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The Siege of Was-Na-Si, Part 2
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Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt





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August 7, 2013

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Ch.5: The Siege of Was-Na-Si, Part 1

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Ch.7: The Siege of Was-Na-Si, Part 3

~~General Iroh's cruiser~~ It was in the middle of the night. Aang and Hokai couldn't sleep, being nervous about the push inwards to Was-Na-Si. They went out of their personal quarters and went outside. Then, when they came outside they saw a lit candle on a table. They went to the table but no one was there. They sat by the table and didn't talk. Both of them wanted to talk about some happy memories from their past, before the war and the destruction. But they couldn't. They were too nervous.

"Ah, I see you're awake. I just got some new intel about the enemy troop movement". Said General Iroh, arriving to the table with a fresh batch of tea. "Do you want some?" He asked.

Both of them accepted his kind offer got their tea. "So, is everything all right Iroh. You seem a little nervous?" Asked Aang, seeing the General's facial expression.

"No. All is not going according to plans." The General said. "I have just learned, that Admiral Shizuo has succeeded in invading the city. Only a couple hours ago Was-Na-Si fell to the Red Revolt."

"Oh, no... What are we going to do now?" Asked the worried Hokai. "Now we can't attack the soldiers. They are safe behind the city walls."

"Yes, you're right. So that's why I made up a new plan. We are here (points at the map), just outside Quin-Wun harbour and South-West of the city. But I found a flaw in their army. My intelligence reports say, that the soldiers occupying Was-Na-Si have to be resupplied from here (points at the map), Hon-Shui-He, a city North-West of Was-Na-Si. This city was occupied about two weeks ago and serves as the main base for resupplying operations for the entire region."

"That should be easy to conquer. Zuko told me, that he read somewhere, that this was a small city, only fit to house a thousand people. It's much smaller than Was-Na-Si," said Aang.

"Yes, Zuko might have read, that this is a small city, but he forgot to read the most important part," said Iroh. This city was one of the first Fire Nation colonies ever built. It is shaped like a tower. It is almost impenetrable. The Red Revolt soldiers only won, because the soldiers stationed in the city went back home, to the Fire Nation. It is strategically placed near the coast, so it can't be attacked from multiple sides. It is VITAL, that we capture this city. If we do Was-Na-Si will be outflanked and won't have any chance of resupplying its soldiers... Now go back to bed. You need your rest for tomorrow...When we attack Hon-Shui-He!"

Aang and Hokai went silently from the table, even more worried than before and went to bed. They knew, that this was the real beginning of the battle, they'll face.

~~Aang's, Sokka's and Hokai's bedroom~~


Hokai was so startled with the loud scream that came outside their bedroom that he fell out of his bed to the floor.

"PUUUUF" "Ow, that hurt. Guys, a little help please," said the a little bruised Hokai. Sokka and Aang picked Hokai up from the floor and they quickly got dressed. When they got dressed, they opened the door, before witch Katara was standing. "Where have you boys been. I've been waiting for you for two minutes," said Katara. "Didn't you hear the boatmaster's orders.

"Okay, two things. First: OF COURSE WE HEARD THE BOATMASTER, HE WAS SHOUTING SO LOUD, THAT A DEAF MAN COULD HEAR HIM!" Shouted Sokka as they started walking towards the exit of the ship. "And secondly: How could you have got dressed so quickly, we needed like four minutes to get dressed. How could you have possibly got dressed so fast."

"It isn't so hard to get dressed. I needed just two minutes. Practice makes perfect. Said Katara.

"Ha ha ha, very funny. So what do you think we'll do today?" Asked Sokka. "Oh, I have an idea, that you won't like it," said Hokai as the Gaang came out of the ship and saw General Iroh already explaining the battle plans to his troops. "Now men, don't worry." Iroh said. "Members of the 9th division have switched sides and are joining us. They are joint to cover our left flank. Members of th 29th division your task will be to try cover our right flank. The 41st division is going to be in the middle and the first one to attack Hon-Shoi-He. Now then, let's move out."

