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July 17, 2013

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Ch.4: Avatar

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Alex and Leo went outside in disguise, still trying to figure on how to handle the "Avatar" thing with them both. It's very new to, well pretty much everyone. It's hard enough learning all 4 elements anyway, but to choose from two Avatars to do that? That's just too rough to figure out right away. After the walk, they headed on back (decided by Alex, saying they don't got anywhere else to go). They haven't told the Gang yet, so there's still that.

"Okay Alex. Let's just think. Is the gang still here?" Leo started, taking off there disguises.

"I dunno. I don't know the schedule." Alex shrugged, looking around. They both saw Stone the Badgermole ahead of them, enjoying his breakfast of grain.

"Morning, Stone. You know where the others are?" Leo asked, petting Stone on the head. The badgermole gave Leo a good lick before aiming his snout over to a large lookout by the gate. Up there they can see Torch up there, looking around and saw the brothers down there.

"Thanks Stone." Leo said. The two were about to go but as they neared the tower, they both stopped when they noticed something over by one of the tents.

"Hey see that?"

"Yeah I did."

They both watch suddenly, while they walked over to it, as the wall's shadow quickly, for some odd reason, shot out and wrapped Leo! Of course this scared Alex witless, not knowing what happened...but oddly Leo was laughing his head off.

"Dude, you okay?"

"This stuff killing me!" Leo laughed, falling to the ground. No sooner after he said that, Alex saw someone come out laughing herself. She looked like one of those Gothic type of girls really. She only stopped when she took sight of Alex.

"Okay girl, what did you do?" Alex asked. She didn't seem very ready to answer yet. She was looking over Alex kinda funny, at least it was funny from Alex's perspective. After hearing the laughing, the Gang went right on down to see.

"Who's this Torch? And what's happening to my brother?!" Alex demanded. Torch gave her the signal and she removed the shadow binds as Leo calmed down.

"Leo, Alex? This here's another one of our members, Violet. She's a pretty special Shadow-bender." Torch explained. Violet waved hello, mainly to Alex, as Leo got to his feet, remembering what needed to be said.

"Okay guys. There's something we both have to say. I don't blame you if you don't believe us." Leo said.

"Okay. Let's hear it."

Leo took some time to think and began telling them what happened last night to them both. He gave it detail by detail of the Avatar Spirit who came to them that night and told them both that they both were the Avatar for the cycle. He waited after a bit when he was done, letting the others take it all in. Two Avatars...two the same group.

"...You two are the Avatars?" Whiplash asked. Alex and Leo nodded. The group stepped away to talk things over...they came to a decision.

"Okay. So both of you are the Avatars. And a normal Avatar needs to know four elements about this? Alex. You can go and learn water-bending. While Leo, you can learn air-bending. Since you two are brothers, you can split the training." Torch decided. Leo and Alex found that perfect. Why didn't they think of that?

"That's great guys. First of all though, where are we gonna get teachers for the training?" Alex asked.

"Ahem." Torch pretty much gave them enough indication that their teachers are right in front of them!

"You guys will teach us?"

"Sure thing! I know my own style of water-bending I can teach ya Alex. The training starts off tomorrow!" Whiplash said. Alex isn't sure about this but went along anyway. Leo though was the most puzzled as the gang was gonna go out. If Alex, an earth-bender, is learning Water-bending, then he, a fire-bender, will have to know air-bending...where can he learn that? He watched the group as Serra turned around...and gave him a quick wink.

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