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Escape the Slender Hands PT2

Time went by, as sunset began to show among the foundation. Inside, Aang and Althea were catching up on what has happened to them. It had been awhile since they last saw each other, even if it was brief. Aang went on about what has happened to him to her so she can get the full story.

"So that's it, huh?"

"Yeah. I thought we were done with the traveling but then this happens."

"Well, it's not too surprisingly. Since the Spirit Council needed your aid and all, you're gonna expect this more often than most," Althea explained.

"I guess so... how is the Spirit Council anyway? Is it going okay or did something happen?" Aang asked. Althea turned away, not showing her visible eye to him.

"Well... It's Xerneus....he's...he's..."

"He's what? Is he okay?" Aang asked, rather urgent. Althea wasn't sure how to put it exactly, but it was a bit hard to take in, let along let out.

"Well, he's...(starts to cry)...he's dead." Aang froze in shock. The leader of the Spirit dead. Althea covered her eyes as tears started to pour from them. Aang too got a bit teary eyed as he tried his best to comfort her...but they weren't prepared for what happened next...

"Children...children. Don't cry."

They both looked around, they both didn't say anything. They kept looking around until a shadowy figure showed up in the corner of their cell. They were the only ones in there so they were shocked seeing someone else inside. It was too dark to see the face of whoever was there.

"But...who are-"

"It's time, young ones."

"Time? For what?"

"To bring an end to Slenderman. He has caused enough chaos as it is. And now it's time to end it."

"But what can we do? We can't hurt him."

"Your method of pain is to defeat Slenderman. You must attack him indirectly...this foundation and Slenderman's living being are connected. If either one of them disappears, the other will follow..."

"But our friends?"

"Your friends will be safe. In fact, some of them actually escaped already, and devised a plan to get the rest of you free. When this plan succeeds, Slenderman will be no more...I will meet all of you when the deed is done." After that, the figure walked back in the shadows, disappearing...


Meanwhile outside, the caravan of escapees were getting their plan into action. The guards outside were covering the entrance in, and now it's time to even the score with the foundation. The sun behind them was close to setting, and now is the perfect time for it.

"You ready for this?" Shuck asked.

"I was born ready," Zuko replied.

"Good. Kaibutsu, you're up first." With that, Kaibutsu quickly ran off about 30 feet away from the others before letting out a howl of attention. All the guards at the gate charged after him, and they were lured away. The entrance was wide open and those remaining bolted for it. Of course, a few guards stayed there but it didn't take too much to finish them. A few well aimed starbolts and fire strikes was all it took. At the gate, Zuko turned to Toph.

"Toph, Toube, keep guard out here. We can't risk any reinforcements from outside until everyone is free. Understood?" Zuko ordered. Toph and Toube stayed put as the rest raced inside the foundation. Minutes later, Kaibutsu came back to them with the outside guards on their tail. Time to even the odds.

"Time to kick some butt!" Toube said as he charged in.

"My favorite time of the day!" Toph added, starting to fight as the battle outside began.

The others inside were fighting past other guards as they kept coming at them. More and more, of different types seemed to come from nowhere. Shuck lead the caravan to a large room, main lobby they assumed.

"Any ideas Shuck?!" Ty asked, trying to fight them off. Shuck had a secret weapon and it's not too far from here. He quickly dashed to an upper level of the room and grabbed something off the ground, showing it for all to see. He shouted "TAKE COVER!!" right before he threw it. It shattered on the floor in a sudden explosion! Shuck managed to guide his friends out as the guards had to deal with the effects.

"Good thing you found that gas bomb. That'll keep them distracted."

"Gas bomb? That's a Mojo jar, but same thing. Don't have time to explain, come on!" Shuck said. Few minutes after they ran ahead, one guard got out of the mojo charade, and quickly set off the alarms. Now the guards were helter skelter trying to get them.

The noise got the prisoners attention, since it was an all out alarm, reaching Aang and Althea's ears.

"What's that?" Althea asked. Aang looked out his prison door and saw the guards leaving their posts. Aang grew a smile on his face.

"An escape! Come on, Althea, we're getting outta here!" Aang said, motivated.

"But how?" Before he could answer, suddenly the door opened up for them. The caravan had found them first. Aang and Althea got out, but there was hardly time for introduction or explanation, as the guards were on to them! Aang quickly began his airbending and firebending on them, keeping them at bay as they continued to find the others.

"Thanks, Aang," Ty said.

"No problem. Now come on, let's go!" Aang said...on the cameras, however, they were being kept a watchful eye on by Slenderman himself!

"So. The little mice want to play eh? All right then. Let's play." Slenderman was at the full controls, so it was all at his fingertips. Few clicks of the buttons started a lot of trouble for them. Halls cut off more and more as they continued going through. Some nearly sliced them, as they narrowly made it through. Most of their friends right now were in the same area of the foundation, and they were so close to reaching it...when Slenderman's many walls cut them off!

"End of the line," he said to himself, proudly...but to his shock, and everyone else, the doors weren't entirely shut! Althea had her hand up and actually forced it open! One powerful push and the doors broke open as they got through! The group spread out, each one finding their friends. After minutes of fighting and rescuing, they recovered the Titans, the rest of Team Avatar, and Titans East.

"Good work. Now we have to get outta here!" Shuck announced, rushing for the door again.

"What about Slenderman?"

"We'll deal with him later! Now we have to get outta here!" But before he got to the door, he suddenly rammed in something that knocked him back...Slenderman himself!

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