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The siege of Was-Na-Si part 1
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August 4, 2013

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~~Skies over the ocean~~

Katara, Hokai and Aang were riding Appa on the way to the landing site. An eary silence was on board the flying bison. They knew, that a lot of the Fire Nation soldiers would not live to see another day.

"Okay, Gaang. This is the plan. Me and Hokai will use our Airbending skills to secure the landing, so we get rid of and Fire Nation soldiers and Katara, you'll use your waterbending to get rid of any beach obstacles," said Aang. "Then we will just have to hold the beach until we link up with Sokka and the Elite Fire Soldiers. If we don't hold the line the whole invasion will fail."

"We know Aang. We'we been over the plan several times. You seem worried. It'll be fine. Just relax and stay calm. Sokka and his troops have already landed in Quin-Wun harbour and are fighting to the beach as we speak," said Katara.


~~Quin-Wun harbour~~

"Attack! Men, secure the harbour!" Says Sokka. " Fifth company!; use your firebending to get rid of those bunkers up the hill!; Fourth company!; advance and cover the fifth company! The rest of you come with me we have to advance to the landing place! Eliminate any signs of resistance you see. We have to secure the entire area, so that the landing party is going to land successfully!"

"Sir!" Shouted an Officer, the commander of Fifth company. "What are we supposes to do after we get rid of the bunkers?"

"You and the third company link up with us as soon as possible," said Sokka. "Watch OUT!" He barely managed to save the Officer as a Fire Ball landed on the very same spot that the Officer was standing at.

One by one the enemy bunkers on top of the hill were blown up using the cover of the smoke bombs that they dropped earlier. They destroyed them by any means that they could. They burned them down, blew them up using explosives, and using Earth Nation Sticky bombs, that glued everything together. After they destroyed the bunkers, Fifth and Third company linked up with the rest of the attack force, batteling some soldiers in a nearby camp.

"Aim at the barrels, aim at the barrels!" Sokka yelled, as he knew that the barrels contained oil. "Second company come with me!" Sokka led the second company around the camp, outflanking the Red Revolt soldiers and attacking them from the rear. "Shhhhh! Be quiet. There is the commanding Officer of the camp. If we capture him, maybe the other soldiers are going to surrender. Sokka and the commander rushed and grabbed the commanding officer, with the rest of the Second company covering them from the rear. As the commander was taken prisoner Sokka yelled: " STOP FIRING!!! We have your commanding officer."

As the soldiers realised, that their commanding officer was taken prisoner they surrendered.

"Okay, First and Third platoon. You take care of the prisoners. The rest of you follow me! We are taking the beachhead!" Said Sokka as he rushed towards the beachhead, which was about half a kilometer away. He could hear screams and knew, that the Gaang was already there.


~~The Beachhead~~

"Attack, we can't let them take the beach! Attack, fire on that flying beast.!" The commander on the beach said.

"Hokai, come with me!" Said Aang. Hokai followed him and they came close to the Red Revolt positions nearest to the beach. They both Airbended and send large and powerful gusts of wind towards the poor soldiers, instantly knocking them on the ground.

"Katara, go and use your waterbending to destroy the ship obstacles!" Aang shouted. "Hokai, go with her!"

"But why, I'm more useful here. I can help you fight." Commented Hokai.

"You need to help Katara breath underwater. All of the obstacles are underwater," said Aang. "Now go! "And as soon as you two do that come back so that you can help me!"

As Katara and Hokai went underwater Aang stood alone on the beach. Suddenly tens of Red Revolt soldiers attacked him. He used his airbending to send large gusts of wind towards the soldiers, throwing them several feet into the air, before they fell onto earth. But then it was the soldier's time to attack. They threw hot fire balls at him, which he almost couldn't manage to put out with his airbending skills. Suddenly Aang heard commands from down the beach:

"Fire!" Said one of the Officers at the catapults.

Suddenly massive blocks of wood and oil lit on fire were flying directly at Aang.


As one block of wood fell very close to Aang, as he almost couldn't evade it. He ran, not to get hit by the flaming chunks towards the catapults. When he came to the catapults he used the very same ammunition to destroy the war machines. He used his earthbending to hurtle rocks at the necks of the catapults, thereby breaking them. Then he used his firebending to lit the large piles of wood and oil and set the already battered catapults on fire. Then something hit him.


A large and muscular Red Revolt soldier knocked him. Aang fell to the ground. He could barely open his eyes and did not understand what happened. No soldiers were standing around him. He was still on the beach, surrounded by burning catapults but no soldiers were guarding him.

"Was it Katara and Hokai that distracted the soldiers?" Aang thought. He stood up and looked around. He couldn't believe what he saw. Fire Nation soldiers were fighting Fire Nation soldiers. He didn't understand what was happening. Suddenly a figure came to him from behind and grabbed him on the shoulder. Aang got startled and grabbed the hand of the man and threw him over his shoulder.

"ARE YOU CRAZY! I'M ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS!" Said much to Aang's surprised Sokka, the soldier he threw over his shoulders.

"SOKKA, I'M SO SORRY! I thought you were a enemy soldier," said the surprised Aang.

"It's okay, I'm alright... Just PLEASE be more careful next time," said a surprised Sokka, that still couldn't believe what Aang did. "Hey, where are Katara and Hokai?

"They are under water clearing the beach obstacles under water," said Aang. "We have to hold the beach until the Domestic Fleet and General Iroh arrive."

"Hey, I see Katara and Hokai! They just came out of the water," said Sokka.

Sokka and Aang rushed to their friends, completely forgetting about the battle that is raging around them. "Are you all right?!" Asked Aang "You were under water for quite a long time."

"We're fine. There were a lot of obstacles to clear," said Hokai. "But we managed to destroy everyone of them."

Just as the Gaang now all went to join the fight, large pillars of smoke could be seen from the sea. It was General Iroh's fleet, arriving just in time. The massive ship armada came to shore and lowered the landing ramps. Hundreds of soldiers of the 41st and 29th division came out of the massive belly of the ships, and swiftly ending with the resistance left on the beach.

"We've won!" Said a cheering Hokai.

"Yes, we've won, but that was the easy part. Now comes the hard part," said General Iroh as he descended from the cruiser. "Colonel!" he shouted. "Order your men to advance inland about one kilometer. We need to secure a bridgehead if we want to stay here. Clear any signs of resistance."

~~Beach outside Iroh's cruiser~~

"General Iroh, you've came just in time," said a relieved Sokka, who knew, that they couldn't have held on much longer.

"Years of practice, and luck of course," said Iroh. "Was you mission successful. Did you secure Quin-Wun harbour?"

"The harbour is secure," said Sokka.

"Well, I see that you're all exhausted from all that fighting. It's getting dark and no more advancing is possible today," said Iroh. "Come and join me in some cup of fresh Quin-Dau tea I just brewed."

The tired Gaang followed General Iroh into the ship after they drank their tea and ate their dinners they went to bed, knowing that the real battle was still to be fought.


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