The gigantic army that consisted of the 41st, 29th and the 9th division as well as Team Avatar started moving up north. When they were half way to Hon-Soi-He city they could see on their left Was-Na-Si, their primary target. As they were getting closer, as eerie silence fell upon the units. They were afraid on not knowing, if they are going to survive the day and live to see another sunrise. As they saw the shadowy silhouette of the city in front of them, they couldn't believe, what are they just about to do. They are going to attack the inappreciable fortress city. As they lined up, a scary order was given out simultaneously by the officers: "ATTACK! RUN TOWARDS THE CITY GATES AND DESTROY THEM."

And the soldiers attacked.

Just as Aang wanted to lead Team Avatar to attack, someone grabbed him by the hand. It was general Iroh. He said. "Aang, wait, I have a special assignment for you an your team."

"But we want to stay and fight," said Sokka in disbelief.

"I know you want, and you will. I don't think that the troops are going to be able to destroy the city gates. Use your earthbending and tunnel underground," said Iroh

"But what are we suppose to do?" Asked Katara, Sokka and Hokai simultaneously.

"Katara, the tunnel Is going to be under sea level and I'm afraid that the tunnel might get filled with water. You must use you waterbending to prevent that. Aang can't do everything on his own. And Hokai, you have to use your Airbending to make sure, that there is always enough air in the tunnel. Sokka, I'm giving you the task of blowing up those gates!" Said General Iroh.

"Really, I get to blow stuff up?!" Said Sokka, delighted that he may blow stuff up. The Gaang went and started their mission. Aang used his Earthbending to move giant and heavy blocks on earth, so that the team could advance unopposed. Once they were underground they could hear the screams of Fire Nation soldiers above. They could hear them weep, cry, scream of agony and pain, they heard Officers shouting orders and even heard how people died. They knew, that they had to hurry up, so that they should prevent anymore slaughter on both sides. The three benders worked in harmony, Aang earthbending, Katara waterbending and Hokai airbending while Sokka was preparing the explosives. Everything went according to plan, but just as they were shear feet from the tower they got blocked by a wall. Aang tried to bend it, but the wall was made of Iron. They didn't know what to do.

"Maybe we could use explosives!" Sokka said. "If I don't use too much of the batch I got here maybe I can blow up the wall and the gate.

The team had to try. Sokka placed the explosives, the team went to a safe distance and Aang used his Firebending to lite the fuse from a safe distance. After a few seconds the earth shook as the explosives punched a large hole into the wall. They were through. Then Aang only had to move the earth, so that they could go out of the tunnel. He did. And the Gaang leaped out of the hole in the wall. The three benders attacked anyone they could see, so that Sokka would have a clear path to the gates. Resistance was minimal, because most of the soldiers, when seeing Team Avatar went out of the tower by different secret passage ways. Sokka didn't even need to use the explosive, which made him a little sad. He really wanted to see the door feel of its hinges because of the blast.

Sokka pulled the leaver and the giant city gate was open. Hundreds of Fire Nation soldiers ran towards the gates, being the first to step into the impenetrable tower of Hon-Shoi-He.

All of the remaining soldiers surrendered. They were given two choices. Either join them or become Prisoners of War. Half of the soldiers accepted their kind offer, saying, that they were only following orders, as they were told, that the Fire Nation was in disarray and that Fire Lord Zuko, "before dying" gave power to Admiral Shizou.

"I'm sure glad that that's over," said Iroh to the Gaang. "Come. I commandeered a very nice hotel just down there corner . It has got the best view of the ocean. I stayed there when I was a teenager. And to top it off there is a tea shop on the first floor! What luck!"

~~The commandeered hotel~~

The tired Gaang went with the General. "So, what's our new objective?" Asked Sokka. "We have to let the men rest for a couple of days... Then comes the hard part. We must attack Was-Na-Si," said General Iroh. "If you thought that this was rough, wait until we get to the city." As the general said those words an eerie silence fell upon the Gaang.

General Iroh realized, that he dampened the mood in the room when he said those words. He quickly commented: "But that's no talk for a day like this. We won a pretty important battle. But more importantly..."

The Gaang looked at the general, on what he is about to say.

"...I got some new tea. It's one of the best that I've ever tasted.

The Gaang started to laugh and started drinking tea with the sometime serious, sometime funny, but always understanding and friendly General Iroh.


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