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The crazy escape had effected everyone inside the SCP foundation. Not only had 7 subjects escaped, but also an important worker was killed. What's worse, the metal men guards had all been defeated during the escape. Slenderman, due to this, has demanded extra precautions to be taken throughout the foundation so it won't happen again. HoundDoom's body was actually thrown in the furnace, since they couldn't risk opening the outside door again for more SCP's to run out.

At one point Slenderman called down Dash in after the damage had been fixed, in a way.

"Dash? What's the damage?" Slenderman asked, not turning to her.

"Well two of our original SCP's had escaped during the frey. Only two outta the 8 of out metal men had survived without any internal or external damage," Dash explained. Slenderman sighed.

"Any other damages I should know about?"

"Well let's see...Smile Dog and Ghost did mention on a fix in SCP-P4's door, but other than that, nothing else to report," Dash concluded. Slenderman was silent at first, rather annoyed and a bit down.

"You can go now..." And so Dash did. Slenderman was all alone now, still starring at the wall. This hasn't happened before. He looked through the documents on the SCP tests made in there. He wasn't completely ticked that they escaped, it's just a shock to him, if anything. And besides, it wasn't the whole team...yet. He came across the document for 173, and read it over again and again. He kept reading the lines on it saying the abilities for it, and covered his face with his hand. "Why didn't I see this coming?" he groaned to himself, tossing the document aside. He just didn't understand. 682, the most dangerous one he knew couldn't escape. so how can 173 do it, and get 5 others with it?! Then he realized something.

He was informed that 7 had escaped. However most of the guards say they only saw 6 getting out. Who was the last one? He kept looking over the surveillance (they have many surveillance cameras to monitor the activity), the documents, etc. but couldn't find anything...well. Almost nothing. The only clue he got was a single frame before the surveillance camera disconnected as he saw the tapes. The frame showed some sort of four-legged figure before the disconnection. He looked through all the documents to compare but didn't have luck for an hour or two until he found one of the latest documents. There was one SCP named 23, also known as "Shuck", the only name he'll respond to. He hadn't been seen for a long time, since all experiments on him were canceled due to an escape attempt and breach ages ago. He still couldn't understand but his mind was interrupted by the duo Smile Dog and Ghost coming in.

"Excuse us, sir?" Smile Dog asked.

"What? I didn't tell you to come in," Slenderman groaned.

"I know you didn't but I just want to inform you about 682? Plague told us you already know about it?"

"You mean the food choice? Yes, I do. And yes it's fine. Not like anymore damage can be made now, might as well make it perfect." Slenderman didn't want to lose anymore test subjects like this, but he didn't care if just one was lost to 682's appetite. The duo walked out without saying a word and Slenderman was alone again. Slenderman, after 10 minutes of just standing and starring, found himself thinking back...way back...


"Slenderman! How dare you let loose such a monster!" a voice yelled at him. A large, lion-like animal, had discovered the cause of this unknown beast's release and narrowed it down to Slenderman.

"What's wrong with it? You wanted a creature, there you go!"

"Not a indestructible weapon, you idiot! Thanks to you, a whole world went under siege. Lucky for them I got rid of it! I've warned you time and time again that about this."

"But Ion, I-"

"No. No. I've told Arceus about this...and he has now revealed of duty," Slenderman was shocked.

"What?! you can't get rid of me! YOU NEED ME!!"

"I. just. did."

(end flashback)

Slenderman thought about it more and more as he thought about what happened. He made a silent vow... he will show them. He will win this time. His work will rule over them! This thought kept in mind as he walked out to continue his projects...

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