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Azula and Kyd Wykkyd had been running like mad to reach the core of the foundation. The guards were slowing them down though, and there isn't much time left before Slenderman would show up.

"Oh man. Where's that core?!" Azula groaned. Suddenly though, she skidded to a stop with Kyd Wykkyd as a wall of guards surrounded both exits! They were trapped now. Kyd Wykkyd found out that the core was underneath them however, but only Kyd Wykkyd saw it, Azula too focused on the guards around them.

"Try me. I dare you!" Azula warned. She readied a fire blast, but Kyd Wykkyd caught her hand, pointing to the floor. Azula saw it but didn't know how to get it. She was worried about the guards around them but Kyd Wykkyd already had an idea. He laid down his robe and invited her a step on.

"This is not a joke, kid," Azula said. Kyd Wykkyd however grabbed her hand and stepped onto the robe...or more into the robe. His robe is how he can go through objects, and now he and Azula got through the floor, saved by near seconds! Kyd Wykkyd grabbed the robe so the guards can't fallow...They dropped in through the ceiling however. Azula panicked but Kyd Wykkyd grabbed her, attached his robe, and opened it wide. They both gently landed on the floor, as they both stared right at the core. It was a giant orb, bolts of lightning jutting around inside it...they had made it to the core...


They weren't the only ones that were busy on run. The rest of the team were about outside now. Kaibutsu and Toube were still fighting like mad but they can't hold on much longer. Toph was in much deeper trouble now as they got out. The three just got out though, the rest were trying to help and get away. Aang needed a powerful airbended strike to send all the ghouls flying off. The largest one though had a grip hold on one of Team Avatar! Toube was trying to get the beast to let go but no luck, as the poor girl Toph was being seeped away. The thing was sucking her dry!

"Toph! I'm coming!" Sokka yelled, grabbing his sword and running over. The monster shook around Toph to keep her quiet but Sokka wasted no time in jabbing its skull with his sword. The animal dropped Toph as it ran off, yanking out the sword. Toph, ironically, look normal now, all the extra weight drained out of her.

"Oh Sokka. You saved me," she said, kissing him on the cheek. There wasn't time to bother with it though as they all got away from there as fast as they could. After a good distance between them both they all stopped and Aang and Robin did head count. They all seemed they were all there. Everyone was counted for. Oddly HIVE 5 was there too, but given the circumstances, there's no time for judgement.

"Good. Everyone is here." Before anyone can continue though, Beast Boy added in, "I think we have an extra."

They all turned back to the foundation and found a hobbling creature going towards them. He looks like a dog. In fact, the same dog Azula let free. He hobbled until he collapsed near the crowd.

"Oh my! You okay?!" Starfire flew right over to him. Katara got over with her.

" back..." It groaned.

"Hold still," Katara said. She took out her special water and gave him a look over. He didn't look good at all.

"Oh man. It's amazing you got this far. Well get you better I promise. Okay?" Katara assured.


"What? What is it?"

"A...Azula." They were surprised he knew Azula, Zuko raced over after hearing that as it tried getting up.

"You know Azula?"

"She...she's there...trying to attack...the core," he managed to mutter.

Inside the foundation still, Azula and Kyd Wykkyd were starring off into the core. All they have to do now is destroy it. Kyd Wykkyd pointed towards the middle of it, as a target for a good lightning aim. Azula understood but before anything can happen...

"Don't. You. Dare."

They both were starring into the faceless monster that is Slenderman, he had caught up with them both now. And he was furious with them both.

"Not a step closer, or this facility goes sky high!" Azula warned, threatening with her fire towards the core itself. Slenderman froze, he knew what'll happen if the core was destroyed.

"You think threat will work, you got another thing coming," Slenderman said. He began a fight off to them, his tentacles charging off to them...their plan wasn't the fire though. With one leap, they managed to trick the crazy into stabbing into the core itself! Slenderman froze up and tried getting his tentacle free as Azula and Kyd Wykkyd ran for it. Kyd Wykkyd looked back to Slenderman, gave him a solute goodbye, and ran for it.

"...very clever...Siya... I'm proud of you..." Was the last Slenderman said as the core started to deteriorate, along with the rest of the facility with Slenderman in it! Azula and Kyd Wykkyd ran like mad as everything around them started to disintegrate. They kept on dodging any falling debree during this run away. It took a long time but they did finally make it out, and just in time too...the entire facility just disappeared when they got there's nothing left but dust... The whole team got to them at this point.

"Azula! You all right?" Zuko asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. Any longer and we would been gone."

"And Slenderman?"

"He's finished...hey? What's he doing?" Azula asked, looking to Kyd Wykkyd. He was looking away from them all right now. He bent down and set down something...a portal device! Somehow, he grabbed one just before the place vanished, and now he is setting the destination for it.

"Kyd Wykkyd you amaze me," Jinx said.

The final scene didn't have any words. First HIVE5 and Titans East went off home. Then Teen Titans...then everyone else...the job is complete.

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