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Outsider Plans

Azula had been waiting in her new cell for a while now. She is no longer acting insane for her benefit but the plan didn't go any farther than this so she didn't know what to do. The asylum was oddly lacking of other people, and those who are there didn't talk so a conversation is out of the question entirely. Before she at least heard different voices when she really was insane, but now...complete was that was until she heard someone walk her way. Outside her cage. The cage was rather dark so she stayed in the shadows as the guards went past her bars. They aren't the type you want to have a talk with, and Azula knew it...however, one of them stopped at her bar gate.

"What do you want?" Azula asked, not looking at whoever came in. She looked off only to the feet, but by the look of the black cloths and white skin gave her the perfect indication that the Slenderman was here now.

"Well, look who we have here," Azula said.

"Cut the small talk; Harlem. I don't understand how you managed to regain your memory, or how the scar was removed. But rest assured, I'll take you back."

"It's Azula. If you're gonna keep me, at least get the name correct," Azula corrected in her snotty tone. Slenderman really wasn't liking this.

"Okay...I no longer care anymore if you're alive or not. So much has already happened and I can't risk anymore."

"And what exactly happened to make you change your mind?" Slenderman was silent. He knew darn well that blabbering on about the escaped convicts would be a horrible idea. He simply said, "Secret."

"Oh come now Slendy. If I am gonna die, you can tell me anything." Azula said, her unique lying skills going right to work. Slenderman gave her a warning slap on her face.

"Don't. Call me Slendy." He warned her.

"All right. I won't. (suddenly shoots blue fire in his face) Slendy." Slenderman wasn't in any mood. So he turned away from her cage. he snapped his fingers, as in to call someone in. Azula couldn't tell who it was but Slenderman was glad to see her. It had been a long time since he used her for anything.

Walking over to her cage now. Was the bad luck bringer: Jinx. Ever since she accepted his offer, Jinx had put herself to good use. She was pretty happy to see that he got her team with her too.

"Jinx. Darling. Can you do me a favor and keep an eye on this one? She's trouble."

"Yes sir," Jinx replied as Slenderman walked away in a huff. Azula now had new company. She had recognize her from before, while she was Harlem instead of Azula.

"Hello Jinx," Azula said. Jinx was by herself, her team on patrol. Jinx did recognize the voice now.

"Harlem? That you in there?" Jinx asked.

"Azula actually. But yes, I'm in here."

"Azula...well, don't cause any trouble, Azula. Slenderman wouldn't allow it." Jinx looked away and remained at her post for a few minutes until Azula came on talking again.

"Why are you following him?" Jinx didn't reply to Azula, still thinking that it's not a good thing to talk about. The only reply she said was "I have my reasons."

"Will you care to share?"

"No, I don't."

"Oh...will you care not to un-share then?" Azula couldn't believe she even said something so stupid.

"Yes." Jinx said, not entirely understanding until too late. Azula smiled and added in afterwards "Then say it."

"Leave me alone!" Jinx yelled, using her anti-bending on her. The sudden force knocked Azula to the wall as Jinx added "I'm not sharing and that's final." Jinx looked back away from her as Azula sat down, also looking away. Jinx did have one thought that nagged in her mind.

"Well then, why are you locked up?" Jinx asked.

"You didn't answer mine. Why should I answer yours?"

"*groan* How's this. I'll tell you my reason when you tell me yours, okay?" Jinx groaned, not in too much of a mood for the matter. Azula didn't answer until after a minute.

"Simple really. Because Slenderman wants to wreck my world with his mutant experiments. He mentioned another TT World too but why would you care? You work under the guy in question." Azula said. Jinx felt rather ashamed all of a sudden, now knowing that her world is at risk by her own boss.

"That's my world..." Jinx sighed. She was told the different worlds by Slenderman, one of which was TT, her world.

"Is he really gonna destroy it?"

"Well kind of. He's gonna make it his playground of mutant beasts but I can guess it would result in the same thing."

" HIVE five..." She was worried about all her progress and her team. Sure they are with her, but her homes there...and now it will be destroyed...

"The who?...that your team I assume?"

"Yeah. Good guess...All my friends. Gizmo. Mammoth. home...please tell me you're not lying."

"Why would I joke about world destruction?" Azula said. Jinx, of the HIVE, really felt rather guilty...

"I...I have to go..." she said. Although Slenderman was told to stay put, Jinx had to just walk away for a while. And that's just what she did, Leaving Azula alone again.

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