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Avatar: A New Age


Book 1: Chaos



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July 17, 2014

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Long ago my predecessor, Avatar Korra, stopped Amon and the Equalists. Amon may have died but his cause did not. A large exodus of nonbenders fled to the new country of the People's Democracy. Eventually, the days where benders and nonbenders lived together was nothing but a memory.

The people's democracy thrived and isolated themselves from the bending world. Many citizens believe the old tales of bending and the Avatar to be just that, stories.

Meanwhile, in the bending world, Avatar Korra ruled with an iron fist and kept the peace in the nations until she died peacefully at 115. Then I, Avatar Suki, was born, and I was a failure.

Due to my favoritism to my own nation, the world plunged into chaos. Because of this, the spirits split the Avatar into four people, one from each element, and all of them were born in the People's Democracy. Avatar Korra gave me a world of peace which I made a world of chaos. Now I give these four new Avatars a world of chaos which I hope they will turn into a world of peace.

After Lin was defeated, the national forces surrendered soon after, meaning the rebellion was won. The whole team met in the Chancellor's Palace to decide the fate of the nation. While all of the citizens celebrated, they knew the whole country was counting on them to set up a new government. "Looks like we have some work to do," Nori said as she shot fire at the flag that represented Lin's rule and it burned.

"I'm disbanding the Kyoshi Warriors. The government doesn't need a force that powerful under its control. I've decided once we go to the old world, I'll find out what the Kyoshi Warriors are really about then go from there," Hana told them, waiting for a response.

"I didn't know you were going to the old world," Orora told her, kind of hoping she wouldn't come.

"What? I deserve to go as much as anyone," Hana replied in shock.

"If Hana wants to go, she can go," Nori ordered and everyone nodded. "Now I'm thinking we go with a similar government as before but we have stronger limits to the Chancellor's powers," Nori suggested to everyone's agreement except Orora's.

"No. We need a new government. Lin's rule has left a scar on this nation. She took over to easy and it is clear our old form of government won't work. We need something else," Orora said and everyone began thinking.

"Well, what do you suggest?" Koda asked.

"Well, we can keep the Chancellor, but the senate will also elect a head of state called a Prime Minister. Together, these two rulers will be heads of state. If the senate feels the Prime Minister to be the wrong ruler, they can have a vote of no confidence to impeach him and select another. We also need a strict system of checks and balances that can't be broken. This way, even if a Chancellor becomes too powerful, the senators have their Prime Minister to stop the Chancellor for attaining complete control," Orora explained as they all listened curiously.

It took a few weeks, but a constitution was drawn up and it was signed by the senate, the Avatars and Hana. The people of the nation had a new found confidence in this government, but they were still nervous about what had happened. Lin became a dictator which a democracy is supposed to prevent. Will adding another head of state really prevent that? They would just have to wait and see. Once the government was almost completely established the group was together thinking of ideas. "We did it. We took down tyranny and established peace," Hana said, smiling.

"Yes, and soon we will restore peace to the world. You must be excited to train new warriors," Nori said smiling and Hana nodded.

"Hey Hana, how about a victory kiss?" Rokki said moving close to her.

"What?!" Orora said angrily. "What is wrong with you?!"

"Guys, I think we should go," Yue said softly and they all left, leaving Rokki and Orora alone.

"What is wrong?" Rokki asked innocently.

"You! You're what's wrong. I really like you. Sometimes you do things that make me feel like you like me back. Like when you gave me your bear or saved my life, but then you go and flirt with Hana!" Orora explained. "Why can't you admit you like me? Or are you just playing with me? Is that is?"

"No Orora, that's not it. I really like you. I only want the best for you. And I know I'm not the best for you. If you fall in love, you're stuck. And I can't let you get stuck with a poor orphan boy," Rokki said quietly.

"And Hana doesn't deserve better?" Orora asked confused.

"She deserves better too, but she's just a distraction from you," he told her.

Tears formed in Orora's eyes because she finally understood. "Let me decide what's best for me Rokki," she said and walked close to him about to kiss him, but he pulled back.

"I'm only trying to help you," he said quietly then walked away.

Meanwhile, Yue and Koda were walking in the garden holding hands and Yue smiled. Koda had something on his mind but he couldn't bring himself to say it. Yue looked at him and saw his face. "Koda, what's wrong?" she asked worried.

"Yue, I need to tell you something. I know what love is now. You showed me how amazing it is. But you're a spirit and I'm a human. Someday you'll have to go back to the Spirit World and I'll be here. Alone. Maybe when I die and go the the Spirit World, we will have a chance, but until then, there can't be an us," he said softly as she began to cry.

"Please Koda, no. When love is real it finds a way." She squeezes his hand but he let go and walked away. Yue fell to her knees and cried. Koda also shed a tear as he had to walk away not only from his true love but his best friend.

Author's Note

This is the end if Book one. Book 2 will come soon. I know my chapters aren't long but I hoped you enjoyed this.

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