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It seemed like a stand off now. The entire group staring right at Slenderman as he looked down on them all.

"What do we have here?...I never expected this much outta you," he said. A large hand extended over to Shuck, whom immediately tried to bite it.

"Slenderman. We don't want to fight. Just let us go home and we all can get outta here safely," Aang said. Although he was told to finish Slenderman, it's just not in his nature to do so.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. Nor will I. Do you have any idea how rare it is to take the Heroes of a universe without any trouble? I'm not losing my most valued people so soon."

"Without trouble?! You killed Xerneus to do so!" Althea yelled, shocking those who knew the deer god already.

"So what? Call it basic protocol. He got too old and needed to retire."

"Death isn't retirement!!" Slenderman placed his palm over his face.

"Why do I even bother...oh well. I think some of my friends can handle you." He snapped his fingers and three other figures appeared out of nowhere. These faces they haven't seen in a while; Terror Blade, Adjula and The HIVE 5. Oddly Kyd Wykkyd was absent now but that's not important. Terror Blade attacked first, but Sokka blocked him with his sword. Shuck tried getting those not fighting out, but oddly Slenderman "helped" them out!

"Evening the fight. I'm a demon, but I'm a sport," he said before leaving them stuck, cut off from their friends.


Meanwhile, back in the asylum, the alarms and craziness got their attention and Azula was itching to get out. The door however isn't budging.

"Come on darn it! Budge!" Azula tried her best but nothing was working.

"AAARGH! Let me outta here!!" She yelled. She really hated being locked up like this, mainly from before during her insanity seemed though her screams were heard, as the door opened up for her. She saw a black boy standing there, Kyd Wykkyd. He extended a hand to her as Azula got out.

"Thanks. Name?" Kyd Wykkyd didn't reply. Azula ended up fallowing him as he began running off. They both were going on out now, but as they past the many cells before the door...


Azula stopped, looking into one of the cells. The voice sounded rather raspy. Kyd Wykkyd grabbed her, encouraging her to go.

"No...let me go...have heart to let me free..." The voice was weak and raspy. Azula only got enough for the door to open before Kyd Wykkyd ran off out...whoever was in there only managed to hobble out and fallow them.

The fight back in the lobby was getting intense however. Sokka and Terror Blade were at a duel right now. The HIVE 5 were done now from Althea and Aang's combined strength and Adjula was still going at it. Adjula was just thrown back as Sokka and Terror Blade locked swords.

"You think you'll win? Show off?" Terror Blade mocked.

"Why don't you back off, tin man!" Sokka snapped, nearly slicing his head off. Slenderman himself actually was still watching in amusement to the fight. Aang tried getting him with some fire bending but it didn't work as he teleported away. They all suddenly stopped when Sokka screamed in pain...Terror Blade struck his arm, inches away from slicing it in two! Sokka got free and held his injured arm as the stinging filled his whole body.

"Sokka!" Aang gasped, running for him. However Sokka knocked Aang back!

"This is my fight. You and the others get outta here!"


"NOW!" Sokka ordered. Aang never saw Sokka like this before. He didn't know exactly what to do but he had to agree. Adjula tried to get him but was knocked out cold by Althea. The HIVE 5 though blocked their way.

"Hold it. You ain't going anywhere." Gizmo yelled.

"Let us pass! We can all get outta here if you let us." Before the HIVE spoke again, Slenderman suddenly teleported back!

"You ain't going nowhere."


As the main fight was going on, Azula and Kyd Wykkyd were having a fight of their own, trying to find their way out. The guards however were making it all the more difficult, as they both had to fight their way out from whoever showed. Lightning from Azula was firing in all direction as they kept moving. A long ways behind, their extra escapee just hobbled behind them, hardly able to keep up. As they were running though, Azula glanced at her feet and remembered something...the core!

"Hold on! We forgot something!"

Kyd Wykkyd skidded to a stop and turned back. Azula aimed his attention to the core below them, and oddly Kyd Wykkyd raced off, encouraging her to follow. Azula did but they nearly charged right at the second escapee behind them. They didn't expect him to actually follow. He was rather large, looking like a dog but they weren't too sure. That's not the problem right now though as they both raced past him.

"...very well...I'll see myself out..." he said to himself.

Azula and Kyd Wykkyd bolted around hall after hall, fighting guards on the way there. Azula didn't know where she was going, but Kyd Wykkyd seemingly knew, as he was always in the lead.


The fight between the teams and Slenderman lasted a long time. Slenderman himself keep them busy with the others. Right now though it was a stand off, both sides tired. Jinx looked to Slenderman, whom wasn't bothering to help.

"Hey boss, how about a hand here?!" She yelled. She was still considering what Azula told her earlier but she isn't buying it too much.

"Why should I? You've gotten your luck, now use it," Slenderman groaned. Jinx needed more help now since her team was too hurt to go on.

"Come on. The rest of my team is nearly done for here!" Jinx snapped. Slenderman didn't care for that, as he walked over. Aang and Althea got a sense that this isn't right and charged for him, only to get thrown back to the wall. Jinx thought he was protecting them at first...but Slenderman had other ideas.

With one hand, he picked up Mammoth off the ground, by the neck. Mammoth can't breathe this way but Slenderman didn't care in the slightest on that. Gizmo, See-More and Billy numerous hardly can move now...and Slenderman didn't want them anymore. With one powerful swing, he slammed mammoth head first into the ground, on top of the team! Jinx was stunned, she didn't know what to think...except for what Azula said to her.

"Kill them. Or I kill you." Slenderman warned. Jinx just stood there, starring at her friends. They were still alive but barely. Her eyes began to tear up as she fell to her knees.

"Oh what?! You gonna cry now? I said KILL THEM! Kill the enemy!!!"

It seemed Jinx didn't hear him. Aang, Sokka and Althea were watching this and it caught the boss's attention.

"Fine. I'll do it." The three tried to fight him, but Slenderman only needed a few minutes to wrap his tentacles around them.

"You can't win!" Aang yelled.

"Really? Cuz I just did. Terror Blade, anytime you're ready."

Terror Blade got his blood stained sword arm ready for some slicing as Jinx was standing away, eyes still crying...but something else was building in her. She turned and saw Terror Blade charging for them...something snapped.

"Say goodnight heroes!" Terror Blade jumped up, his blade close to killing them on sight...but suddenly something knocked Terror Blade into the wall. Slenderman could hardly see it but suddenly his three tentacles were cut off, getting Aang, Althea and Sokka free. Jinx had helped them free now, finally realizing who the real enemy turned out to be.

"WHY YOU LITTLE-" before Slenderman can finish though, suddenly a new alarm went off. This one made Slenderman stop cold.

"I'll deal with you later," Slenderman groaned, as he went away in a teleport.

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