer towards the wasteland. As such, the temperatures are often warmer and the vegetation thicker. Mountains surround the town as reminders of the once prosperous mining business.

Once a successful mining town, there are many houses, which all look the same. Over the years however, these living quarters have become run down and derelict. There used to be a high tourism sector in Chan Dai, so there are many inns and hotels in the area, yet these have also become decrepit as tourism decreased. The Bloody Knuckles' hideout is located in the centre of the town and contains many underground levels which contain storage rooms and prison cells, among Alphonse's living quarters. Cameras installed by Alphonse are dotted all over the town.


Prior to the story

Chan Dai was once an affluent mining town, attracting many powerful business owners to set up mines. Tourism and industry increased as the towns prosperity became renowned worldwide. However, as there were hints of the resources running out, the larger companies bought out the smaller ones and fought each other through tooth and nail for the remaining power. One man came out on top but, by the time the fighting had ended, there was nothing left to mine and he died. Alphonse and the Bloody Knuckles then assumed the power.

Arrival of the gang

Dover and Sedgley, with the help of Anurna and Erik, successfully stole some waterbending scrolls from the Bloody Knuckles' hideout, however not without Dover receiving a serious injury in the form of a long scar down his torso. After this incident, Alphonse hired Miss Zaida, a member of the Clandestines, to find and capture the boys.

Notable Figures


Alphonse is the psychopathic boss of the Bloody Knuckles and lives in the gang's hideout. He managed to claim power over Chan Dai following its decline by utilising surveillance cameras to predict his enemies' next moves. He has employed McKay and Diego as his henchmen, among many others, and is in direct cahoots with some members of the Clandestines, including Miss Zaida.

Flora and Fauna

Chan Dai's soil had been sullied by the mining boom, and very little plants grow in and around the town. Maine-racoons, mangy cat-like pests, roam the streets while the only other animal life that has been seen is buzzing flies.


  • Though Chan Dai is near Gao Lin, it retains similar climatic conditions to the main series due to desertification and the desolation of the land.
  • Though set four generations after Avatar: Legend of Korra, Chan Dai, and many other locations, do not seem as technologically advanced as would be assumed. This is most likely due to economic factors and availability to resources, or just because Chan Dai is a ghost town.

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