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Slight Meeting

Aang was all alone in his cell. He was unable to hear anything going on from the past couple days stuck inside the foundation. He had his mind wander for a while, wondering what is happening to all his friends. He tried everything, but it was fruitless as his bending was proven unable to break out. His mind, of course, was thinking on back to Katara. What is going on with her? What are they doing to her? He didn't care much for himself, as long as she was safe.

The Air Nomad needed to figure it out soon... his train of thought was cut off though when someone opened his door. He was gonna run but he saw Slenderman already standing where to run.

"Come on Aang. You're next," he said. Aang simply showed him his arms, like he was about to be cuffed or something. Slenderman grabbed his arm and pulled him along.

"What have you done with my friends?" Aang asked. Slenderman didn't reply. Things are going completely crazy for him. Refugees are escaping, experiments were failing, a whole bunch of things just weren't working out. He didn't want to talk right now.

"Not a word. Just come on," Slenderman sighed. Aang tried looking around but Slenderman forced him to look straight, wandering eyes were becoming a problem now.

He managed to get the Air Nomad to a different room.

"Aang. Were a bit booked today so you're sharing your experiment with another refugee okay?" Slenderman announced. Aang wasn't sure on this part, who knows what would that be? Feral, as usual was in the control room, went and got the second refugee. Aang heard struggling as the next one was thrown in. Aang stepped back. The very person he least expected was there now... a mummified girl. One purple eye showing.

"She was roaming around the facility so she is gonna share the test with you," Slenderman added in. She looked so familiar to Aang, he could have sworn he saw her somewhere before... then it hit him. All the way back when he met the full Spirit Council! She was there too. One of the members... Althea.


Althea got up, she didn't look any different from before, a bit taller but that's it. Althea gripped Aang in worry as Aang tried to stay firm. Aang and Althea looked up and watched as suddenly the lights went out. It was completely dark in there, both unable to see what is going on.

"I'm scared," Althea shuttered, not letting Aang go. Aang looked around as the test suddenly began... at first nothing... but then out of the blue, a little pight suddenly appeared. It grew and grew until it took flight. It turned out to be some sort of bubble, but Aang didn't want to take the chance with this nuthouse, but Althea was who popped it first... then another bubble appeared. Then another. And another...

"What test is this?" Aang wondered. Pretty soon, four huge bubbles of pink were floating in mid air. they both watched as shape began to take form from them. Turning from bubble into some type of animal... an elephant.

"Oh no," Althea quickly focused on Aang.

"Aang whatever you do, don't listen to them. Please!" Althea was close to begging at this point so Aang agreed as the craziness started.

Four floating elephants began their craziness with a good trumpeting solo. Aang and Althea covered their ears as to how loud it is. They kept trumpeting as it grew louder and louder until they suddenly felt something explode! A quick glance and suddenly more pink elephant Anthros marched out from some hole in the wall, dressed like their doing a parade. All the crazy racket made them shudder. They kept on encircling them, doing generally creepy things that logic couldn't comprehend. They both huddled together, not even daring to look.

"What's happening?" Aang asked Althea.

"It's the Mojos. Their trying to drive us insane. Just don't listen to them," Althea warned again. One of the larger ones though grabbed them with its trunk (which turned into a net) and scooped them up. One throw and they were airborne. They landed on another elephant which they bounced off like a trampoline. The Mojos kept this up for awhile. Aang and Althea thought they were done at one point when the bouncing stopped... until they found where they landed... on top of an elephant's head, with its trunk into a slide! two mini elephants pushed them down as they bolted down fast.

All this nutty stuff kept going on for about an hour, the two inside begging for it to stop. The lights suddenly came back on at one point, rather vague but it was done nonetheless.

"Okay. Test over!" Slenderman said. Aang and Althea were relieved, but completely rattled. Aang and Althea both didn't let go, waiting for something else crazy to happen. Slenderman himself got them and they were brought back.

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