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The Beach, Part 2

Chan was a narcissistic teenager from Ember Island. Believing himself to be one of the marvels of the Fire Nation, he was very pompous and superficial.

He attended as a teenager the Royal Academy for Boys, alongside Iroh and his best friend Jiuan. The Crown Prince and Chan would soon become archnemesises, as both were in love (or at least physically attracted in Chan's case) with the same noble girl, Cixi.

Chan would eventually become an Admiral and father a son also named Chan, who had a striking resemblance with him.


Chan was born in 35 AG, making him one year older than Prince Iroh. Growing up with a very strict father, a naval officer, Chan escaped the paternal pressure by living a life of pleasures whenever he could. Unfortunately, this made him very self-centered.

In 52 AG, Chan caught a glimpse of a girl named Cixi and became physically attracted by her. He would continue to attempt to seduce her for two more years, until he was defeated in an Agni Kai by her boyfriend, Prince Iroh. After a complicated series of events, this allowed him to meet his eventual wife, Abruta.

By 100 AG, he would have become an admiral and fathered one son, also named Chan. For more information, please see Chan.

Personality and traits

As a teenager, Chan was cocky, pompous, proud, self-centered, vain and superficial. He held a very high opinion of himself and believed himself to be irresistible to women. He was also known to boast regularly about his family's power, wealth and possessions.

This attitude is believed to be the result of a harsh upbringing, as he was raised by his father, Commander Chan, a powerful and feared Navy officer. The notorious Mental doctor Frentshee believed the self-absorbed ways of Chan as well as his desire to be popular to stem from a desire to escape the hard and cruel education of his father, thus seeking to fulfil his smallest pleasures, as well as a subconscious need to feel loved.

Chan was intimidated by few things, and one of these was royalty. When scared, he would try anything to escape an unpleasant fate, like accusing the girl he courted moments before. However, one put in an unpleasant situation, he would try his best to win and/or survive, as shown in his Agni Kai with Iroh.

Chan actually was quite intelligent, but his attitude often took the best of him.

Physical appearance

Chan was very tall and well-muscled, working out every day. He was considered handsome by most current standards, with amber eyes and brown hair kept tied in a top-knot, save from two rebellious hairlocks.


Chan was a powerful Firebender, described to be more a "footer" by Iroh : indeed, his feet were mainly used while fighting. At age 19, he was a Firebending Master, even though Iroh beat him easily.

Seduction was also one of Chan's most well-known abilities, as, as stated above, most girls found him irresistible, both by his looks and by his behaviour. However, his seducing power only seemed to work on shallow girls, as women more intelligent than average were completely unfazed by his courting attempts, such as Cixi or Abruta.


Chan Sr. , his father

Chan was extremely fearful of his father and tried to flee him whenever he could. Commander Chan wanted his son to follow his footsteps in the Navy and to become a high-ranking officer. He thought indeed very little of his only son and was pressuring him very hard to become an exemplary child - hard-working, a full Firebending master and with a position of power.


Chan disliked Iroh, and Iroh hated Chan. Each saw the other as a parasite as they both tried to date the same girl, Cixi. Although Chan secretly desired to screw Iroh, the fact that the latter was the Crown Prince had a tendency to make Chan's brave instincts vanish. He would cower on the ground in Iroh's presence. The only exception to this was when Iroh challenged Chan to an Agni Kai. Chan saw a legal opportunity to dishonour Iroh without any eventual punition and a good occasion to show off before Cixi. He however feared that Iroh's might was more powerful than his, which was proved subsequently right.


Chan was attracted by Cixi, who he thought was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Cixi, on the other hand, greatly despised him and was annoyed by his almost stalkerish behaviour. Chan didn't seem to get the signs of irritation Cixi kept sending him and he attempted to court her two more years after she had entered in a relationship with Prince Iroh. One of the reasons Cixi couldn't stand him was Chan's intempestive use of the word "Cixilicious" when referring to her. Chan stopped being interested by Cixi when he met Abruta.


Chan barely acknowledged Jiuan's existence, seeing him more as a background feature than as a human being. For this reason and all of the faults listed above, Jiuan deeply hated Chan, which he saw as the stereotype of the self-absorbed young male bully. Thus the kleptomaniac never lost an occasion to complicate Jiuan's life, such as ensuring that he was accused for the theft of Mr Luong's "Fire Lord Sozin : his life, his works" (first edition) or making sure that he was unable to be at a very important party where he could have spoil Iroh's efforts of seducing Cixi.


Chan flirts

Chan and Abruta.

Chan stopped being interested in Cixi when he met Abruta, the host of the party he attended. He had just come out of a shameful moment with his loss in the Agni Kai against Iroh and Cixi had openly declared him her feelings. Abruta was a pretty girl in the vicinity and that was enough for Chan. Abruta on her side was very amused by Chan's behaviour, which she found charming and was comforted by the knowledge that, shall their relationship last, she could easily make her voice be heard. The fact that an engagement with Chan made her escape a marriage with an adult didn't hurt either. She saw clearly through Chan's stereotypical seduction sentences, but she enjoyed it. Chan was more than pleased to find a lady that seemed to be a challenge and yet who amazingly looked attracted by him. In no time, the two were blissfully in love.

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