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On the night Kyouga was established, both teams were given the chance to stay one more night in the Core before they can go home. They all were given their own special room, unique for each person. Before they got off to bed though, Marage had something he wanted to say to them beforehand. Both groups stopped off in the main lobby as both Marage and Zygarde had something they want to say.

"What is it? it's very late for this," Sokka groaned.

"I know it is. But there's something we want to give you before you do go home," Zygarde announces. Marage walks away for a bit and returns with two small objects. They appeared to be keys, both average gold keys.

"What are these for?" Aang asked, as he and Robin were given their key.

"These are special keys. They'll allow you to come back anytime you'd like. Use it for any door and you got passage back here," Marage explained.

"Thank you very much," Aang said with a smile on his face.

"No problem Aang. Now you can get some sleep. See you all tomorrow," Marage said with a nod of his head.


A few hours past since they went off to bed. Each team member in their own room, some sharing in the case of Momo and Silkie. In fact, only very few spirits were actually still up, and they were usually smallish spirits, one no one really bother too much with. They mainly do night patrol, can't be too safe... there is one unknown spirit though, roaming the halls of the facility.

A small shadow, the size of a cat, was rushing around, avoiding the guards in the meantime. It barely made it past the living alarms as it looked down the hall of both teams. It peered silently into each room, finding everyone fast asleep. After 10 minutes of this, it began to venture off to explore the Core, avoiding the guards and patrol as much as possible. It kept wandering around until it managed to find a unique area of the Core.

After the Slenderman effect, much of the unique items were confiscated and kept at the Core for further study. The figure found this area where all of these items were being kept in. The door that lead to the room was rather noisy and the figure hid as soon as it started. When it finished opening, a minute past before it bolted inside, just as a guard found the door and closed it. It wasn't caught so the figure was still undetected. It was very dark but seemingly the thing is able to see well in the dark. There was a series of jars in one part, one of them it picked up and opened! there wasn't much noise until something fell out of it. Two figures, one a purple ghost, the other a smiling shepherd.

"Ow! what the-? Where am I?" Smile Dog asked, rather loudly. The figure shushed them both to keep them quiet. It signaled them to follow and, since both Ghost and Smile Dog don't know what to do, followed it. It stopped near the main lobby, staring into the hologram in the room. In the light, it showed a black animal, cocoon ears, and a good amount of yellow rings around the body. In the mouth was a small brown bag. Smile Dog and Ghost both stopped when it pulled out two small pieces and threw them both at them. Smile Dog caught his but Ghost missed and got hit.

"Ouch. That hurts," Ghost said. He was shocked it even touched him, hardly anything could. What was thrown at them was two of the three tri pieces! the third the ringed figure had. The Tri pieces were confiscated along with the other stuff, and now the trio had them. The figure looked around and, after 10 minutes of strange and powerful focus, summoned up a portal in front of them! Smile Dog and Ghost stepped back as the figure turned back to them, signaling them to go in by aiming a paw to it.

"Uh... can we talk about this?" Ghost asked. but already the figure shoved them both into the portal! it glanced around to make sure their alone and followed the duo inside, closing the portal...

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