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Kyouga's Legends

Team Avatar and Teen Titans both went on and began preparations on their new planet. They were having a lot of fun too, making their world in their own image is surely a creative working experience. Xerneus himself was giving them a hand on it, since their new to this and all. Right now he's showing Beast Boy the animal creation board, along with everyone else.

"Okay Beast Boy. You ready to make your first animal?"

"You bet I am!"

"Heh. I always like your enthusiasm. Now you see this small board here?" Xerneus pointed a hoof to a small looking clip board, a pad for beginners he assumed.

"Okay? what?" Beast Boy asked.

"Simple. Draw out something. Draw out what creature you want to put in.," Xerneus explained. Beast Boy thought about it for a while before he started drawing. As a test, he simply draw out a small simple puffball bird, with blue feathers and stick-like feet. He also draw large eyes and a blunt beak.

"How's that?" Beast Boy asked, when he finished. Xerneus looked it over, simple yet sweet.

" take a look at that board on the wall," Xerneus instructed. Beast Boy did, and he saw a living version of what he drawn! It looked very close to what he drawn out, same feathers, legs and eyes. It was no longer on paper, it's a living animal. Xerneus showed him another add on to it.

"Okay Beast Boy. Just say the name of this creature," Xerneus said. Beast Boy wasn't sure on that part.

"I don't know...Puff birds?" he said questionably. No sooner after he said that, the name puff birds showed up on the bottom of the board, under the animal in question. Xerneus smiled to Beast Boy as the animal on the board scampered around on its tiny legs.

"Not bad for a first try. This can work out nice for your world." Xerneus said. The board animal disappeared after that and showed its name on a list, the name puff birds right at the top.

"Cool!" Beast boy said. Before anyone else can do anything, suddenly another spirit flew in.

"Xerneus! Someone's here to see you."

"Excuse me?"

"You don't understand. It's Zygarde!" Xerneus got a shocked look on his face while the others were confused.

"Who's that?"

"I'll explain it later. Just come on, we should go to greet him at once. This way," Xerneus instructed.


In the main room of the Core, the different spirits were lined up, Xerneus and Yveltal right at the universe hologram. Team Avatar and Teen Titans were on one side of the row of spirits, instructed to not bother Zygarde until the main meeting is done.

"I wonder who Zygarde is?" Katara asked.

"Me too. Whoever it is sure seems important," replied Cyborg. Momo was also there, running around as usual but Aang tried to keep him from running off on him. All the spirits looked off to the entrance as another spirit made himself known.

They all saw him slither over to Xerneus and Yveltal. He looked like a large, rocky cobra, with grey and green scales. A few spots were white on him but that was about it. The odd spirit cobra stopped in front of Yveltal and Xerneus.

"Zygarde. welcome back," Xerneus said.

"Pleasure to be back Xerneus. You too Yveltal. (looks to the spirit line) I didn't expect the line up though." Zygarde said.

"Yeah I know. But it's been so long Zygarde. Where have you been all this time?" Yveltal asked. In the line though, Momo was becoming more anxious as Aang tried to keep him down and quiet.

"I've been roaming around, handling a few problems here and there. I am the one of order after all."

"That you are. It is an honor that you've returned to the core after so many years."

Then there was trouble. While Aang was trying too, Momo slipped free. Beast Boy and Sokka tried grabbing Momo by the tail but fell into the open, as the little guy flew right over to Zygarde!...all the spirits turned to them as they laid on the ground, picking themselves up. Xerneus and Yveltal were both worried to how Zygarde would react. The green cobra slithered over to them both...and actually chuckled. Momo landed on his tail as he brought Momo to the front of him.

"Well what do you know? A bat lemur. Never thought I would see another one of these. Is he yours?" Zygarde asked. Sokka and Beast Boy jumped to their feet as Momo flew onto Beast Boy's head.

"Oh my, I'm SO sorry about this-" Xerneus said in worry but Zygarde just laughed.

"Don't be sorry for surprises Xerneus. (turns to the other spirits) All right everyone! Thank you for the reunion, you can go back to your business now." And so the spirits did, except for Xerneus, Yveltal and the two teams.

"I'm sorry Momo got loose. He was just getting antsy." Aang said as Momo landed on his shoulder.

"So that's his name. It's alright Avatar Aang." Aang kind of jumped when Zygarde said that.

"You know my name?"

"I know all your names. You were in the two worlds Xerneus had made after all. And you, Avatar Aang, were at the top," Zygarde said.

"Look, Zygarde, I didn't intend to-"

"I already said it's alright Xerneus. Boy. Still as cautious and ever I see," Zygarde teased. Xerneus didn't like that too much as Yveltal chuckled. Zygarde then turned to Sokka and Beast Boy.

"And you two must be Beast Boy and Sokka. I knew you two were funny, but I didn't expect slapstick humor at my return." They both blushed in embarrassment.

"You mentioned something about the one of order right?" Aang asked.

"That's right. I help other worlds out when they needed it. Not much has happened so I decided to come back to the Core. I can understand you might be surprised, but we students of Arceus do help other worlds when needed to."

"Who's Arceus?" Sokka asked. Zygarde turned to the wall behind the universe hologram, showing a picture of a large white spirit. Its body is similar to Xerneus but with various differences, no horns.

"Arceus is the one who started it all. And me, Xerneus and Yveltal were his closest helpers and successors as soon as he left us," Zygarde explained.

"You saying he was the first to created universes?"

"That's right. Are you all ready for a legend?"

"Well sure but can we talk back in the relaxers' place?"

"Yes of course."

In no time at all, they all went to the relaxers room. Team Avatar and Teen Titans got themselves comfortable as Zygarde went to the front of them to tell the legend.

"Are you ready now?"

"Yes sir. Now what is this legend?" Toph asked. Zygarde requested Xerneus to give them all a visual aid in it, so each detail Zygarde describes will be shown to them.

"Okay...have you ever look up in the night, and see all the stars lighting the night sky. Like bright candles in the sky?...well...a long time ago. The stars never existed. There was no light. No world. No life...but that was until many eons ago. An egg, floating in the darkness. It remained dormant...until one day, the egg came to life. And hatched...and Arceus was born."

"Arceus was born in space?" Toph asked.

"Yes, now don't interrupt. (the visual effects continued with Zygarde's words) The great god of us all. Arceus can see the deapths of blackness that reached to eternity in all directions...only Arceus was there...all alone...after many years of traveling through nothing but darkness, he discovered something that will change space and time. Forever...the ability to create life itself. With this ability, he began creating the core. His very first world. The Core you see today...And with that, he began to create the first forms of Life. Planting the first flora...and the first fauna. Eventually, he created the three elite. Zygarde, Xerneus, and Yveltal. With the three at his side, Arceus managed to create millions upon millions of more worlds, planets, and stars. To this day, his commitment was still lived on among his friends, and continued on to this very day."

Team Avatar and Teen Titans were astonished. The vision was removed by Xerneus and they were back in the relaxer room. They all were amazed by the story of Arceus.

"That's incredible. I wish I could meet such a person."

"Well although you may not meet Arceus. All of his work you can see all the the starry night." Zygarde sighed.

"I always like hearing the legend," Yveltal said.

"That's because you were apart of it, as with Xerneus and me." Zygarde chuckled. Momo and Silkie, while the story was being told, were asleep on Zygarde's tail. And it wasn't until after the story when Zygarde noticed. Starfire picked them both up as Zygarde went on out. Both teams kept the legend in their mind as they went on out as well.

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