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Night in Kyouga

Both Teen Titans and Team Avatar continued running through the portal passage. They all couldn't wait to see what their world came out to be. All their hard work and devotion soon to come to life. They kept going until they finally passed through. However, a huge bright light made it hard to see at first (hard to adjust). But after a minute or two...there it was.

In front of them was all of their work. Laid out in front of them. They were standing on a highland so they got a very good view of everything ahead. The area ahead was a rainforest paradise, trees that reach stories high ending in large disks, sounds of life seemingly coming from new and amazing as they all looked around at the landscape.

"Incredible..." Beast Boy said in awe, as everyone agreed with him. However, they all were snapped out of their view when another call was made, sounding like a bird cry, like a falcon but lower pitch. They all turned around and a flock of one of their creations flew on by to the rainforest. This one looked like a chimeric animal, a turtle with wings for legs, about as large as a bison. Their wings were brightly colored as they flown by. One feather landed softly on Starfire's hand as they flown off to the forest. After seeing that, Terra smiled.

"Well. We can't get the triforce standing here. Let's go," Terra said, starting to walk on ahead. She looked down and saw it was very steep, but slick with grass.

"Hold on Terra. We don't know where to look, we can't just go running off."

"Well Aang, you know where to look?" Terra asked. Aang didn't know.

"Come on Aang. As long as we're here, we might as well look around," Katara added. Aang had no choice but to agree.

"All right fine, we'll go question though: How are we gonna get down from here?" Aang asked, knowing the slick look of the grass. By the looks of it, a rain just went through for the grass was still wet. Aang was trying to think and quickly got a solution. With a bit of earth and waterbending, made a good amount of flat, slick boards for everyone.

"Anyone up for sledding?"

It didn't take long for an answer. Starfire and Raven didn't take one since they can fly, and Beast Boy just turned into a penguin to do it. Everyone else took a board and went on down the hill. They all rocketed down at fast speed, having an awesome time. Sokka and Robin took it to the next level and decided to stand on their board instead, Robin taking the guts to handle some fancy jumping tricks on the way down. After a good amount of sledding, they finally stopped in the forest.

"Awesome idea man!" Beast Boy said after changing back, giving him a friendly punch.

"Well, I'll try," Aang said. They all looked out and saw the forest ahead of them, now they felt so small compared to the forest.

"Good job Aang, we're in the forest now. Well, let's go on in," Terra said, excited to look around inside.

"Sure does look cool. Let's try to be careful."

"Come on, what's the worst that could-" Before Terra can finish, suddenly she found herself falling down into something, something deep.

"Terra!" Beast Boy bolted over first, only to find Terra a foot down under him.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, just fell in a hole," Terra groaned, picking herself up and shaking off the dust. She lifted her head up to get her bearings but found herself staring into another creation. One that made her jump out from shock. Seconds later, another animal poked its head out. It looked like a giant mole, with light fur and seemingly no eyes. Its pink nose sniffed the air, trying to see what it is that found it.

"What's that?" Terra asked, keeping her distance.

"Calm down Terra. This is a gold mole. Harmless," Aang explained as it scurried back in its hole.

"That your creation?" Aang simply nodded yes, he did make it during the creation creature bit, and one of them scared Terra silly. She looked out to the land ahead.

"Well. We got a long way to go," Terra confirmed, as both teams continued on ahead into the new world.

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