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After tumbling through a crazy vortex that is the portal, a part of the group was split apart and fallen in different directions. One of the group had fallen through the first exit, hitting the ground hard...the group made up of Katara, Sokka, Smellerbee and Pipsqueak.

After a long while, Katara was the first to wake up, fallowed by the other three. Where they've landed however seemed to be out of its time...way out.

As they were looking around, at first they thought they were back at the South Pole, giving all the snow and ice...that is until they saw some prehistoric additions. Like a huge pterodactyl that flew right past them!

"...where are we?" Katara asked, looking around at the strange landscape. She didn't expect her to jump into the past but then...


All four of them suddenly turned around fast and saw a tall tough anthro black bear! He was in Caine sort of sorta king outfit, good amount of bling to boot too. He had a golden necklace with a big gold G on it.

"Yo! What'chu cats doing here! The place is property to The Grizz, man!" The bear shouted, his voice matching a street thug pretty good.

"Uh...well listen sir...bear. We already have enough trouble so I suggest you-"

"The Grizz take no lip-flapping but his own! So you better scat or you'll end up sucking face with the floor!"


"Smellerbee? HA! That boy-"

"I'm a girl!" Smellerbee snapped.

"Ooo. Ouch! Tough luck Stinkerbee! Now the Grizz ain't gonna say again, so get lost or-"

"We'll suck face with the floor, we got that! Come on guys, we don't need this." Sokka said. But as they all were about to go, they all then noticed something very far off...something big...coming right at them! They didn't really move at first until.

"Get out or I'll squish you!"

That was enough to get the four running. But Katara wasn't so sure. Ether dealing with a pop artist bear or an unknown foe.

"Yo girl! I-"

"I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID! But what's that?!" Katara then pointed to the figure, whom now had literally trampled over the three to get past! Grizz cracked his clawed knuckles in anger as Katara ran by him.

"HEY GIRL! GET BACK HERE OR I'LL-(gets run over by the large figure) OW!" Grizz got up just in time to see Katara being grabbed by the figure and being dragged away.

"KATARA!!!" the group yelled, catching up to them. The Grizz didn't have time.

"Grizz, now we have to go in here!"

"No way! The Grizz don't allow chumps in his factory!" this time the three didn't care anymore, running by him, ignoring his orders to get out.

"Oh no they didn't! Now they'll pay! They don't mess with the Grizz!"


Sokka, Pipsqueak and Smellerbee kept trying to catch up to this muscled cave man for a while as Katara was being held by the thing's tail. At one point Pipsqueak had enough. He grabbed the nearest thing (unfortunately it's Smellerbee) and threw her at it, knocking it back and slowing it down. The thing as it turns out wasn't a cave man...but a cave anthro raccoon!

The caveman raccoon was about as tall as The Grizz, but a lot more muscular, in a cavemen outfit, holding a huge dinosaur bone

"Okay. Give back my sister!" Sokka ordered. The caveman nodded no stubbornly.

"What? Who do you think you are?!" The caveman went on talking, but in that whole time all they got was "Bob" and "Cooper" so...

" bout I call you "Bob Cooper"?" Bob just got annoyed but agreed. But he still refused to give Katara back.

"Oh no! I take girl! Let go!" Sokka yelled. Bob put Katara behind his back, nodded no and ran away. Sokka got out his sword and was about to run when Smellerbee got hold of him by the collar.

"Sokka stop it! He won't give her up by force." Smellerbee said.

"But...but Katara."

"I know. But right let's try to know what were dealing with." but as soon as she was done...

"What ya dealing with is the Grizz sucka!"

The Grizz not only found them, but had them surrounded with his guards, each anthro mammoths, sabers, and dodos.

"Oh...hi Grizz." Sokka chuckled nervously.

"Guards, take these suckas to the jailbird house. Cause the Grizz enough trouble." the guards quickly managed to get the trio under control...all in the meanwhile, guess who, the eyes of the Smile Dog and Ghost watched in glee.

"Heehee. YES. Ghost, you're a genius," Smile Dog said, giving Ghost a friendly punch to the side.

"Aw shucks Smile Dog. It's nothing. With each team in a different time zone, it'll take forever for them to find out. Though I didn't expect Caveman Cooper to come in." Ghost chuckled.

"I can see. Now let's scat before ol' bear face finds us. Well come back later."

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