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Ch.7: Training

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For the next couple of days, the brothers were pretty busy with training. They didn't learn the other elements just yet, but they were getting there, and Alex was getting his swimming lessons down pretty good. One night though really stood out.

Leo managed to find an old tree, the only large tree in the area. He settled down under the tree, feeling the soft gentle mountainous breeze begin to go by him. The night sky looked amazing. The stars in the night sky shined and sparkled. He couldn't believe that such a lovely sky could exist so close to the city. Speaking of which, it was also surprising how quiet it was for being so close to Republic City. This was his favorite time of night; remembering where he used to live.

"Wow...what a night," he thought to himself. As he was thinking, he was so distracted that he didn't even notice Serra walking over to him.

"Hi Leo. You're still up?"

"Huh?...Oh hi Serra. Yeah I'm still up. The night is too lovely to miss," Leo said, looking back up at the night sky. Serra sat down next to him as they both looked up to the lovely night. The stars, they noticed, had many constellations in it and just for the heck of it, they walked out onto a nearby hill for a better view and started naming them out. Serra pointed out a few and Leo did the same in turns until Leo saw one particular constellation.

"Which one's that one?" Serra asked.

"That...well actually that's me."


"You see that one there is of the lion. Also called Leo. Like me. My mother named me after the Leo star constellation.," Leo explained, imagining the proud lion in the stars. Serra was impressed that his name was after the stars. But she was noticing that Leo was looking a bit sad. Though still smiling, a tear went down his face.

"You okay, Leo?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine, it's just...I really miss her."

"Your mother?"

" see it started a long time ago, when me and Alex were very young (beginning to remember the details). It started like a normal day for everyone back in our home...but then that dreaded Koi came in and they...they..." He was stopped when his sadness began to consume him. He buried his head into his knees as he sobbed softly. Serra too was getting a tear in her eyes.

"There, there. It's all-right. At least you have Alex."

"Yea I know. He's the only family I have left right now...I sure hope nothing bad happens to him."

"I can imagine. You two are brothers after all. But how about you get some sleep? Training won't go very well for you if you just stay up all night."

"Yeah about that...throughout much of the training, you hadn't really, you know...showed any bending. Are you really an airbender?" Leo asked. But then Serra was already walking away when he asked, so she didn't answer. This left Leo wondering as he walked back to the old tree and went to sleep.

"Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad," Leo said to the moon, and went right to sleep.

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