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The Siege of Was-Na-Si, Part 3
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August 8, 2013

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Ch.6: The Siege of Was-Na-Si, Part 2

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Ch.8: An Unexpected Surprise

~~The path to Was-Na-Si~~

It was a clear morning the sun was sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. Birds were singing and nature started to wake up. But no one noticed that. Thousands of soldiers were marching towards their target, the city of Was-Na-Si. All of the soldiers were thinking, why couldn't they have been so lucky, that they would have been chosen to stand guard in Hon-Shoi-He. Right on the front of the marching units was the Gaang. They walked side by side with General Iroh. No one was talking everyone was serious and nervous about the battle. There were already heavy casualties of the battles of Quin-Wun and the battle of Hon-Shoi-He but nothing compared to the casualties they were expecting at this battle. Suddenly series of loud explosion were heard a little back of the Gaang.

"FIRE BALLS! TAKE COVER!" Said one Officer that got barely missed by the balls of wood and oil lit on fire.

"We have to get to safety! Come with me!" Shouted General Iroh to the Gaang. "Listen, Sokka! I'm putting you in charge of the Elite Fire Battalion. Take them and try to get into the city from the harbour! GOOD LUCK!. "The rest of you try to support the soldiers. They will need all the help they can get!

Aang, Katara and Hokai quickly advanced to the front lines, which were about one hundred metres in front of their former position. As they came they saw scenes of fright. They saw numerous wounded soldiers, begging to be transported to the back, where they could be healed.

"KATARA! Go and help the wounded." Shouted Aang.

"Are you sure, that you're able to fight alone?" Asked Katara.

"Don't worry. Hokai and I are going to be fine. You just take care of the wounded. You'll be able to more like that than fighting here with us," said Aang. "Now hurry. There are already numerous casualties in the back of the lines."

"All right...Aang, promise me, that you two are going to be alright," said Katara.

"I hope I could, but I'm just not sure. I can only wish that I'm lucky today," said Aang. "I'll see you in Was-Na-Si. Maybe Iroh is going to make some of his delicious tea." Aang said, knowing it would lighten the mood in the trench. After these encouraging words Katara took some Wounded men and with help of other medics carried them to the back of the lines, to safety.

"Are you ready? Asked Aang.

"As good as I'll ever be. Good luck," replied Hokai.

"All right men. This is it. I can already smell the perfume from the town's perfume factory. We've come too close to give up now. I can already feel victory...ATTACK!" Said Aang as he lead the attack of tens of Fire Nation soldiers out of the makeshift trenches and into battle.


"So, are you ready." Asked Sokka. "I'm not a great speaker, I don't know how to write and read a speech. But I do know something. You're here because you believe in your family. Now, the only thing I can ask of you, is that you don't fight for the Fire Lord, or the Royal Family, but fight for your family. Know this, that if the Red Revolt movement wins the war, your family will live in fear their whole lives. Everything you believe in is going to fade out of existence. Be brave and fight for the things you stand for."

Every soldier looked at Sokka, inspired by his speech. "Were ready to follow you into battle" Said one Officer.

"All right. See that tower by the water. By the tower is a hatch they use to supply the city with water. Since it's the dry season, I believe, that there is enough space so that we can fit through it. Then, when we get into the city, we'll split up. I'll lead the First, Second, Third and Fifth company to the main defence towers, towering over the city gates. Fourth company, you'll go there, to that large object right there (points at it). That's their command centre. If we're lucky we'll be able to capture Admiral Shizou and end the civil war. Ready, lets go." The two groups split up, each heading towards it's designated target. As Sokka leads his team towards the towers they get ambushed by enemy soldiers. A fierce battle begins just outside the hatch. But Sokka is lucky, his elite soldiers quickly overwhelmed the weary defenders and advance through the hatch. "Okay, now we have to split up." Team one, you come with me, we'll attack the towers. The others attack the enemy headquarters. Sokka's soldiers followed their fearless leader to the towers. As they arrive they ambush the defenders on the towers. A large and fierce battle began. Fire balls flying, Sokka's boomerang hitting Red Revolt soldiers... There is all kinds of mayhem in the battle.


"ADVANCE TO THE GATE!" Shouted Hokai. "We have to get closer, so that we can help Sokka's forces already fighting on the towers.

Suddenly am enemy soldier snook to Aang, almost hitting him. But luckily Aang didn't forget the things Toph taught him. He can see all around him with his feet. Much to the soldier's disbelief Aang grabbed his arm and threw the poor soldier into another enemy soldier, just attacking him from the front. Both soldiers collapsed. Meanwhile Hokai was using his Airbending to throw debris into enemy soldiers. The debris hit one soldier right in the head and he immediately collapsed.

