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Musical Trauma
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January 2, 2014

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Beast Boy was sitting alone in his cell. All cold and dry, hard to get comfortable. He tried all of his forms, at least once, but none of them worked. One point though, the all too familiar shape to the team opened his door. HoundDoom. He isn't used to his blue skin and icy feel yet.

"Yo, Beast Boy! Your turn in the test chamber!...Beast Boy?! Where are ya?!" HoundDoom couldn't find BB anywhere. This got him worried.

"Beast Boy!!!" HoundDoom yelled. He suddenly heard some potter patter of rat feet. A quick stomp and he caught the BB as a mouse. Beast Boy quickly changed back, rubbing his head in pain.

"Okay okay you got me."

"Right. Now can you come on, this'll be quick." BB didn't have a choice.


He was taken by HoundDoom to a seemingly familiar room. Beast Boy was forced in with a good HoundDoom horn ram. The room was just as large and completely dry metal as his cell was. In the control room, Feral, Glaze and Adjula were there again as HoundDoom got to the intercom.

"Comfy BB?"

"Quit calling me that! Only my friends call me that!" Beast Boy snapped. HoundDoom took no notice.

"Whatever string bean. Just sit there, all I ask that you lend me your ear and listen to some tunes."

"Tunes?" BB asked.

"Tunes?" The others from the control room asked.

"That's right. Now give me a second. Glaze? Mind if you clip his feet together?"

"But why? How is-"

"Just do it pony." Glaze did, but felt completely interrupted. HoundDoom went back to the intercom.

"Okay Beast Boy. You don't change into any other animal got it? It wouldn't matter anyway. (turns to Adjula) Hey Adjula? You don't mind checking in on those two dynamics do you?"

"Smile Dog and Ghost? They are feeding 682 right now, I don't think that's a good idea."

As they were talking, Beast Boy was still just standing there in the middle of the room. His feet clamped together still. He can only imagine what kind of "tune" HoundDoom was talking about. All he knew is that it's anything but good but it's music. How's music dangerous? He practically listens to a boom box next to his head anyway. With the SCP's tests, he can just imagine. He suddenly heard the walls next to him open up as two suction cups shot out, planting themselves onto BB's head, covering his ears. He felt them and of course, couldn't pull them off. At first he thought they were just gonna split his head open, yet he couldn't hear anything going on so he doesn't know for sure. Suddenly though, the music began playing. First a tune began in one ear but a different one played in another. Two beats in one headset implanted to his head. BB isn't really buying it, nor getting it.

"Hey! This part of the test?!" Beast Boy asked. He didn't see any harm, and nether did the audience. HoundDoom knew though, and watched with a dirt-eating grin on his face.

"Uh HoundDoom? What is this supposed to test?" Feral asked.

"Just watch."

Beast Boy kept listening to the odd tune until he began getting a headache. The odd thing is that it got worse and worse to the point where it felt like a knife stabbing in his head! HoundDoom removed his feet shackles so he can fall to the floor, his hands gripping his head in agony. His screams filled the room soon enough as he desperately tried to yank the plugs out, turning into different powerful animals to do so. None of them worked of course but it was extremely painful. He couldn't see straight, he couldn't even get up, it was so bad. The control room audience didn't know what to think. 10 minutes straight this continued until suddenly the music stopped. And Beast Boy was still just laying there on the floor, his hands no longer gripping his head as the headphones removed themselves from his head. HoundDoom gave his own ratings on the matter.

"There. BB is done for now. Bring him back," HoundDoom said. And so they did. It still wasn't clear what happened, at least to the audience, but Beast Boy already got the feeling that he will never want to do it again as he was dragged out.

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