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Escape the Slender Hands PT1

As the foundation inside was going through all their changes in security, outside the facility seemed lifeless. Slenderman only focused the world creation in the facility, and not outside so it always appeared barren except for a few single ponds, the only source of water. It appeared like a dried desert, but it was too cold for that. Almost like the moon in some sort of case. As the escapees had to stay until they figured out how to get their friends out and get home.

Ty, Zuko, Starfire, Mas Y Menos and 173 made up this caravan, and now they had to stay over by a small pool for their water. Zuko had already made a fire so they made that their camp. After a drink, they all sat down by the fire (or in 173's case, just stand).

"What a long day," Zuko said, tired.

"It's a bit hard to tell when theirs always clouds," Ty sighed. It was a depressing place, and it wasn't helping Ty raise her normally cheery spirit.

"Eso slenderman. Si él no estaba allí sería manera más fácil, Mas groaned. Zuko and Ty didn't know what he said, but Starfire, with her multiple abilities, figured it out.

"He said it would be way easier if Slenderman wasn't there."

"Oh...yeah that's true. Let's get some sleep...Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow," Zuko sighed. they all agreed, not sure what else to do. Zuko turned to 173.

"Hey. You don't have to sleep, can you keep an eye out for us?" Zuko asked. He blinked, and the sign 173 was holding randomly said "sure thing ;)". After reading that, they went to sleep as 173 kept a look out for them.


Meanwhile, there was a second caravan that managed to muscle out. This one only had three: Toube, Toph and Kaibutsu. They escaped after the others, and were still trying to figure out where to go.

"Hey. You guys okay?" Toube asked at one point.

"I'm fine Toube. but I can't say the same for Toph," Kaibutsu said. Since her sudden "change" she was acting very sickly and Kaibutsu had to carry her. She was looking like she was hunted, laying on her stomach on Kaibutsu's back. Toube was really concern as he started walking alongside Kaibutsu, by Toph's side.

"Don't worry Toph. We'll figure things out," Toube said, nuzzling her head. Kaibutsu kept an eye out for them, making sure they weren't followed. It being so dark, made it very difficult. It was very quiet...too quiet for their taste...Toph however was hearing something else, and raised her head.

"You okay, Toph?"

"...someone's coming." Kaibutsu and Toube both stopped as Toph aimed a finger behind them. Toube turned around but couldn't see anything or anyone. At first, it was just barren landscape...but slowly but surely, he began to hear footsteps, as he started acting defensive.

"Who's there?!" He shouted. The footsteps stopped. It was still too far away to decipher who or what it was. Toube began showing his teeth and growled at whatever it was. They all did notice a figure, but not too much.

"Wait. I'm a friend."

Those words pasted by their ears as they got confused. Kaibutsu though never mistook a voice as the figure began to become more visible. It had the appearance of a black wolf, about as tall as Toube is. Toube was about to charge when Kaibutsu gently laid Toph down on her back, on the ground, and got in Toube's way.

"Hold it, Toube. He is a friend, don't attack!" Kaibutsu said. Toube was confused.

"You know him?" Toube asked as the figure walked to Kaibutsu's side.

"Yes. (turns to the figure) How'd you get out? You follow us?"

"Well, not exactly. I got out a lot earlier then you guys. Glad to see you're okay."

"Well...not all of us." Kaibutsu then showed him to Toph. The figure looked at Toph in her new frame, as if examining her. Toube however marched over to him, saying in a demanding voice "Don't you hurt her."

"Don't worry. I won't. Not like I can do much to harm her now anyway."

"Wha-?...okay. Who are you anyway?"

"Oh yeah. Where are my manners? I'm Shuck. You probably heard of me as SCP-23 back in the foundation," Shuck introduced. The black wolf didn't show any fear in front of the strongest dog in the world. Toube only slightly calmed down.

"Okay Shuck. Just do us both a favor and don't fight anyone. Understood?"

"I'm not in any mood for a fight, Toube. In fact, I think I saw another group escape that I think you should know about."

"Excuse me?"

"Another escapee caravan. They managed to get out thanks to another SCP, and I escaped following them. They were new here, like you so I assume you know them already?" Toube and Kaibutsu were somewhat confused as Toph tried to get up herself.

"And who are these other runaways? Some mutants?" Toph asked.

"Well, they don't seem mutated I managed to pick up a few named. There's Ty Lee and Starfire...but that's about it. I dunno the other three."

Ty Lee? Starfire? They made it out?! This got Toube excited, as he wanted to find them right away. Shuck turned away but Toube wanted to know where they were.

"Wait! You know where they are?" Toube asked urgently.

"Right this way." Shuck then started leading them off to the other caravan.

Not too far away, Zuko, Ty, Starfire, Mas and Menos were still asleep, 173 still maintaining its visual. However, 173 noticed something off in the horizon, his 4 eyes more acute than normal. Zuko woke up to a pebble hitting his head, seeing 173 holding a sign saying "we got company". Zuko can slightly notice shapes coming towards them as he got up, fire at the ready. One of them suddenly skidded to a halt as his light revealed the black wolf.

"Wait, wait! It's okay! Friends," he said, urgently. The wolf was Shuck. The others got up rather quickly to see the rest of the caravan show up.

"Toube! Toph! You're out." Starfire gasped happily, as she gave Toph a tight hug. Toph groaned in pain as the strong hug got her.

"Lovey-dovey isn't she?" Shuck chuckled as Starfire set Toph down. By now she had noticed Toph's big change. Before she can say, Mas Y Menos got over to her, happy to see her again.

"Hola señorita Toph!" They both said in glee.

"Oh. You two again. Been awhile hasn't it?" Toph said, but she felt annoyed when a poke was jabbed in her stomach.

"What happened to you? You really have grown." Starfire said, poking still. Toph slapped her hand away in annoyance.

"It's the SCP's fault! Those workers fattened me up to feed their monster! Now look at me. I look like a walking water blimp." Toph groaned as she sat down. Their attention then turned to Kaibutsu who laid down by the fire.

"Who's this?" Zuko asked. Toube walked over to him.

"That's Kaibutsu. One of the SCP's I was with. He's pretty cool once you get to know him," Toube said.

"Yeah hi. Sorry if I startled you," Kaibutsu said. They didn't mind that but Starfire was most amazed with him, for some odd reason.

"Wow. I didn't know such a magnificent animal was trapped in the foundation," Starfire said in amazement. Kaibutsu was surprised to hear that about himself.

"Magnificent?...what's so magnificent?"

"You are Kaibutsu. My home planet has many statues dedicated to an animal like you," Starfire said with a smile. Kaibutsu turned away to the fire, blushing a little bit. Shuck sat down by the fire next, seeing 173 standing nearby holding a sign with ":)" on it.

"I see you have 173 with you too. No wonder you escaped," Shuck said with a smirk.

"What do you mean?" Ty asked.

"You kidding? You have on hand the first, and best, SCP in that foundation right here. With this, you can easily get them out." 173 showed a sign saying "you're making me blush"...although not shown on his stone face.

"You serious? But we don't know our way around the place, how are we gonna get them out?" Zuko asked.

"That's where I come in," Shuck said, getting up, "I've tried escaping many times before, and I know the foundation inside and out. I'm sure I can track down your pals and get even with Slenderman in one try. I just needed some support." They all can sense that they finally have a way to get to where they need to be.

"You have a plan?"

"Of course. Okay everyone, here's the plan..."

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