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Meanwhile, Sokka, Smellerbee and Pipsqueak were taken away over to the main area of Grizz's business. He tied them all together and locked them up. They were watched by Grizz's mammoth guards as Grizz was finishing a painting of his.

"This is gonna be nice. Like sugar and spice. When I put you nosy kids on ice!" Grizz said, sliding down to them on the ice floor.

"Let us go Grizz-face!" Sokka yelled.

"Nah! The Grizz got'za schedule to keep. Show them off!" Grizz growled. The guards started to drag them away as Grizz went on his way to his room, doing another painting.

Outside the factory, Bob and Katara were getting the plan in progress.

"Okay Bob. You know what to do?"

Bob understood what to do and nodded. He was about to charge when Katara held him back.

"Hold on. We'll have to wait until the guards start to tire out. We can wait." Katara concurred. Bob was annoyed but had to wait for a while.


Meanwhile, Grizz was busy making his latest painting. The painting was himself in fame and fortune, a celebrity.

"Man Grizz. You paint so sweet, it looks good enough to eat!" Grizz said to himself, making a few strokes with his paintbrush. But as he was, someone went on and knocked on the wall in his room. Grizz turned and was about to yell until he saw who it was. A 16-year old girl...with her coat and rainbow hair.

"Hey-Hey-HEY! Dashie! How's tricks girl?!" Grizz said, happy to see her. Only very few things can stop his progress in painting. One of them is when Dash visits.

"Hi Grizz. I see you're still painting." Dash said, looking at Grizz's artwork.

"You bet! The Grizz is master at the brush! Makes art so great, it makes the crowds hush." Grizz bragged, adding a rapping tune to it.

"(Chuckles) Yeah I bet. Now Grizz, I heard recently that you found some scrawny kids yesterday. That true?" Dash asked. Grizz just aimed his brush to the tied up kids, all now had their mouths covered with ice.

"Nice...wait...Uh Grizz?"

"Yeah sista from another mista?" Grizz said, not really looking. Dash only had to nudge him to look and see...but now there's only two of them! Pipsqueak was missing!

"What the what?! Oh no! He-" before Grizz can finish, Pipsqueak stomped on the ice, confronting Grizz and removing what remained of the rope.

"Well well well. What do we have here? It's a pink nightmare!" Grizz mocked as Dash went outta the way.

"Trust me pal. You ain't dreamin'!" Pipsqueak said, cracking his knuckles.

"I'm tired of you kids! The boss! Everybody! All I ever want to skate! That's right."


"NO NO NO NO NO IT AIN'T okay! You know why the Grizz loves skatin'? It's clean, man. It's like, just me. And the ice. No complications. No hassles. Ever since I was just a kid, a little cub. It was the only time I truly feel free...(gets ticked off) and you think you can just come in and spoil my dream?!...WELL IT AIN'T GOING DOWN LIKE THATA! You better check the script fat man! (Grizz then ripped his necklace in two and slammed the flat edges in his feet) Because the Grizz is gonna show you how to SKATE-A!" Grizz then started skating right at him, an ice shield forming around him! Pipsqueak got out of the way just in time as Dash knocked Smellerbee and Sokka aside so they can't intervene.

Grizz kept doing some loops around Pipsqueak, just narrowly missing him each time.

"NO WAY YOU CATCHING THE G-TRAIN!" Grizz yelled, sliding on his stomach at Pipsqueak, hitting hard. Pipsqueak was lucky to avoid him at all, since he can't balance on ice very well. Grizz just stood there and just watched for a while as Pipsqueak was trying to balance himself.

"Time to go to school. Chump!" Grizz was about to go, but then suddenly something huge knocked him in the head, knocking him to the floor. He got up quickly to find not only the Water Tribe girl, but the caveman Cooper with her too, with his cane back!

"What the what?" Grizz said. Dash got kinda surprised herself. The two were Bob and Katara, and now they had to get their friends out.

"Let them go Grizz." Katara said.

"The Grizz don't take any lip-flapping but his-" Before he can finish, Katara grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down eye-to-eye with her. As he was struggling to get loose she growled to him "Now you listen here. My friends and I had nothing to do with your world. So ether you let them go quietly or, so help me, I'll make sure you end up with no teeth in that big mouth." Grizz didn't know what to say...but then Dash aimed something to her back that made Katara freeze. It was a large needle, with a thundercloud and rainbow lightning bolt on it.

"Now there's no need for a dust-up. Now let go of the bear." Dash ordered. Katara was frozen. She slowly turned back and saw the weapon Dash was holding. It wasn't until now that Bob got out Smellerbee and Sokka.

"Come on Katara, let's get outta here!" Sokka said.

"No you don't."

Before they knew it, suddenly an all to familiar Ghost suddenly showed up and wrapped around them, including Pipsqueak! Smile Dog showed up later right behind Ghost, as he gave him a high-five.

"Well done, pal. You're getting much better at this," Smile Dog said.

"Thanks. I think I need a break though," Ghost said.

"Yea, now as for-(Sees Dash again) You again? Why are you here?!"

"Chill S.D. I'm helping out."

"Why may I ask? You nearly killed both of us last time you've-" Before Ghost can finish, Dash showed them her card. At first Smile Dog felt like decapitating her...but that card made him change his mind...she on their side...and they never knew it.

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