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The teams continued off traveling until later on that night. They all rested off by the fire Zuko had made. Aang made a small earth ring so the fire wouldn't spread in the forest, that's the last thing they want to go and see. It did take a while, but Starfire did manage to get everyone some food to eat, some of the gang went off to get some food while the rest stayed by the fire. Right now, Katara, Robin, Beast Boy and Zuko were still at the fire, talking for a bit. There is a question BB wanted to know though, and thought now can be a good time to ask.

"Hey guys? Mind if I ask ya something?"

"What is it?"

"Well. Someone's not with you. Where is he?"

"He? Who's 'he'?"

"You know. Toube, Your dog friend. Is he still with you?" Katara and Zuko didn't know how to say it at first as it got Robin and Beast Boy's attention. Zuko however decided to just get it over with.

"Toube. He's no longer around."

"What? He's dead?"

"No! Of course not! He just left, that's all." Beast Boy and Robin looked at each other and after a bit Robin asked, "why did he leave?"

"...well it began during the time we were split up, about a month ago..."


It was sunset in Ba Sing Se. Toube, the strongest dog in the world, was looking at his friends and team, just outside of the house.

"What do you mean, you're leaving?"

"Exactly what I said. I've been giving it a lot of thought before and I think it's time I go alone from here," Toube explained. Toube was about to go when he saw Toph looking away...and the tear in her eye. Toube walked back to her.

"There, Toph. It'll be fine, really."

"But...but you said-"

"I know what I said. But I can see you, along with your friends, can easily protect yourselves much more than I can. You don't need my protection. And besides, you're the strongest earthbender in the world. I'm sure we'll both be fine."

"Toube..." After a minute, Toph gave him a final, goodbye hug. Her tears, which normally she held back, went down her face as Toube finally backed away so she can let go. He gave them a final bow of respect, and walked away...

--End flashback--

"Did Toube ever come back?" Robin asked.

"No. He didn't. But I'm sure he will come back when he is needed. He isn't the type to just ditch us," Zuko explained. They sat around the fire for a while more until the others came back. "No meat, but Starfire did get some large melon fruit for everyone."

"What's that?"

"Bioplume. They're really good too! Here, try some," Starfire said, putting a good sized Bioplume in front of them.

"Bioplume?... Let me guess."

"Yep! I made this delicious fruit. Let me know what you think," Starfire said, sitting down with an oddly smaller Bioplume, loving the taste of it. The others liked the fruity, tangy taste of the regular sized fruit, but Starfire was really liking hers for some odd reason, getting Katara rather curious.

"Can I try that?" Katara asked. She thought it tastes much better smaller and Starfire gave her a piece, but one bite on didn't take very long before she changed her mind.

"Yuck! Disgusting!" She thought, but of course she didn't say anything. The taste was less tangy and more bitterish and spiced. She didn't know what to relate it to. Starfire shrugged and ate both pieces, the other Katara didn't want anymore.

After eating, everyone got tired so they went off to bed early. The jungle's day animals went off to sleep too...but tonight is different.

As the clouds cleared, the moon, completely full and bright, began shining through the canopy. The large disks in the main trees began to close up as they sense the sun is no longer out. The bright moon only woke up Beast Boy for right now, as his eyes opened up tiredly. What he awoke to was a spectacular sight...

At first it started small, but as the rays of the moon reached the floor, one flower began to open up...then another...and another... Beast Boy saw the first flower open up, as it shone a cyan blue. It captivated his attention until he noticed more flowers bloom. After a minute, a huge amount of these flowers bloomed all around him, glowing up the otherwise pitch black night in the jungle. They were seemingly growing from everywhere, and it reached up the trees and roots. Beast Boy was just left staring off into space until he heard some rustling going on above him. Being nighttime in an alien forest, it could be anything really. He kept looking around for a bit until he saw a silhouette of something...or for the matter, someone. A figure of a human was above him, looking down to them for about a minute before it bolted away.

"Who's that?" He thought. He looked back to the others and turned into a fast hummingbird so he won't wake anyone up. He flew up quick and turned back to normal in one of the huge branches as the figure continued running away. He kept following it as a monkey for a while until he ended up stumbling on one of the huge vines, thus losing whoever that was.

"Who was that?...Oh well," he said to himself. All he could do now is turn around and head back. After all, the last thing he wanted his team to do is worry sick about him in this place.

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