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Ever since they arrived, Azula was going through a lot of rough times. Ursa's voice ringing through the room each time she looked in mirrors. The SCP foundation purposely gave her a metallic room with metal where she can see reflections, as a way of getting back at her for ditching them. Azula tried everything to stop the voices, but nothing worked. her latest attempt was meditation (she grew that desperate) and it turned into a failure. Ursa kept wanting to talk to her, but still Azula tried ignoring. After all, whatever Ursa had to say won't affect them now.

"Azula. Please listen to me," Ursa said.

"You're not real! Go away, I don't want to talk to you!" Azula demanded. The insanity was starting to creep back into her mind the more times Ursa spoke. She didn't want it, not again. Every time she came close to becoming good, something happens to ditch the idea.

"Please...I need-"

"You need nothing! You're dead! I'm the only one who can see you! You can't drive me insane!!! I won't allow it! And besides, I'm not even in my own world anymore, whatever you have to say won't do a thing!!!" Azula yelled. her vision of Ursa finally vanished as Azula was starting to think clearly again. She tried to calm down as she sat down on the floor. But then she once again heard "Azula."

"Mother. I'm not telling you again. GO AWAY OR I WILL-" Before she can finish, she was cut off by who it actually was she was talking to. It wasn't Ursa. Not this time...Now what shown was a blue elk. The same one who helped the teams in Altonia...Xerneus.

"What? No you're not there. Snap outta it." Azula said to herself. But the mirror image sighed heavily, and Azula actually felt the breath from the animal. This made her shiver as she turned around.

"Do not be afraid. I'm Xerneus. The creator of your world, Azula," Xerneus said.

"Creator?...I (slaps her own face) No! You're not there, go away!"

"But I am here. And I know what happened to you. I apologize for scaring you, especially after your incidents with Ursa..." Azula was close to fainting, she was so scared. here was a creature she never met, and he already knew about Ursa and her insane spells.

"...You know?"

"Yes. Ursa was banished by your father after they discover the family line relating to Avatar Roku. You were able to conduct her soul being without realizing it...You refuse to listen to her, then maybe you'll listen to me."

"...*gulp* please stop scaring me..."

"I can't help it. Sorry. Ursa's spirit needed to talk to the Avatar gang to say on how to get rid of the foundation once and for all...yet you refuse to let her through because of the belief that you can only see her..."

"*sigh*...what is it she was trying to tell me?..." Xerneus sighed again, Azula feeling the breath once more.

"This SCP, she was trying to warn you of. This place will wipe your world out unless you destroy the facility, and destroy Slenderman, for good. But first, you have to figure out on your friends whereabouts, and then-"

"My friends! Are they okay?"

"Somewhat. Some were subjected to tests, most are getting ready to. Just recently though, your brother Zuko, had managed to escape the facility. Along with the very few friends that had the chance. He didn't have time to come back for you, but I know he'll try to come up with a plan to get you and everyone else out." Azula was at first upset at Zuko for just leaving her here. But however it's only slightly understandable. Then a thought came back to Azula. Xerneus said at one point of her connection with Ursa. She kept that back in her mind as she listened.

"Anyway. There is one way you can accomplish both the main tasks at hand. This particular Foundation runs on a main core power source, which can be destroyed if given the chance..."

"But how do I know where it is?"

"...I have a plan."


Hours later, The experiment for her is now ready. However, since HoundDoom is now dead, Adjula had to take place. The green hound came at her cell door, with some assistance by the guards of course. Azula, oddly, was on the floor, laying there.

"Weird. Okay Azula, come on." Adjula grabbed her after she refused to move. Azula had a twisted smile on her face, her trademark use of an insane witch smile. Adjula still found it creepy but didn't question. Azula's eyes were wide open in a blank stare, which was still making it uncomfortable. Adjula got her to the main test chamber, glad to throw her in and rid of the face. Feral and Glaze looked on in.

"Ready Azula?!" Glaze asked, through the intercom. Azula didn't move, or remove the face.

"HELLO?! ANYONE IN THERE?!"...still nothing. Glaze simply shrugged in off and got the chamber ready. the doors opened up for the subject to enter.

"That's it. Just keep that open..." Azula thought. Then came in some large panther, unnamed of course. Azula didn't move as the giant feline loomed over the plan began.

The first thing that needed to happen was to deal with the test. Azula had a plan to deal with both. In her free hand, her fingers started to rub together more and more, starting friction. she kept doing this until she heard a zap and suddenly she jabbed her finger into the animal, immediately paralyzing it! the audience jumped when they heard the roar before the cat fell to the floor, killed. Azula then jumped to her feet, and before anyone can react, suddenly aimed and fired a lightning bolt at the crowd! of course, an explosion rang out. The cat's body was stiff, legs unmovable from a stiff stance. So she used it to jumped from the floor to the control room. Her insanity look had vanished into a proud looking smirk. Glaze, Feral and Adjula couldn't move, paralyzed too. Azula glanced at a reflection in the control pad, seeing Ursa again. without saying anything, she nodded and smiled. This is what she wanted done. Azula winked to her and walked on to the door, not before grabbing a set of keys off the control counter. The control room was destroyed, nothing worked.

"Plan worked Xerneus," Azula thought. Beginning to stroll on out. But right when the door opened...

"Where do you think you're going?"

Azula stood still as the very entity she wanted to avoid, Slenderman, entered the room! he examined the damage done. Azula shrugged and continued walking, apart of the plan given to her. of course, Slenderman charged at her, his tentacles bolting for her. All she did was smirk and gave one of the arms a zap. Slenderman was hurt, but not done.

"Don't bother stilt man, I know your secret," Azula said. Slenderman tried time and time again but each time was a nonchalant lightning shot at his tentacles. Slenderman quickly teleported after her. Before Azula can react, his large hands grabbed her from both sides, lifting her up, crushing the life out of her.

"You like that?!" Slenderman yelled. But then...

"Yeah. Thank you so much."


"My life has been very terrible. If you kill me now, I can finally be free...Do it. Finish me off!" Azula said, almost demanding. Slenderman immediately let go of her after that. He knew better than that if that was the case.

"Oh what am I gonna do with you?" Slenderman groaned. He had enough trouble as it is.

"What's the matter, Slendy? taking care of innocent mortals too complicated for you?" Azula mocked. This is basic suicide to any normal creature. Slenderman wanted to just kill her off, but after hearing her about being free that would help her, and he SERIOUSLY didn't want to help her.

"Boy. I sure hope he can't take me to the insane asylum. that wouldn't be good for anyone." Azula thought. Slenderman seemingly read her thoughts as he grabbed her, more of a carry then a strangle. Without a word, the boss of the foundation dragged Azula along to a different area of the foundation. Azula dealt with the dragging and took it all in stride as she kept an eye out. After about 20 minutes of dragging, Azula finally caught a glimpse.

The glimpse she was hoping to see was the source to the foundation and, while being dragged through to the asylum, she finally saw it far below them. It looked rather meek, yet shining. looking more like an atom then anything. Azula had found the source to everyone how to proceed?

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