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As for the brothers who were still training away, Officer Kendra was still busy on her own time. Failing to find the gang, she went off to getting just common criminals, which wasn't very exciting, let alone helpful to her reputation as a high advanced police officer.

After a hard working day, Kendra got back to her home in Republic City, having some rare time off from her duty. She was still questioning a few things though. For example, the brothers. They don't seem to be any more criminal than she was, and what they exactly stole wasn't even said in their wanted poster (which she had in her office). Another thing was this Koi group. She wasn't entirely sure on them just yet, but they acted like they own the place, already auctioning out about the wanting of the brothers. It surely was different, especially given the fact that only REAL police men and woman are allowed to do such a thing at this point in time. Kendra settled down and looked on at the wanted poster she brought home, to have as a reference to whoever was wanted.

"Hm...they don't seem too bad for criminals...wait a minute." Kendra took a much better look at this "wanted poster". She saw that it was just drawn in, which is very obscure since now they used old fashioned cameras for photography. This one isn't official, or culture for that matter. She brought out another wanted poster from a random criminal and compared the two, and began to notice something.

A regular wanted poster had this sort of information: a photograph of the criminal; the name of said criminal; the crime committed; and the award money for apprehending of said criminal. When looking at the one for Alex and Leo though, she noticed that the crime commitment wasn't exact, just saying "theft" in bold letter at the bottom of a drawn out picture (a pretty good drawing not to mention). The money was placed for a huge award of 8,000 yen for Leo, and 10,000 for Alex, to a total of a staggering 18,000 yen total! Kendra knew better than that, a criminal doesn't get such a gigantic award right from the start like these two did...this is a fake!

Before she can even process this turn of events, an odd knock came at her door. She didn't get up fast enough it seems as an envelope was slipped through under her door. She got up and picked it up, but when she opened the door, no one was there. There wasn't any postage, nothing except for the word "criminal" on it. She sat back down and opened it up to find another wanted poster, much more realistic than the ones passed around the city like it had been doing. Unfortunately for whoever sent this to her, Kendra was already convinced that they aren't criminals and threw it away. As for this Koi group, she had to do a little research on them now. Something was just not right with these guys...


She got off into her car and began to drive on down to the police station, still thinking on this new concrete evidence against Leo and Alex being criminals. It was rather dark now, dead of night. She was used to it though, often going out of her way to go on a night patrol. Something though just didn't feel right tonight. She had the feeling something bad was gonna happen...and she got it.

While she was driving, her senses were correct as suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the car tires! She tried regaining control but the scorched tire made that almost impossible and she crashed into a lamp post! She immediately jumped out, pistol drawn at the ready, and waited for someone to come one did.

"Come out with your hands up and weapons down!" She demanded...still nothing. She slowly walked over to where she saw the lightning struck out, expecting the attacker there. She only got a foot away from the site when she felt someone grab her shoulder. She spun around to fire but suddenly got electrocuted! It was happening so fast she didn't have time to react as she collapsed, paralyzed, and unable to get back up. Whoever it was ran off before she can see who it was...

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