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Method in Madness

For both Team Avatar and Teen Titans, their life now is not going very well at all. In fact, now it was another turn for the dynamic duo in terms of testing.

In their cell, Mas Y Menos had kept trying and trying to get out but didn't have any luck what-so-ever. They did share their cell with Zuko though so at least they had someone else to talk to. Too bad Zuko can't tell what the heck their saying (Spanish isn't a language in his world). Zuko was mainly trying to calm down and try to think on how to escape but as far as he knew, he was lost. he can only hear Mas Y Menos talking to each other nearby.

"¿Qué quieres decir con que no puedes?! Nos topamos con un montón de chicos malos antes, por qué usted que ser diferente?" Mas said in anger.

"Ya te lo dije, nosotros no tenemos idea de lo que el hombre zancos es, no podemos hacer nada sin los otros modos," Menos replied.

"Pero, hermano, no podemos dejar que se nos haga esto!"

"Bueno, bueno. Sólo relájate, relájate."

"¿Cómo puedo relajarme si fuese prisionero aquí?"

"No te preocupes. Vamos a salir, sólo tiene que esperar hasta el mudo y más mudo abrir esa puerta y lo que podamos el scat. ¿Verdad?"

"... bien ..."

It's too bad Zuko can't understand them for anything, and what a rough way for him to get used to. Only thing he can get is that they agreed on something but what exactly?

"Oh boy. What are you saying?" He asked on a whim. Zuko glanced out from their cell to the hallway and got a shock when he saw an odd face looking into their cell for no apparent reason. the face looked very weird, four eyes, side split mouth. However, it just never looked alive really. One blink by Zuko and it was gone, outta sight anyway. A minute later they all heard footsteps coming from outside towards their cell door. Mas Y Menos got ready, like they were starting a race.

"Okay. Mas? Menos? Your turn for-" The thing talking was HoundDoom. Before he could finish, suddenly Mas Y Menos took off, far too fast for HoundDoom to catch them. Zuko now got the idea what is happening. They are escaping.

Taking the opportunity, he quickly blasted HoundDoom with a fire punch and fallowed the Spanish duo (or tried to). HoundDoom was phased but not hurt, and quickly gave chase. Zuko obviously wasn't as fast as Mas Y Menos were and HoundDoom was catching up fast. Mas Y Menos saw their friend far behind and quickly turned around. Before anything can happened though, Mas Y Menos suddenly ran into something, both falling to the floor. HoundDoom and Zuko both saw some odd peanut shaped statue just appear out of nowhere. Zuko didn't know what it was but HoundDoom grew aggressive immediately.

"173?! What the heck are you-" Before HoundDoom can finish, he blinked, and suddenly the statue, now known as 173, turned around to reveal its face. The same four eyed, split mouth look. This time it suddenly held a sign, held up by leaning on its stubby arms saying "Sight-seeing".

"Nonsense! You go right back to your cell, and you three do the same or ill kill you all now!" HoundDoom blinked again and this time 173 was holding a sign saying "It's damp in my cell."

"Nobody cares what you think!" HoundDoom, keeping his eyes open, blasted his ice breath (used to be fire breath) at the statue, coating it in ice. HoundDoom quickly did the same to Mas Y Menos before they can run again.

"Too slow." HoundDoom said as the hound got closer. He made sure Zuko didn't try anything by pinning him down next to the duo.

"¡Déjennos salir!" Menos yelled.

"Sí, vamos a ir perro tonto!" Added Mas. HoundDoom didn't understand them any better than Zuko did, so he didn't reply. Instead he sank his teeth into Zuko's neck. Zuko tried getting free but couldn't get free from the demon's cold fangs. Menos however heard a crack behind him. he turned and saw 173 still in his icy tomb. But a cracked message read "Keep Blinking." Menos, unsure of what else to do, kept blinking time and time again. However, the cracking sound grew more and more until suddenly a crash was heard. Only Menos was watching as another blink showed 173 not only out of his prison, but also by a lever from the wall. Menos blinked, and suddenly everything went black. The lever turned off the power to their location! Mas Y Menos felt themselves being freed, and a scream being heard...and a neck being cracked...The light suddenly came back on again and the evidence was easily seen. Zuko was on his feet. Mas Y Menos were free, and as for HoundDoom...well it was obvious who got their neck cracked, as HoundDoom was now dead. 173 stood not too far away, holding yet another sign saying simply "One down."

"What? killed HoundDoom." Zuko thought However another sign suddenly appeared after a blink saying "I won't hurt you." Zuko, Mas Y Menos are getting the idea. This statue 173 can only move, or do anything, if not being watched. Zuko decided to test it.

"Why did you do it?" Zuko asked. They blinked for a second and the sign now said, "I don't like him." Before anything can continue, suddenly the alarms were finally turned on as it rang out. 173 now had a sign change, but this time it showed an equation. An exit sign = the SCP logo.

"Thank you." Zuko said.

"Gracias," said Mas Y Menos. After a quick blink, the sign said, "no problem. Now hurry." And that's exactly what they did.


Mas Y Menos, keeping Zuko nearby, started looking around. However it didn't take very long before the other workers started to notice. Different crazy workers tried getting them but Zuko's fire bending kept them at bay as they tried finding the exit. They didn't know where the others were but they decided that they have to get out before they can get everyone else. Too many people at one time will be completely disastrous.

"Stop! Get back here!" The guards would call, but of course they didn't listen. They kept trying to find the exit.

"Man, where is it?!" Zuko thought, pressured as the guards kept gaining. They kept rushing corners here and there until suddenly they were trapped! they ended up stuck in a very large room, in their crazy attempt to escape.

"¡Ahí está! Se va a hacer!" Mas Y Menos suddenly shouted. Zuko saw that there was the large door where they came in, with the same logo in front. But before Mas Y Menos can reach, suddenly something huge landed in front of them, knocking them back. Mas Y Menos were split apart, thus their power of sonic speed stopped working. The metal man fallowing them quickly got their blades and kept them apart as Zuko kept fighting with his fire bending. Zuko managed to melt 5 of the men before he was pinned down himself. The metal man pinning him down readied his blade, raising it high in the air. Zuko braced for the impact when...

"Leave my friend alone!!!"

With that yell, the same Metal Man pinning Zuko suddenly had its bladed arm exploded off with one starbolt! Zuko knew immediately who that was. The two other metal man pinning Mas Y Menos suddenly had their muscles stun by some well placed chi-blocking.

"Ty Lee? Starfire? How did you get out?!" Before Zuko can get an answer, they all saw more guards rushing for them from the other door leading inside when suddenly the door slammed shut right in front of their faces. They all looked around and saw the same 173 statue standing by a control box, with a sign showing " ;) "

"The special statue had managed to help us out from our prison," Starfire said after the mayhem.

"Now perhaps we should get outta here while we still can. We'll figure out how to get the others out later." Ty added in. Suddenly though 173 popped up behind them (since no one was looking) and had a sign saying "May I come with you?"

"Sí, por supuesto!" Mas Y Menos said in a happy voice. again, none of them knew what that meant and 173 had his next sign as " ??? ". Zuko can slightly understand what they meant and he said, "yes, you can come along. Just promise to not try to kill us," Zuko said, referring to him killing HoundDoom. 173 held a sign showing " :D ". They all seemingly knew that he can't move on its own so Starfire, being the strongest, lifted up the statue with ease and they all ran out as fast as they could before anyone of the guards can get in. As they left though, something else also had ideas with this escape party. It managed to get out and it trailed them on their way...

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