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Toph Beifong was now laying on the ground unconscious. She was just thrown into a portal thanks to Smile Dog and Ghost again. And now the throw had gotten her in a much different world. Where however she still wasn't sure. While she was going through the portal, all she could think about is what happened to Toube...

And now where is she? She slowly opened her eyes (which didn't help in anyway), and found herself in a much more arid place, with a ball and chain strapped to her right foot. She was happy that at least her sensory had stayed when her bending was taken from her. she was looking around (again not helping her out since she's blind). Her sensory had gotten her bearings down...she was in a prison cell...on a high tower.

"Oh great." Toph said to herself. She got to her feet rather easy but walking had to be added to carrying the big iron ball. Then her sensory told her that something was at the window. It looked like a person but then again, a bushy tail swaying on the ground tells her otherwise.

"Well, Ma'am. Looks like you're up," he said, his voice old western.

"Uh...yeah. How did I get here?"

"Heh. You must of ticked off ol' Toothpick pretty good. I like that. You got a name?"

"Well...I'm Toph. Toph Beifong. And you are?" Toph asked, puzzled.

"Cooper. Tennessee Kid Cooper. So what'chu in for?" Tennessee asked.

"Why should you know? I'm not supposed to be here." Toph groaned, turning away from Tennessee.

"Hah! That's what they all say, partner." Tennessee laughed. Toph wasn't having any of this, so (forgetting for a sec that she had her bending taken from her), she went ahead and tried punching the bars in the cage...cracking her knuckles in pain. "OW!"

"Okay Girl. You really need to think without fists."

"HEY! I've been in wars before bub, so don't bug me." Toph snapped.

"In wars eh? The day I believe that is when you go blind!" Tennessee started laughing until...


Tennessee didn't buy it at first, thinking it's a trick so he can believe her...but closer look at her grey eyes, not to mention the stray hair in her face, told that she really is blind. Tennessee got up and said, "Well you maybe blind as a bat, but I still don't buy this war business."

"Now just let me explain-"

"Talk ain't worth spit, girl! There's only one way to prove your tough. Bust us outta here!" Tennessee said. It was the first time ever that she was ordered to do anything and she can't do anything about it. So this is especially something she needed to get used to (at least until she can figure out how to get her bending back. Then she can order around). Her mind got to work and an idea got into her head.

"Okay Kid, stand clear!" Toph held up the iron ball, and with a powerful swing, threw the iron ball and chain right at the wall, shattering it! Tennessee was pretty shocked, yet impressed seeing this.

"That's some mighty fine moves there miss Toph."

"Thanks. You can just call me Toph. Let's get going." Toph said a push of the iron ball and Toph went right on down as Tennessee followed.


Toothpick with Gold

This Toothpick Fella

Meanwhile, in his office, this Toothpick fella, was counting out his gold for bringing Tennessee in. Tennessee was a very famous outlaw, and since he brought him in, he got a good amount of gold, about 50,000 gold coins to be exact!

"Oh gold. How easy it is to get!" Toothpick laughed. The sheriff armadillo was really enjoying himself until his mind got to the girl he brought in. Who is she? WHAT is she, for the matter...but he shrugged it off when gold crept back in his head.

Meanwhile, Toph herself was starting to tire from carrying her iron ball around, to the point of dragging it (which made her winded). She only got more ticked when she noticed Tennessee strolling along by, actually whistling a tune to himself.

"Hey. How come. I'm the only one, with a ball and chain?" Toph panted.

"Listen partner, they're planning on hanging me tomorrow. You wanna trade?" Tennessee said. Toph immediately changed her mind and decided to try something else. Tennessee turned around to see her on top of her iron ball, rolling around like it was a circus act.

"What in tarnation are you doing?" Tennessee asked.

"Just trying a new way around. Come on slow-poke, let's bail." Toph said, rolling past him. Tennessee fallowed her until she stopped by another wall (which took an hour to navigate without guards seeing). Toph tried her ball throw again but this time it didn't work.

"Oh man. Now what?"

Tennessee looked around and noticed something that just might work...TNT. He quickly grabbed some and placed it in front of the wall.

"Okay Toph. Your turn to stand clear. Here goes!" Tennessee grabbed a lantern and threw it right at the dynamite! He quickly grabbed Toph and they both gained their distance when...


The wall literally burst open with that blast. Toph and Tennessee both got to the wall's edge...which happened to be a drop off to a river!

"You know something? I knew you were a tough lass the first moment I laid eyes on you!" Tennessee said, playfully punching Toph in the shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, but how do we get out now?!" Toph asked. Before ether one of them can say anything else, suddenly one of the guards suddenly saw them and started shooting! Each bullet missing them by inches.

"Wanna swim?"

"Swim?! But I can't swim!"

"Well, can't hurt to start! GERONIMO!" Suddenly Tennessee grabbed Toph and they both jumped 50 feet into the river! Toph immediately panicked and started waving her arms like a mad-woman, trying to grab something to float. Tennessee got her and quickly swam to the riverbank. As Toph was coughing out water, Tennessee was jumping for joy as seeing Toothpick get completely ticked off, shooting at the clouds. Tennessee and Toph both ran off out of sight.

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