Korra in the Avatar State
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July 11, 2013

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Ch.3: Gang

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Ch.5: Shadow-bending

That night was kinda relaxing to the brothers. The faint sounds of the city above them though made it rough for Leo to sleep. In fact, he ended up pacing around in the cabin.

"Bro, just chill."

"How come? Can you sleep with that noise up there?"

"Sure I can. It's easy."


"Like this." Alex then fell back and fell to sleep. Leo wondered why he even asked as he went off to sleep himself...or tried to at least.

"Geesh. Alex can sleep through anything...well good night pal." Leo thought, and closed his eyes.


That night he woke up again, Still awfully tired...but oddly there's no noise now. Leo wanted to go to sleep but he noticed that Alex had woken up too and they both saw white mist coming in from outside...then someone else walked in.

"Eh? Hey, some of us are trying to-..."

Alex was cut off when he saw who it was a spirit...the previous Avatar Korra!

"Korra?...Avatar? Korra?"

"Yes Leo. Alex. I've come here with a message. You two have a great importance to learn the elements." Korra said.

"Excuse me?...but only the Avatar can learn all the elements right?" Leo said, confused.

"Right...right now though the passing has been cut in two...the two of you."

Leo and Alex looked at each other with a shocked look on each of their faces.

"Both of us?" Leo murmured.

"Two Avatars?" Alex murmured.

"...but how does that work? Two Avatars at the same time, I mean-. Who's supposed to know what?"

"That I'm afraid is unclear. But whichever the case maybe, you two have to figure it out before the Koi take control over the Republic City." Korra said. And with that, she walked out and vanished. A sudden burst of light flashed and suddenly...Leo woke up?

"Huh? Wha?...Alex, get up." Leo said.

"No mommy, just five more minutes..." Alex groaned, trying to sleep. But Leo managed to make Alex awake.

"Bro. Listen. I think I have something important to tell you."

"No wait, I think I have something too." Alex and Leo try to say there's until they both just said, "I think we're the Avatar!" They both stared at each other for a second.

"Let me got that same dream?"

"Yep. I we have to figure out who's going to be the one with all the elements...but who?"

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