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The following morning took quite a shock to whoever first found the Tri pieces missing. Team Avatar and Teen Titans all woke up due to the activity going on in the lobby. Robin got out first.

"What's going on out here?" Robin asked, not completely awake just yet. Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion all got in front of them.

"Oh! Thank goodness you're up. We've got a problem.," Terrakion said urgently.

"What's the matter?"

"A robbery took place in the Core, that's the matter!" The teams weren't sleepy anymore.

"Robbery?! Where?!"

"In the storage area. We just found out this morning and now were trying to find clues to what happened." During the talk, Momo and Silkie went on their own little search and ended up finding something near the hologram. It appeared like a burn mark in the floor, black, and aiming at the hologram like the black mark of a tire. Momo got their attention fast and they saw it too.

"How did this get here? Virizion, get the leaders here," Cobalion ordered. Virizion did just that and bolted off to get them. It only took a few minutes before Xerneas and Zygarde came in. They too saw the clue and were trying to make sense of it. Xerneas got it after a bit.

"Ah. Teleporter mark. Someone teleported in here and left the same way, obviously in a hurry," Xerneas hypothesized.

"But where did they go?"

"I don't know. This is all we have to -" before Xerneas could continue, Lezu charged in in a panic.

"Oi! Oi! Isoide!"

"Calm down Lezu. What happened?" Xerneas asked.

"And in English please, we don't know as many languages as you do," added Terrakion.

"Hai. I think I know where where they went to."


It didn't take very long before they found their answer. It wasn't clear on who took them, but now they knew where it ended up. He was staring right into the new planet, Kyouga!

"In there, Lideo." Lezu confirmed. Xerneas didn't understand at first, but then turned to the team, who all thought they were gonna get into trouble.

"I'm so sorry for this...honestly, I thought you were gonna stay outta trouble this time...obviously I was wrong," Xerneas sighed, looking to the ground. Aang can see the sadness in his face and walked over to him.

"Don't worry Xerneas. It's okay. Everything will be fine. It's not your fault," Aang said, trying to comfort him. It slightly worked but the fact the tri pieces were missing didn't make it any better. And the fact they were in a world he hardly knew about...

"We have to get it back...I'll go this afternoon."

"What? you can't go, let us get it for you."

"No, Aang. You've done a lot to help us already. You don't deserve to get involved in this mess,," Xerneas said, feeling guilty that this happened. Before he could turn though, Terra got in his way, giving him a smirk.

"I don't think you have a choice this time," Xerneas stepped back in surprise as Terra continued.

"Look. I know that you don't want us to do it, already done a lot for you. But we're heroes. It's what we do, to make things right. And besides, we made the world in the first place, I think we all know what were dealing with, don't you?" Xerneas looked around at the others, having the same determination to go.

"Vous savez qu'elle a raison Xerneas," Lezu said with a smile. This Xerneas can understand...he eventually just smiled at them.

"Looks like I don't have a choice, do I?" He chuckled.

"Don't worry 'bout a thing. We'll get back what was stolen...just mind saying what that is first?"

"Of course. What exactly was stolen was the triforce. You saw them as those three yellow triangles you picked up while Slenderman was around. Just find those and come right back here...but do let me at least let one of the spirits go with you, just in case?"

"Why not?" Toph shrugged. They got to the lobby after that was discussed and they stopped by the main hologram. Zygarde called in Marage as the robed spirit came in.

"Marage. Will you be so kind as to accompany them on their journey? They want to go collect the triforce over in Kyouga," Zygarde explained to him. Marage looked back at them, Zuko especially.

"...Though it would be an honor. I'm afraid I can't go with them." Marage said, bowing in respect to Zygarde.


"Simple; because I'm already trying to keep a promise to one of them. I need to stay in the Fire Nation and help as much as I can, so they wouldn't come home to a understand don't you?" Everyone looked to Zuko, who was staring at Marage. They all got the message already about Azula's change in shift before arriving here, and can slightly understand his concern.

"...All right Marage. Sorry for falsely summoning you."

"That's okay. Now I have to go, I've spent enough time here already." She turned to Zuko. "Zuko. I promise you, everything will be alright for your return." Marage promised. Zuko bows to him as Marage turned and left.

"Zuko? Why didn't you say anything?" Cobalion asked.

"I didn't think I had to..." was his only answer. Zygarde then turned back to the others. Then though, Starfire gave Momo and Silkie to Xerneas.

"If we are to go, can you promise to take care of Momo and Silkie please?" Starfire asked.

"Of course. Here Viri," Xerneas said. Virizion happily accepted them both as Zygarde opened up their portal to them.

"There everyone. Once you past through here, you'll venture right off to Kyouga. Your new world...I wish you all the best of luck," Zygarde said, bowing to them in respect. Xerneas, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion and Lezu followed and bowed to them too. Aang smiled and turned to the others.

"All right everyone. Ready to go to our new world?" Aang asked. Everyone agreed in excitement and determination. After that was decided, they all went right off to their new world.


As all of this was going on, something had their eye on the whole thing. Looking through a seeing magic orb, like one a fortune teller has, this person was able to see everything going on from the comfort of his throne. The room he was in was almost completely black, inside a cave. He was on a platform, under him pools of blue lava, hottest in existence. Hardly any light, aside from that, managed to penetrate the darkness that surrounded him.

"So...they went off to their own world..." the voice he made was booming and more of a growl than actual words, talking in a slow tone. The eyes were purely black with red dots. A hand raised up and summoned up the most unlikely entity...Slenderman! Slenderman stood there, looking to him.

"You summoned me?" Slenderman asked.

" have failed me..." it bellowed, as Slenderman bowed in submission.

"I'm sorry master." A huff came from this "master", sounding like steam from an engine.

"How can you be so Of all demons I have...and even you are too weak!"

"But master-"

"SILENCE!!" The voice was so piercing and loud that it a stalagmite from the ceiling nearly stabbed Slenderman's head as it jabbed the floor. Slenderman dodged the incoming jab just in time. He stared him right in the eye (they were both the same height).

"...I have no desire for ANYONE who dares fail me...I gave you exact instructions, even gave you the foundation, and I find you dissolved!"

"It's not my fault master, it's those teams! They're much stronger than they look." The figure stood up and walked over to him, staring him straight in the face.

"...I refuse to lend anymore chances...Due to your imputence...I'm sending you off to Distortion!" No sooner after he said that, a black portal showed up. Slenderman stepped back as the master grabbed him by the neck and dragged him over.

" can't do this! You need me!" Slenderman managed to say, trying to use his tentacles to pry off the hand. The master gave him a death look, like he's trying to slice his head off (which he can easily do anyway).

"...You had your you want to end up like HoundDoom? Or be off to my..."Pet"?" Slenderman can see something lurking and flying around inside, as if waiting for a treat. Slenderman saw HoundDoom's head mounted on a nearby wall. But just before he can throw him in there...


He let go of Slenderman as he scrambled away. Seeing the same ringed figure who stolen the triforce.

"Ah...Umbreon. You successful?"

"Yes, Master. I hid the Triforce away in Kyouga. I also released a few of Slenderman's old troops like you asked."

" go. Make sure the teams never see the light of day."

"Yes. Master Zalgo." With that, Umbreon turned and left...the teams are in a whole new danger now...

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