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Ch.8: Stars

For most of the day, The gang had finally managed to make it all the way to a place a mile west of the city. Leo and Alex were pretty beat from all that, especially Alex. Sure the two traveled a long way before getting to Republic City but they usually rest after a mile or two. The walk took a non-stop 5 miles from where they would, which is beyond going across the city and an extra mile from that...the area they ended up in is what they least expect.

First off, Stone was already there but there was someone else here. A young dirty kid, Torch, introduced to the brothers. His name is Boulder, kind of a young and cheeky kid that the brothers gotten use to right away. How did Stone and Boulder get there already isn't exactly sure, but it didn't matter since the earth-bender and the badger-mole were needed to earth-bend through the mountain area they were at to get to their main place. Luckily, Leo and Alex was given a ride on Stone's back, which he accepts happily. The area itself was opened up to a plateau-like place past the small mountain. Instead of a rocky, flat area like they expected it to be, it was a grassy open plain, kind of hilly as the mountain winds blew over the plains.

"Impressed? Our group discovered this weeks ago, and we think it's the perfect place for you guys to train." Serra said. Leo and Alex were still in awe as to how natural and clean the place is, giving the fact that they are just a mile away from the city. Alex got off, walked ahead and laid down on the soft grass.

"Ah. Much better." Alex said, laying on the grass happily.

"Again though, don't get too comfortable Alex. Your training begins with me." Whiplash said. Alex seemingly got surprised right away.

"...You're kidding."

"Come on Alex, I'll keep the pranks off...for most of the time."

"What was that?"

"Now lets get going Avatar, right over here!" Whiplash said, encouraging him to go. Leo could have sworn Alex murmured "I know I'm not gonna like this." Leo saw him go as Serra then came to him.

"Leo. Now your training begins with me. Right this way." Serra said. Leo still is confused. He's not up for history, but he knows for a fact that the air-benders are extremely rare, if not extinct. What could she know? He went along with her though as the rest did who-knows-what. Serra stopped right by the tallest hill and sat down, letting Leo sit down by her.

"Okay Leo. Relax. Let the wind flow through you." Serra said, kind of getting in a meditating sitting position. Leo did the same but after a few minutes the wind that was trying to go through him knocked him over onto his back, making Serra giggle a little.


Meanwhile, Alex and Whiplash walked off to a mountain river. It flows oddly slow for a mountain river, going at a turtle-duck's pace. Alex got very confused at this as Whiplash got in a swimwear and jumped in, his splash getting Alex's face.

"What are you doing?"

"To start off this training of yours, you're going to have to get in the element. Which means you're gonna have to swim, so come on in!" Whiplash said. Alex immediately hesitated.

"You kidding me?! I can't swim!"

"I know, I know, Leo already told me. So we'll start off by learning how to swim. So you see that small pool over there?" Whiplash then pointed to a round pool right by a river. Then he added in, "you can just hang by there. It's shallow enough for you to stand but deep enough to swim. Just get down to your swimming suit and get in." Whiplash dove down in the river before Alex can accept or he began to take off his clothes just down to his underwear, which felt very uncomfortable to him, being so exposed here at the moment to someone else besides Leo.

" it goes. Take it easy, Alex. It's just water." Alex said. He walked over to the pool and took a few steps in. The water gave him goosebumps, it being a bit cold, and he stopped when the water got up last his legs, but just below his stomach. The smooth rock at his feet felt like the metal floor back at the gang's hideout. Whiplash popped up in front of him very fast, too fast to swim normally.

"Okay tadpole. Let's start off with the basics. To begin, you're going to have to get fully in the water so you start floating." Whiplash said. Alex still isn't sure about this, not touching water anywhere aside from the rain. But Whiplash was starting to make him fall backwards, towards the shore so he won't go with the current if he fell, and suddenly Alex found himself underwater. He quickly jumped up to his feet and shook the water from his head.

"Come on Alex, don't be scared of it."

"I'm not scared!...I just wasn't ready, that's all." Alex said, trying to lie out of it. To be truthful, he was a bit spooked. After all, one false trip would end up drowning him. Whiplash can see his fear in his eyes, but also how he doesn't like admitting it...this gave him an idea.

"Oh, sure you're not scared. You are totally calm." Whiplash said sarcastically.

"I'M NOT!"

"If you're not scared, then keep your head underwater completely."

"Why would I do something like that?"

"HA! You ARE scared of the water!"

Alex had it. Upon peer pressure alone, he gulped in a good amount of breath and dropped into the water, submerged completely. This was a part of the training for Alex to get used to water, but to Alex, it's a ditch attempt to shut Whiplash up. His eyes were tightly closed so he didn't even bother to notice Whiplash sneaking out, leaving Alex to float in the pool. He opened his eyes after a bit and saw the clear water around him...he was surprised of the calming beauty of it all. It's almost like he's out of the water already, and that there's only calming silence...he only got up though, realizing he can't breathe.

"You okay, Alex?" Whiplash asked from the shore, as Alex gave him a victory smile.

"HA! SEE?! I'm not scared of nothing!" Alex said strongly. Whiplash just shrugged and looked the other way...and noticed some peering eyes hiding.

"Just a sec." Whiplash, still laying on his back, water-bended a bit of water from the pool and did a very good water whip right in the face...where violet was spying on Alex's almost naked body. Violet fell forward with a soaked face, in sight of Alex, and quickly raced off. Whiplash laughed a bit as Alex was left dumbfounded.

"Wow...I thought female perverts didn't exist." Alex said, making Whiplash laugh even more. This training is going to take a LONG time.

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