Ch.4 A Move Toward Peace
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Avatar: A New Age


Book 1: Chaos



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July 10, 2014

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Long ago my predecessor, Avatar Korra, stopped Amon and the Equalists. Amon may have died but his cause did not. A large exodus of nonbenders fled to the new country of the People's Democracy. Eventually, the days where benders and nonbenders lived together was nothing but a memory.

The people's democracy thrived and isolated themselves from the bending world. Many citizens believe the old tales of bending and the Avatar to be just that, stories.

Meanwhile in the bending world, Avatar Korra ruled with an iron fist and kept the peace in the nations until she died peacefully at 115. Then I, Avatar Suki, was born, and I was a failure.

Due to my favoritism to my own nation, the world plunged into chaos. Because of this, the spirits split the Avatar into four people, one from each element, and all of them were born in the People's Democracy. Avatar Korra gave me a world of peace which I made a world of chaos. Now I give these four new Avatars a world of chaos which I hope they will turn into a world of peace.

On the day I died, a boy was born to a poor mother and father, his name was Rokki. His parents couldn't provide for him, so they made a deal a gang to get some money. When Rokki was four, the gang came to his house to collect money to pay back the family's debts. Rokki's parents could not pay and they pleaded with the gang, but it was no use. In anger, the gang murdered Rokki's parents right in front of him then they left. The local orphanage took care of Rokki and what was left of his parents' things until, at age ten, they let him go because they didn't have room in the orphanage.

He returned to his old house which he hadn't been in since the day his parents died. He looked in his old room and saw a teddy platypus bear sitting neatly on his bed. He remembered the day his parents gave it to him. It was his birthday present and all his parents could afford. Little did he know the purchase of that bear caused them to not have money to pay their debt. He walked over and picked up the bear and held it tightly. His mom said that if he had that bear they would always be with him, but he knew that a bear couldn't replace them. He still kept the bear for the rest of his life.

In order to make money, even at age ten, he planted a small crop of cabbage to sell at the market. Every day he would wake up pull the weeds out and water the plants. Then he would get hungry, as most growing boys do, only to realize he only had a few vegetables given to him by the orphanage. Some days he only ate dinner, others not at all, but sometimes the orphanage would give him soup or a kind me ever of the town would give him a meal. Until his cabbage grew, he couldn't get money, so he was stuck relying on others.

One day when his cabbage was almost ready to harvest he heard a knock on the door. He saw a tall muscular man and behind him were many more men with weapons. "We heard someone moved back into this house. Looks like you're going to pay your parents' debts boy," he said in a scratchy voice. "I'll give you a deal. You give us your crop of cabbage for, let's say about two years.

"No!" Rokki shouted loudly though he was very scared.

"Listen boy, that wasn't a request," the man said angrily, then he waved his hand and people stormed the house and his garden if cabbage.

Rokki watched in horror as the men destroyed his hard work and stole his parents' things. Then they crossed the line. One man picked up Rokki's platypus bear, whom he named Mushi, after his father, and held it over the fire. "Aww, look at the sweet wittle bear," he said in a fake baby voice.

"Don't touch that!" Rokki shouted and jumped a surprising distance because the earth under him and lifted, giving him more strength, and he grabbed onto the man. The man was scared as he saw Rokki's jump and alerted the other members of the gang. The man dropped Mushi and ran out of the house. Rokki grabbed Mushi and held him tightly.

Then Rokki saw a woman appear, that woman was me. "Hello Rokki," I said with a smile. "I'm Avatar Suki. I see you have discovered your earthbending."

"Earth whatting?" He asked, very confused.

"Earthbending, the ability to control rock and earth. You have this ability and I am here to train you," I replied, trying to be as nice as possible.

His face lit up, obviously amazed with his gift. "When do we start?"

Five years went by and I had taught Rokki everything about earthbending, including metalbending. The orphanage started giving him food again after the attack until his crops grew. The gang never tried to attack him again.

One day, instead of training, I told Rokki the tale of the Avatar and my failure of my duty. "Wow, you really screwed things up, didn't you?" He said bluntly, not knowing it would hurt my feeling. I looked away in shame. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad," he said apologetically. Though he came across as a sarcastic and insensitive person he really was a sweet kid.

"The other three Avatars are in the capital of Amon City; you must go there immediately," I told him in a stern tone.

"But my life is-" he said but I cut him off.

"Your life is to be a good Avatar. Your life isn't here it is with the other Avatars," I said almost hurtfully. I do admit, I may have been hard on him, but I wasn't going to let him make the same mistakes as me.

He nodded obediently and packed a small bag that consisted of some food, some spare money, a set of extra clothes, and of course Mushi. He set off immediately for Amon City and had never been more nervous for anything in his life.

A few weeks later, Rokki reached Amon City and was out of food and out of money. He hadn't eaten in three days. As someone who was used to having food, he knew what it was like to be desperate and he knew what he had to do. He walked over a fruit stand and knocked off the fruit. "I'm so sorry," he lied to the owner. "I'll pick those up," he said and bent down to pick some up slipping a few in his bag. Once he stood up the clerk gave him a deadly stare.

"That's the oldest trick in the book kid. Thief!" He shouted and Rokki was quickly taken by the police.

Once he was in prison, he saw two girls and a boy sitting on the floor. The girl smiled and nodded, "Join the club," and giggled. Little did any of them know it, but this was the first move towards peace.

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