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New World Danger

It seemed time flew by as the teams were all busy with their fun project. Many of them had made some new creatures, plants and so on. They all were really enjoying themselves with this new reward they gotten. Right now, Toph was having trouble. Since she was blind she thought she wasn't able to get to create anything, and thus felt left out. At one point, Terrakion came in to check on them, seeing Toph alone.

"Toph, what's wrong?" Terrakion asked.

"Oh nothing. I just see the others having their fun, and I can't do it as all," she said, bummed out.

"How come? We already explained on-" before Terrakion can finish, Toph waved her hand in front of her face, signifying she is blind.

"Oh...right. Sorry."

"It's fine. Is there a way I can make anything without drawing it out?" Terrakion thought for a moment. But before he can think of anything, another spirit, Marage, came in to see how it was going.

"Hello there Toph. I've understood you were having trouble?" Marage asked.

"I'm not, I just can't create anything," Toph groaned. Marage understood why this time, unlike Terrakion at first.

"Sure you can. Come here." Marage showed her the way as Toph walked over with him. They stopped over by the same board the others were playing around with for their creations.

"How am I supposed to handle this?" Toph asked. Marage placed her hand on the board with his scarf.

"Just think on what your creature can be," Marage said. Toph wasn't too sure about this but gave it a try anyway. Her mind got to work on a few things for her new creature. Since this is her first, she wanted it to be a great her mind worked out every detail, the creature began to appear on screen. First came a rather rough image of some sort of large animal, two legged and slouched in stature. The skin soon turned from a grey to a color of red for its now scaly body. The tail turned broad and rigid, curved up like a clawed shovel. 8 rows of spikes jutted out of its side; 3 rows on its neck, 2 rows on its torso, and 3 rows on its tail. Its size was close to that of a badgermole, with its eyes a powerful bronze shade. Toph was finished with the animal, as it rose up in profound glory. Its shadow went beyond the three as Marage turned to Toph, whom smiled.

"...impressive, Toph. What will you name it?" Marage asked. Toph wasn't able to see it but can imagine its look completely. It didn't take too long before a name went on the bottom of the board...Groudon. The others all saw her creation with amazement.

"Great job Toph! This is amazing!" Sokka said.

"Thank you."

"Now Toph. I'm very impressed on Groudon's design. Is it one you're happy with?"

"Yes but...well. Are we allowed to add special legends to our world?"

"Sure you can. Xerneus did the same with both of your worlds. Why?" Toph simply showed him as the name Groudon showed up on the now slightly long list of animal names, Groudon's name though had a star right next to it, unlike the others...Groudon is now legendary. This got the others' attention fast, as they wanted their own legends added.

"That's so cool! I wanna make one!" Beast Boy said in excitement.

"Hold on everyone. I know you're excited with this news but you can only make one each. And the first three are the most powerful. Groudon is one of those three now," Terrakion explained. This took some debate by the others as Terrakion left, leaving Marage there to supervise. As they were talking, Katara walked over to Marage.

"Marage? May I make a legendary creature for our new world?" Katara asked. Everyone stopped when Marage agreed, realizing debating is rather rough when they can just ask.

"Sure. All you have to do is place your hand on the board, and imagine what the legend will look like."

"All right. Here it goes," Katara said, as she closed her eyes and focused. A shape began to appear on the screen, rather blurry like Toph the first time. It began looking like the shape of a blimp, oval in shape and streamlined. The back end of the creature showed a set of fins, ending in flag-like ribbons flowing in an invisible current. Two shark sails formed on the back as two large fins, like that of a sea turtle but more rounded, began to take shape. Four finger stubs jutted out from each fin. The color turned to a great blue, like the ocean with its underbelly white, as small yellow eyes showed on the head. It looked just as unique as Groudon did. Katara thought of the name before Marage asked and came the name Kyogre.

"Kyogre...well done Katara," Marage congratulated. Katara gazed to the new creature as it looked to her, eyes locked before it disappeared, and the name going under Groudon, same star.

"That's two. Now one more should do it."

The others talked for a while and it was decided Robin should do this one.

"I'll handle this one. Then I believe we're done."

"Done? You mean you're finished with your planet already?"

"Have a look." Marage looked back to the hologram of their planet, and saw how much progress was made. Amazed by how much was done. A good amount of green and blue showed on this planet, as it appeared to be finished completely. Marage turned back to Robin.

'Very well then. This should be the last one then. I'll inform the others as you get the last legend in." Marage left as Robin began, doing the same Katara and Toph did. the blurry shape formed into this time a more tube-like shape, similar to that of an eel or a snake. Four sets of sails shot out from parts of the animals body, in rings. The areas where the sails aren't shown showed yellow rings going down the animals side. Large thin extensions reached out from its lizard-like head, as the color of green spread throughout the body. There were only two skinny arms on the animals body as its yellow eyes opened up. Robin was finished by the time Xerneus, Yveltal and Zygarde came in to see their progress. The name Rayquaza showed up under the completed legend as the name showed under Kyogre and Groudon. Xerneus looked at the completed planet.

" just 48 hours, you all managed to complete a fauna world. I would thought it would take much longer but this one is now ready...All it needs now is a planet name." Xerneus announced.

"A planet name?...we didn't think of that," Katara admitted.

"That's alright. We'll just make up a name for it," Yveltal said, and with that they did just after a few minutes. The name now...Kyouga.

"This is great. Our world is now complete."

"Yes. I can't wait to visit. However, now it's a bit too early. It might take another day before it is finished and safe to go to," Xerneus explained. Before anyone can continue, Sokka immediately asked, "can WE visit there?"

"You guys?...I don't see why not."


"Wait a minute Beast Boy. Xerneus, I say for all of us when I say it's great we get to visit our created world but how are we gonna get back?" Raven asked. Yveltal then brought out a small device he brought in, after it got the scanning for the new planet and to the core.

"This is the teleportation device. The same ones you all used back at the SCP foundation. We managed to collect some of these out when it disappeared. I'm sure it will help you out." Robin picked up the piece of equipment.

"Thank you Xerneus. This will be great to see our work alive and free."

"Me too. You don't mind if you stay for the night do you?"

"That's fine. Come on guys." They all went off but Zuko stayed and got Marage's attention.

"Yes, Zuko?" Marage asked.

"Well...can I ask you for a favor?" Zuko asked. Marage turned around, interested in what he had to say.

"Listen. I'm sure you know now about Azula's new position right? I promised I'll be there for her...I want to know if she's doing alright."

"So you want me to help her until you come back. That's simple enough. In fact I was expecting this question when I first got thing though. How come you brought Azula back to Fire Princess again?" Zuko turned away.

"Because I trust her now...and she trusts me. She was the one who put an end to Slenderman before, and has proven herself trustworthy...can you please help her out while she takes care of the Fire Nation? I don't want to come back to insanity again..."

"...I understand. But it wasn't the work that made her insane, you know that. But still, I'll go and help her anyway I can 'til you return." Zuko hugged Marage as his scarf returned the hug. Marage walked away to handle that as Zuko walked back to his friends.

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