Steel City
Try Again
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July 11, 2013

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Toube and Toph tried to make sense of where they are. Toph already said that they are stuck in another universe again...but where? Everything around them seemed more...futuristic then they thought. The homes around them seem to go beyond the sky, the transportation is to fast and too smooth to be real, All the noise there was dwarfing their loudest war, the people are starring at them like they are out of date (which probably they are by a hundred years or so).

"Hey. Need help?" One asked.

"No I don't. I'm fine thank you." Toph said. The man though walked up anyway and tried to help her to her feet.

"Don't worry miss. I'll take you to the hospital and-"

"Let go of me! (yanks her hand away) I don't need any hospital -whatever that is- so just leave me alone!" Toph ordered.

"But you're bleeding like crazy. You need a doctor." he said, but as he was going to get her again, Toube intervened. The man didn't think much of it until...

"You. Leave the worrier alone. NOW!" Toube ordered. Shocked by a dog talking, the man ran off along with a few other people watching.

"Thanks Toube."

"No problem. Now let's get outta here before something else goes wrong." however...

"Too late for that."

Suddenly, as if thing couldn't get anymore strange, out from the alley is the very same Smile Dog responsible of the whole thing!


"Yep. Time for some more portal traveling today." Smile Dog then notice a ton of people watching.

"WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?! GET LOST OR IT'LL BE YOUR HEAD!" that was more than enough to send everyone running...almost everyone. One odd girl, about 16 like Toph.

"YO! DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME?!?!" Smile Dog yelled. The Smile Dog, Toube, and Toph weren't sure of this girl. She had on some sort of lad coat on, like an advanced scientist but that didn't get their attention. The odd thing was her short hair...colored in a rainbow...

"Aw club it. I'LL KILL YOU WHEN I'M DONE! TOPH, TOUBE, GET IN HERE!!" Smile Dog lunged for them but both of them dodged him, just inches from his bloodstained human teeth. With quick dashes though, he pinned them both and kept them still by bowing and gagging them. Then he turned to the girl, whom was leaning against a building.

"I thought I told you to get lost! Why are you still here?!" 

"Watchin' the show. You guys put up an awesome play." she said nonchalantly, actually yawning. Smile Dog pinned her to the wall! He began to concentrate on her, as if trying to read a dictionary for the right words.

"Okay you. Why don't tell me who you are right-OW!!" Smile Dog looked down and saw a needle stabbed in his stomach!

"Why you. GHOST!!" suddenly that same purple orb appeared by Toph and said, "you called?"

"GET THIS NEEDLE OUTTA ME TO START!" Ghost quickly saw the needle and yanked it out, throwing Smile Dog away before she can try again.

"Ghost, get Toph in that portal! I'll deal with miss crazy!"

"You mean DOC. Crazy." she joked.

"SHUT IT DOC! You won't last longer anyway!" Ghost yelled. But oddly, with a confident smile, stabbed the needle into him!

"HEY! WHAT GIVES?!" Ghost screeched.

"Just want your colors, geez. Some things like you can't take a joke." She was about to do it when Ghost used his tail to knock her away, yanking her needle out of him (which he's surprised even hurt him, him being a spirit already). Ghost wrapped his tail around Toph and threw her into the portal, leaving Toube alone.

"There. Here girl, take the tosa. Maybe brown can help?" Ghost offered. The girl got a wicked smirk in her face as Toube tried to get free...his fate is unknown as she got her needle ready...

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