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Champions of Ba Sing Se



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July 9, 2012

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I awoke back in the cell, with Lin next to me, staring at me. The fourth test had been a test to see if I had any useful skills such as cooking, strength or engineering knowledge. They had yet again locked me in the room, but this time with a box of food supplies and materials for a fire, they had put a gate in front of the door, to see if I could lift it and some metals and wires.

As I shook of my grogginess, Lin pursed a question. "So. Did you bend? Did they give you any jobs?"

I shook my head and whispered, "I didn't bend, and I have to report for labor everyday." As I said this her face lit up.

"Kaine! This is great. You can get us out of here." A smile spread over her lips, it was beautiful. She was beautiful and I couldn't get over it.

"Yeah, I mean I guess so." I wasn't sure I could pull something like this off. I was top of my class in bending and I'd never had a problem using it for battle but I killed someone with it. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that again, despite wanting to impress Lin. "Did you go through the tests?"

"Yes I did, all except the fourth because benders can't do work, we will have to have our chains removed and that's dangerous for the Nomads."

"Makes sense, I get the first test, to see if I would bend anything. I think the second was to see if I would firebend to warm myself and the third to see if I would waterbend, right? Which one did you fail on?"

Her expression changed, she looked ashamed. "I failed on the first one. I deflected the throwing star with the stone."

"Your an earthbender as well, Lin?"

"Yeah, we are the only ones."

[To Be Continued]

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