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Ch.5: Shadow-bending

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Ch.7: Training

The next morning, it was time to begin. The gang had it quite rough handling the news of Leo and Alex's status as the Avatar. Torch's idea however for the "splitting the training." even he wasn't sure about. He only said that so it would make some sorta sense for the situation. However, before Training can begin, they need somewhere away from the city. Somewhere where they can practice without any trouble. Leo and Alex got on their disguises, the gang too gaining disguises. Violet was oddly a bit clingy to Alex, whom isn't really getting the hint.

"What's the matta Bro? Girl trouble?" Leo said.

"No, I just can't seem to shake her, get off will ya!" Alex tried literally shaking her off but Violet got a firm grip.

"Take it easy you guys, we have a bit until we get to the training site," Torch said, understanding what's happening. As they kept walking, Whiplash noticed something very odd over in the main announcement of sorts. An odd adult group was standing there, the leader walking towards the crowd.

"Attention! There had been a set of wanted criminals that been reported in the area! If you see the said criminals, report to us immediately so we can apprehend them!" the leader showed up wanted posters of both Alex and Leo! Whiplash caught up to the gang later on.

"Did you see that?" Whiplash asked Torch.

"Yeah I did, what about it?"

"It's just that they were talking about the Avatar brothers." Whiplash pointed to Leo and Alex to prove the point.

"Don't worry about them. They'll be fine, now let's get going," Torch said. Whiplash just had to go with it.


They kept walking for a while but suddenly Leo stopped when he heard an all to familiar noise.

"Oh crud," Alex said.

"Calm down. Just keep going," Serra said. The noise was from a police car...the same one that they saw when they arrived. The gang at first thought that the disguises were fooling them...until the car stopped and the police person stepped out!

"Hey kid!" a voice called. They saw the police girl (that's right, girl) walked over to them.

"Crud. These disguises aren't working," Leo panicked.

"Just stay cool," Torch said. The police girl stopped right in front of them, serious eyes as she pulled out a wanted poster of them!

"Listen. We're looking for these two thieves. You kids seen them?" She asked.

Alex signaled Leo back as he confronted the officer.

"There a problem, Ma'am?"

"Well no, I'm just asking if you seen these two, that's all." Alex looked at them like he would look at an old piece of trash.

"Nah, haven't seen 'em. But if it bothers ya, there's something else going on down the street if you're interested."

"Excuse me?"

"Just take a gander down there. There's a group of Koi that seems to get a ton of attention. See ya later." Alex turned to go but the officer got in the way, now looking right at Torch.

"Hold on...haven't I seen you somewhere before?" she asked.

"Sorry miss...?"

"Kendra. Officer Kendra."

"Right, right. Well Officer Kendra, I don't know what you're talking bout."

"Really?...sorry sir. I coulda sworn we've met somewhere."

"Yeah yeah I get that all the time, now we have to get going. You should too if you miss that Koi advertise. Sounds like they're handling raffles." That last part got her and she raced down. They walked for a while until Alex asked, "You handled that pretty well. You met before?"

"You kidding? Kendra and I cross paths on a daily basis. I know her inside and out, like how she likes to gamble or what not!" Torch laughed as Alex looked back, thinking what she and Torch been through how many times.

"You handled it pretty well yourself," Torch said.

"Well thanks! Charisma is one of my many talents," Alex bragged. Leo slapped his own face after hearing that, knowing that this might go all day. They kept going until Whiplash asked, "So, what are your thoughts about this new Koi group?"

"What about it?" Leo said. He never really enjoyed talking about it unless it involved insults to them.

"Well they were talking about you and your brother wanted."

"Just a bunch of trash. Now let's just go." Leo said, walking ahead. He remained quiet the rest of the time.

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