A New Friend
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Avatar: A New Age


Book 1: Chaos



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July 11, 2014

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Long ago my predecessor Avatar Korra stopped Amon and the Equalists. Amon may have died but his cause did not. A large exodus of nonbenders fled to the new country of the People's Democracy. Eventually the days where benders and nonbenders lived together was nothing but a memory.

The people's democracy thrived and isolated themselves from the bending world. Many citizens believe the old tales of bending and the Avatar to be just that, stories. Meanwhile, in the bending world, Avatar Korra ruled with an iron fist and kept the peace in the nations until she died peacefully at 115. Then I Avatar Suki was born and I was a failure.

Due to my favoritism to my own nation the world plunged into chaos. Because of this, the spirits split the Avatar into four people, one from each element, and all of them were born in the people's democracy.

Avatar Korra gave me a world of peace which I made a world of chaos. Now I give these four new Avatar's a world of chaos which I hope they will turn into a world of peace.

The Avatar team and Yue were all being escorted back into the prison. This time, however, the Kyoshi Warriors learned their lesson and were placing them at opposite ends of the building. Two warriors escorted each of them. The one who escorted Koda was none other than Hana. She had a slight frown on her face while the warriors took the other four into different hallways. Koda was handcuffed and the two warriors walked closely behind him and he knew there was nothing he could do. Once they reached a room the warrior that wasn't Hana pushed him and began to close the door. Before the door was shut Hana quickly took out her fans and struck the other warrior causing her fall back. When she stood back up Hana, in a series of quick jabs, blocked the chi in both her arms and threw her to the ground.

Koda watched in confusion as Hana took the other warriors' keys and unlocked his handcuffs." Why are you doing this?" Koda asked still shocked.

"My name is Hana and just consider me a new friend. Now the girl named Orora is this way," she said quickly before darting off down a hallway followed by Koda. Then they stopped and Hana pressed up against the wall looking around the corner. News had obviously gotten out about Koda's escape because there was about ten Kyoshi Warrior standing in front of Orora's cell." I can't take them by myself. Some of your powers would be nice," Hana whispered.

"I'm the water bender. I have no water. I'm powerless," Koda replied feeling helpless. He couldn't do anything, the air was dry and no water was to be found. He hated the feeling of not being able to help.

"So there isn't anything you can do? I should've freed the fire girl," Hana muttered.

Then a story Yue once told him of a rare and powerful waterbending technique came o his mind, but it needed a full moon and it was the middle of the day. Then he realized he still had the necklace Yue had given him with the life force of the moon. Maybe he could channel the moon's power. He thought he should try it though he swore never to practice this bending, but he had to free his friends." There is one thing I can do but I've never tried it. It's called bloodbending," he whispered to Hana.

"Well we don't have any other options. So I say go for it," she replied anxiously.

Koda nodded and stepped out in front of the warriors who were about to attack him." Please work," he muttered to himself and lifted his hands and using full concentration. He had his eyes closed not wanting to see if it worked or not, and if it did he didn't want to see what he was doing to these people. Hana watched as the warriors froze in their place and she hurried up and used the keys to free Orora. Orora rushed out and formed a circle of air around her slamming all the warriors up against the wall.

"I'll get Rokki's bag you free the others. We all know he'd risk everything for that bag again," she said and ran off still bending the ball of air that acted as a shield and would push anything that got in her way. Once she reached he room with the stuff confiscated from the prisoners she saw his bag and picked it up. She then accidentally dropped it and a stuff animal platypus bear fell out. She gently picked it up and examined it. She was puzzled on why a fifteen-year-old boy, especially one like Rokki, would need a stuffed animal. She gently put it back in the bag and decided not to tell anyone.

Hana and Koda ran in the direction of Nori and surprisingly didn't run in to any warriors. Once they reached Nori's cell two warriors ran after them and Hana threw four throwing stars which pinned the two warriors to the wall. Hana quickly released Nori who was ready to fight." I'll get Yue you two get Rokki," Koda ordered.

"I don't think it's the best idea to split up I mean it's bad enough Orora is on her own," Hana replied simply.

"It wasn't up for debate. I'm saving my best friend," Koda said and began running in Yue's direction. Once he arrived he had no trouble bloodbending the guards out of his way to free her. He didn't like bloodbending but he'd do anything to protect Yue. Once he opened the door to her cell Yue ran into his arms smiling." No time for that. We have to get out of here," Koda replied quickly and began running toward the door where they met up with Orora, Nori, Hana, and Rokki.

Orora tossed Rokki his bag and he held on to it tightly. As they ran out of the prison 20 Kyoshi Warriors followed them trying to catch up with them." It's no use they'll just keep chasing us," Rokki yelled.

Koda had gotten an idea," No run towards the river and jump in!" He yelled at them.

"Um no I don't swim," Nori replied nervously.

Yue, obviously getting what Koda wanted to do, said to Nori," Just do it!"

Nori frowned and began to get very scared as she followed anyways. Orora, who was also nervous, stopped in her tracks as the river came in view. The rest stopped and turned back," What are you doing?" Koda shouted.

"I can't do it! My mother drowned and died a few years ago I can't do it," Orora replied with tears in her eyes.

"Orora I promise I won't let anything happen to you. Take my hand. I'm an earthbender so if anything happens I'll bend some earth so we can stand on it. I will protect you," Rokki said to her in a nice tone that was out of character for him. He reached out his hand and Orora grabbed it and they began to run again. Orora had a small smile on her face and blushed slightly. She couldn't believe that out of all the people in the group he held out his hand.

Once they reached the river they all jumped in and Yue and Koda bended the water so they were practically surfing the river at incredible speed. Orora held on to Rokki's hand tightly and he smiled at her," I promise I won't let go," he said softly.

"Up here!" Hana yelled as they river began to go into a forest " We can hide here until we can think of a plan."

They all got on shore and Rokki and Orora were still holding hands. Rokki, trying to act like it never happened, pulled his hand back quickly. Orora frowned but then she smiled again, because after all he did offer to hold her hand. Rokki went over to Hana smiling," So beautiful who are you," he said trying to flirt.

She sighed and rolled her eyes," I'm Hana and you need to back off," she said in a stern voice," Koda, Yue go get some fire wood. Orora, Rokki, go make sure we weren't followed. While Nori and I think of a plan."

"Why do you get to think of the plan? I'd much rather stay with you," he gave a smile and she rolled her eyes again.

"What? Am I not good enough?" Orora asked shocked.

"No no it's not that. It's just" Rokki began feeling bad for her but was interrupted by Hana, who didn't want him to say something that would hurt Orora's feelings.

"We stay here because we know the area and can figure out the best plan. So you all do your jobs," she said and sounding very bossy while doing it.

"This isn't a military," Rokki muttered as he, and everyone else walked away.

Back at Chancellor Lin's office her secretary came in," Your honor the prisoners have escaped," she said in a small voice.

"What? After almost twenty years of showing the senate my ability so they'd extend the term limit, give me the power of the courts and military, and now my daughter and her friends are ruining my chances of become the sole ruler!" she said, getting more angry as we spoke.

"B-but your honor the senate has already voted. You are now the Shuryo," she replied in a terrified voice.

Lin gave an evil grin," Now I am the supreme ruler of the People's Democracy. Rebellions have already broke out at just the sheer news of the law. Suppress the rebellions and find those prisoners!" She ordered.

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