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I woke up smelling the aroma of the best dishes prepared by my grandmother, smoked sea slug. I liked that dish since my teenage and the way she prepares it, is unique. I stood up looking at the room around me, there was a little squared window on the wall east, there was a closet few steps from my bed, decorated with the Fire Nation symbols, and a desk with a chair next to it. There was a shelf above from the desk, holding firebending books, and the door was on the west corner. I started my morning routine sessions, and I kept thinking on the words that Azula said last night. I heard knocks on the door and I had to interrupt my routine.

"Don't worry from your exercises Son, breakfast is ready." I heard her broken voice before I could answer the door.

I went outside my room ready for the delicious breakfast that was waiting for me. Azula was already at the table, I sat in front of her looking at the dishes and a pitcher of lychee juice. I started serving the food on wooden cups, and waited for my grandma to eat her first bites before I could start eating; the flavor of the slug was wonderful, like always.

"Don't bother with your training, today you are going to take a bath and a break for the rest of the afternoon... in the night you are going to show me how far you have gone with your bending." Her voice listened too deep while she said these words, she even looked darker since she started eating.

"Understood," I said as we continued eating our meal.

After we had finished eating, I started to clear the table and left the dishes on the sink. I went back to my room, searching for a towel and underwear inside the closet. I went back to the dining room and walked through the double doors leading to the rear garden, where my bending takes place. There's a lake located 100 meters away from our home. I went bare footed to the lake admiring the green bamboos decorating the path, listening to some birds on the way. When I got to the lake I started to undress myself and left my clothes close to the border of the lake. I could feel the coldness of the water as I was getting in it but I didn't wanted to heat the water when I take a bath. I took several minutes in the lake and resting my head on the back, chilling out in the coldness of the lake. I looked down to the lake and see my reflection. There was a spark in my small eyes carmine, my dark thin eyebrows matched with my black short messy hair, my ears are medium-sized and round analyzing my face. I have a short narrow nose, just like Azula. I have lines next to my thin mouth, maybe it's because my expression is always serious or frowning, below my reflection on the water, my body was hard as rock, thanks to my hard training.

Back at home, I notice that my grandma was missing, but there was a note on the dinner table saying:

"Try your new clothes and meet me in the yard at night, practice your exercise breathing, I'll be back soon." -Azula

The radio was on as I headed up to my room, it was shouting news about Korra returning to the Republic City followed by her parents to sign a friendship with the Northern Water Tribe. When I get in my room there was white clothing placed on the bed. When I took them I saw the death symbol on the back, I realise that it was a mourning vestment, I began to dress it with fear by not knowing the what's going to happen soon. I walked to the back yard, I looked to the sky, admiring the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen and realized it was going to get dark soon and I sat in lotus position. I started to work on my breathing exercises, closing my eyes, feeling the flames within me with every breath. I began to sense a presence coming from the house, the rocking began its usual squeaking.

"Azulon!" the deep voice of Azula came to my ears and I stood up as fast as I could.

When I opened my eyes, the sky was filled with tiny stars and the moon was bigger than ever could be. I focused my sight to Azula, but being there was a person with black mourning robes. I couldn't see his face to determine if it was a she or a he.

"Start!" Azula shouted, and I prepare my Firebending.

Shooting synchronized red flames from my fists and kicks to the sky, making defensive position and aggressive stances, I shoot to the skies like a missile, and from the skies growled and sending a fire curtain to the yard below me, and for my final test I put together my hands and separated the fingers. I concentrated my energy until electricity started to jump from one finger to another and started to shoot thunderbolts at the ground lighting up the sky with each shot. After several sessions of rays, I came down slowly to the ground and kneeled in front of Azula as I noticed my fire was changing to a blueish color. I looked at her face and I noticed she was smirking, she began to clap and laughed at the same time.

"Here is your Champion, Urabach." Azula said.

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