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July 13, 2013

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Caveman Cooper ran far off from The Grizz with Katara. Poor Katara didn't know where she was going, or why. Bob was very athletic for such a large creature, climbing up an ice wall easily until they reached the top. It was here that Katara was set down. It was too high to just get out, so Katara just had to stay. Bob looked down at her with a big smile, kinda making the situation odd.

"Uh...OK?" Katara said. Just then her stomach began to growl, she didn't have any breakfast yet. Bob heard it and quickly got out. Katara giggled at first, thinking that her stomach kinda scared Bob...but just a few minute later, Bob quickly came back with a big fish for her.

"Oh...thank you Bob," Katara said. But Bob then signaled her to eat it...Katara preferred cooked food. She wasn't sure exactly if she should or not, but Bob seemed eager so she took a big bite into the fish. It held in her mouth for a bit, Katara trying her best not to spit it out and then she swallowed it. She didn't enjoy it much but Bob got very happy that she accepted his fish.

"Well...OK. So it's nice for you to give me this fish...but I need to get going so-" before she can go, Bob quickly grabbed her, and had that worried look on his face, like that of a friend begging another not to leave.

"What's wrong?" Bob then tried talking again, to get his point to her he aimed a finger outside to Grizz's factory.

"Oh...I get it. You're worried about me against Grizz. (Bob nodded yes). Well, you coulda just warned us instead of kidnapping me...but why just me?" Katara asked. Bob kinda looked away. He wasn't sure how to explain it but after some thinking, Katara already got the idea.

"You think I can't protect myself right? I'm the only one who can't really fight while the others that it? (Bob nodded yes, but more sheepishly)...I can fight...well, I used to. It's kinda hard to explain. But I can't stay here."

Bob still wasn't sure about this but he can tell Katara was telling the truth.

"Hey. How come you're scared of Grizz? Aren't you stronger than him by now?" Katara asked. Bob walked into the cave a bit, now feeling a bit down on himself. Katara saw him stop at one point, looking at a cave painting of himself, holding a large object in his hand. Katara saw what he was looking at and saw from the look on his face that something happened beforehand to she's getting the pieces together. Grizz. Bob. The it made more sense. He's scared of Grizz because Grizz stolen his cane!...then Katara had a plan.

"Maybe we can help each other. You want your cane back. I want my friends back. And they both were taken by that black bear Grizz. If we can work together, I can release my friends, and you can get your cane back! Is it a deal?" Katara planned on a basic handshake...but Bob is a bit more childish and gave her a strong hug.

"Happy to help," Katara said, trying to breath through the strong hug. Bob let go after a while and, now seeing the idea, both Bob and Katara left to go find Grizz.

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