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Time had gone buy, and Toph wasn't having any fun at all. For starters, she had seemingly grown 100 pounds since her little force fed, and she now can't get used to this sudden change. Toube had been trying to protect her throughout the whole time mainly for her not being eaten by P4. P4 was becoming rather ravenous now, since the foundation forgot to feed him, yet Toube made sure P4 didn't try anything.

"How are you feeling, Toph?" Toube asked at a point.

"I don't know. How do you feel after gaining a hundred pounds?" Toph groaned, referring to her new girth. Toube stayed at her side, but much like the others, he's getting weaker and weaker from lack of nutrition. After an hour of silence, suddenly Toph heard the all too familiar footsteps, as the duo Smile Dog and Ghost, came into her cell. They waited long enough, and so had 682...

"Come on Toph, let's go," Smile Dog said, trying not to go out and try to eat her himself. Ghost wasn't as affected as he was so he grabbed Toph by the arm. Toube of course tried to fight but Smile Dog immediately charge in and attacked Toube so Ghost can get her out...however, it's easier said than done...

"Hey Smile Dog? A little help here?!" Ghost tried pulling Toph but Toph stood her ground. That, adding to her new weight, made her like moving a brick wall.

"Looks like I'm too much for you eh?" Toph mocked.

"Save it for the dinner table turkey!" Ghost said through tired breath. P4 meanwhile was watching this in confusion. He knew that they can't really fight these guys but yet they were trying anyway...Why?...It took a ton of effort but finally pulled her outta the room, the doors slamming in front of Toube's face. Now P4 walked over to the tosa.

"Why are you still fighting? You can't beat them."

"I don't care if I beat them or not. I just want Toph back!" Toube panted, trying to ram the door down. His head was beginning to bleed, he rammed so hard. P4 was still confused and didn't want to see him hurt himself.

"Face it, Toube. You can't fight them. Believe me, I tried, but it's's over for Toph now, Toube..." Then Toube said something that changed everything...

"Kaibutsu...You can't fail. If you never stop trying."

Those words. That single sentence, got to Kaibutsu. He had never seen such determination in one creature to save another before, especially if it's against an enemy they can't beat...

Meanwhile, Toph was being pulled along by Smile Dog and Ghost to 682's cell. Honestly, the duo wasn't enjoying it any more than Toph is. They had to pull her! After an hour of struggle, they had finally got her to the cell of 682's. With one final push, they finally got Toph inside. The duo got out, completely winded, and shut the door before Toph can get out. She tried punching the doors down, but her metalbending won't do it...then came the growl...


Back in the cell, P4, now known as Kaibutsu, was still trying to make sense of what Toube had said. You can't fail if you never stop trying. He stopped trying ages ago. Toube himself was still at the door, his blood stained the door as well as the floor as he tried getting out.

"Toube stop it, please! You're killing yourself."

"I don't care about my safety! I only care for my friend."

"What's so important about her anyway? She's just one other human in this many worlds."

"NOT TRUE! Not only is she the greatest earthbender in history, but also she's my lifelong, childhood friend. And I refuse to have some stupid mutant tell me otherwise," Toube said. This act of defiance was shocking to Kaibutsu. Again, this is something new to him in many ways. He just couldn't understand...but he is starting to.

"...never stop trying..." He thought. Then something happened. He got up from his stop and stared directly at the door. Toube turned back to him.

"Stand clear..." Was all Kaibutsu said before he started running...


Meanwhile, Toph was just standing there in 682's cell. She couldn't see, but her seismic sense told her that this was no ordinary creature. Large reptile-like body, shaggy brown mane, crocodile face. 682 starred at Toph, standing there, ready to fight...oddly though, 682 just started laughing. It started small but grew into a guffaw.

"What's so funny?" Toph growled. She can only assume this thing can speak from everything else in here.

"Those workers! They really are desperate!" 682 said through more laughing. He eventually calmed down as Toph wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

"Desperate? I don't get it."

"Those stupid SCP workers are too scared of me now. And they have proven it by bringing you. You, the strongest earthbender in the world, HA!"

"What?! This is your fault?! Why you-"

"Settle down. It was only a test, and as far as I know, it's a success. They really ARE desperate to please me. Now I know they are too scared. Took me long enough," 682 said with a toothy smile. Toph gave an odd smile of her own too.

"Okay. So if you're not gonna eat me, I'll just be going now," Toph said. Though she hated showing it, she was terrified. She was so close to being eaten by this thing. To her horror, 682 got in her way.

"I'm sorry. Even though I tested this, this swamp monster ain't gonna pass this up," the giant mutant loomed over head as Toph suddenly tried her bending...but the floor isn't earth, she can't earth bend!

"As we say in bajou. Bye you," 682 growled. He was inches away from Toph with opened jaws when oddly...the alarms went off.

682 became distracted for a second as Toph desperately ran off. 682 didn't understand this but immediately pinned Toph down. He licked his crocodile teeth in anticipation. The next thing he knew though was that something gigantic slammed into him, throwing him to the wall! The wall he was knocked into dented as he was bitten in the leg by his attacker...Kaibutsu.

"I'm not standing by any longer," Kaibutsu said, as he flipped 682 over through the air. 682 hardly had time to react as the lizard was thrown through the door, crushing it. Toube followed Toph in and quickly grabbed her.

"Like I said, I'll protect you," Toube said, as he grabbed her. They began to run, run out, and tried to fight along the way.

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