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It had been awhile now, a few days at most, yet it seemed like forever. Back in her cell, Toph was still trying her best to conjure up her ultimate form, yet didn't have any luck. Toube and P4 didn't bother her throughout each day she did this, hoping she'll be able to summon it. Toube already explained as best he could, how these forms work (though he hardly understood himself). Toph stopped her try again and sighed sadly. now can they speak.

"I don't get it. Why isn't it coming back?" Toph asked. But it wasn't to anyone in particular. She didn't exactly want an answer really. Toube walked to her side and laid down next to her. He didn't feel any better about the situation. However, just down the hall from their cell, Smile dog and Ghost both were going down to get her. Since they spoke with 682, the duo were busy at work and now all they need is the earthbender for the testing. They still were confused that he would want a stocky rough Toph instead of someone big and plump, like Smellerbee or something. But the last thing needed is argument with an animal that is lucky to let them go each time they met.

"You sure about this? Slenderman won't exactly be happy if he finds out," Ghost said, rather worried.

"I know that but 682 will go berserk if he doesn't get his food. Even Slenderman doesn't want that, now come on. I just hope the big lion croc is patient." Smile Dog sighed as they stopped at Toph's cell. the door opened up and they both walked into the three inside. P4 turned away as Toube got up from his place.

"Okay Beifong, you're next," Smile Dog said. Toph may not earthbend in here, but she can still hear super well, and has overheard what they had said from outside.

"What kind of test is it when I get killed?"

"You're not getting killed Toph, now-"

"Liar," Toph simply said. Her lie detection skills work too. Smile Dog groaned as Ghost grabbed her arm. Toube tried to gnaw it off but it was no use. P4, being here longer than the others, didn't even try. Toph was forced out as the door closed, Toube running head first into it. the hit was so forceful that a huge dent was made into the door. the duo was speechless and wide eyed for a second or two. But in the end they ignored the fact and went on their way, dragging Toph behind them.


Toph was being dragged straight to a different room, not having much choice. This room wasn't the usual testing chamber that is usually used. Instead it was rather small, a chair in the middle of it. There was an odd device nearby, someone still working on it. Only the feet were showing as final adjustment were made. Smile dog walked over and pulled out the worker.

"Penelope? Is the mech ready yet?" Smile Dog asked. Penelope was made into joining by Azula (whom was Harlem at the time), and now worked as the group's mechanic.

"Just about got it. Just let me get this last bit," she said. She was laying on a roller and got back under it, adding the last but as Toph was strapped down in the chair.

"What are you doing to me?" Toph demanded.

"You'll find out in a second. (turns to Penelope) Ready yet?" Ghost asked.

"Done. (gets out of the way) So what else is there needed?"

"Just check with the boss, maybe he'll have something." Penelope did just that and went out. At that moment Plague was standing there and Penelope bolted past him. Plague was that odd beaked robed wearing person whom got Titans East with his device, and he came down to see what's going on.

"Hi Plague. How's it going?" Ghost asked. Plague isn't as enthusiastic as they are though.

"What are you two doing?" Plague asked, looking at the device and Toph strapped in her chair. Ghost and Smile Dog looked at each other.

"We're busy," Smile Dog simply said.


"It's not important."

"Then I suppose you won't mind telling me why Toph is strapped to a chair?" Toph would normally talk but as she was strapped in, Ghost added in duct tape over her mouth so she wouldn't speak. Ghost said simply "Just another test." Plague examined the machine at its odd features. It looked like a large metal tank, a hose sticking outta the top of it. Some knobs were set on the side of it for the amount of flow.

"A force feeder?...did you talk to 682 yet?"

"Uh...yeah why?" Smile Dog asked, obviously confused.

"So let me guess. You two went to talk to 682. Instead of the usual cow he gets, he asked for one of our newest test subjects, in this case, Toph Beifong. Realizing she's far to thin for 682's appetite, you made this device in order to fatten her up, so 682 will be pleased. Is that it?"

Smile Dog and Ghost had their mouths agape, he was on the nose with every detail. Toph too was shocked and wasn't interested in becoming their stuffed turkey.

"...please don't tell Slenderman..."

"Don't worry, he already knows. He doesn't mind this sorta thing, there's plenty more subjects. Besides, we can't have anymore berserk incidents with that a matter of fact, I actually have something that might help you." Plague then pulled out an odd drink from his pocket. The duo looked confused as Toph tried like mad to get free. Smile Dog and Ghost weren't sure what that stuff is but they didn't bug Plague as he poured the odd substances inside the machine, which was already filled with an odd looking substance, like a shake. Plague stood aside to let them both get at the knobs.

"Uh...thanks?" Smile Dog said. He and Ghost got to the machine and worked the knob so it would start. Ghost ripped off the duct tape and shoved the hose down Toph's throat before she could scream. Toph just sat their as she felt something go through the hose down her throat. She couldn't stop the flow herself, since it kinda past her throat. She could feel it in her stomach.

"So Plague? What exactly did you put in the machine?" Smile Dog asked as it continued.

"Just a formula I made in my spare time. I tested it on the cows in one of our test chambers and grew twice in weight after 24 hours. Of course, it had to mix with a food item first. In this case, you shake in the mech," Plague explained.

Toph can feel both the formula and shake making her grow bit by bit, time went slow as each minute seemed to add another pound to her frame. 10, 20, 30 minutes past and she continued. Ghost saw the extreme strain on her face and decided it'll be a good time to turn it off, fearing that she'll explode any second.

"I think she's good for now." Ghost said. The machine stopped and he pulled out the hose from her throat. Toph looked very uncomfortable, as she looked pregnant already, 2 months in. Toph didn't have anything to say. Whatever will happen will happen.

"So did the formula work?"

"It will. It doesn't work until later on. For right now, she can just go back to her cell with her friends." Smile Dog and Ghost did just that. Toph could only wonder now what will happen to her as she was dragged out of the room.

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