"Nice shot!" Said Aang. "Look, I can see Sokka on the tower they're already winning. We need to hold on only a little while, then, when the Gate will be open, we will be able to take back the city."

"Okay, no problem! WATCH OUT!" Shouted Hokai as he saw a group of enemy soldiers charging on Aang's rear. Aang lifted his foot and slammed it down as hard as he could. The soldiers were instantly thrown into the air and collapsed when they hit the ground a few moments later.

"See, Toph did teach me a lot of things," said Aang. " Look, I can see the gate opening. Sokka did it! CHARGE! Retake the city."

"The Fire Nation soldiers quickly followed Aang and Hokai into the city. Savage fighting continued inside the city walls, as some die-hard Red Revolt troops refused to surrender. But there was no hope anymore. Thousands of Fire Nation soldiers were in the city and hundreds of soldiers of the resistance put their hands up and surrendered in silence.

"Hokai! Go see if you can help Sokka! I have things all under control," said Aang.

Hokai used his Airbending to hurtle himself onto the platform just outside of the two towers. But no one was fighting. Tens of wounded members of the Elite Fire Battalion were lying on the ground. Hokai approached one.

"What happened?" Hokai asked.

"We were betrayed. At the beginning of the attack we split into two groups. We attacked the towers, the Fourth company attacked the headquarters. It was all going according to plan. We fought the soldiers on the platform and they started to retreat. Just as Sokka opened the gate our own soldiers attacked us. More precisely the Fourth company. They had the element of surprise and with their help the enemy soldiers started to attack again. But Sokka managed to break the leaver, so the gate couldn't be closed. That's all that I remember. " Said the wounded soldier.

"Wait, where's Sokka?" Asked Hokai.

"I saw him taken away by Isho, the commanding officer of the Fourth company," said another soldier lying on the ground next to Hokai.

"I have to save him," said Hokai. He jumped from building to building, roof to roof avoiding fire blasts from enemy soldiers. He finally came to the command centre. He snook up to Isho and grabbed him, so that he could not escape. He tied his arms together, using some rope he found. Then he went into the map room. There he found Sokka, a few Imperial Naval guards and Admiral Shizou. "Let Sokka go," said Hokai. "I have the Officer."

"Oh, so you want to trade, don't you," said Admiral Shizou. "Let's make a deal. You let me, my guard and the Officer go and I'll let go of your friend. Otherwise I'll burn your friends head." He points his hand to Sokka's head and waits what is going to happen. "So, do we have a deal?"

"Alright," said Hokai. As soon as Hokai let go of Isho, Admiral Shizou pushed Sokka into Hokai, thereby making them both fall onto the ground.

"Are you all right there Sokka?" Asked Hokai.

"I'm alright, I've got a little headache, but otherwise I'm fine. Now go after Admiral Shinzou!" replied Sokka. Hokai rushed outside but could find no one. He looked around but saw no one. He stood on a balcony. Then, right in front of his eyed a War balloon appeared. It was the one flown by commander Isho, the traitor. In it Admiral Shizou, Isho and the two Elite Navy guard got away. Hokai wanted to pursue them, but he knew, that Sokka lied and needed medical attention. He rushed to the map room and helped Sokka off the ground.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Asked Hokai.

"Now that you mention it, my stomach does feel a little bit empty," said Sokka, to lighten the mood in the room. "And the Admiral?"

"Sadly he got away. But we'll get him next time. Don't worry," said Hokai and helped Sokka down to the ground.

"Sokka, are you alright!?" Asked Katara panicky. "You're burned on your arms. Here, let me help." She took some healing water from her special jug and healed the wounds of her brother. "Is everything alright?" She asked.

"No, I'm a little hungry," said Sokka.

"Hi guys, what did I miss?" Asked Aang.

"Oh, you know the usual. How is fighting going in the other parts of the city." Asked Sokka.

"Most of the soldiers have already surrendered. There are just a few specks of resistance left. Nothing mayor. And Admiral Shinzou?" Aang asked.

"He got away." Hokai replied.

"We'll that's too bad. But it's no something to discuss about now. Now is the time to rest. We've still got many battles ahead of us. But for now, rest and relaxation. Hey Hokai, while I was fighting down the street I found a cake shop, care to join me? Asked Aang.

"Sure, oh, I hope, that they have some lemon meringue pie," replied Hokai.

"Count me in!!" Said Sokka.

"Heh, why not. It's been a hard day. Some sweets would right hit the spot right about now," replied Katara.

The tired Gaang went to the cake shop and bought come delicious cakes. Afterwards they went to General Iroh, who was in his private quarters in the former map room.

"What's wrong General. Why do you look so down." Asked Sokka.

"Read for yourself," replied Iroh and handed them a note, which said: Ba Sing Se has fallen. We need help. The Dai Li have taken over the city. Earth King is DEAD. Please send in the Avatar.


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