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July 6, 2013

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Leo and Alex can't exactly grasp what happened. First thing they knew the police circled them...Next minute they fell down some hole into...where did they fall into?

Leo woke up first and Alex followed afterwards. They found themselves in some wooden cabin or something. It wasn't mended very well but it was comfy for them, since they usually had to sleep on the ground anyway. They both got up but it was Alex whom walked out first. His eyes shot open as to what he saw.

he saw a couple of medium-sized tents, banners, and even two towers just to his left. All of it underground, with light coming in from three windows above them.

"Whoa...Hey Bro! Come look at this!" Alex called. Leo went on out and saw the same thing, getting the same reaction.

"Incredible...where do you think we are?" Leo asked.

"I don't know...maybe its one of those underground shopping places or something."

"Don't think so. You'd expect more people here. Maybe were-" Before Leo can finish, suddenly they both were hit with a strong water blast! fallowed by hearing a laughter fill out their ears.

"-And I didn't expect a bath today- HEY! Who's the smart-alec?!" Alex snapped. They both looked at the roof of the cabin and saw a young kid laughing his head off, rolling on his back. Alex thought of hitting the kid with a few rocks but Leo immediately stopped him.

"Excuse me? Who are you exactly?" Leo asked. The kid needed to take some time to calm down.

"I'm sorry. First I'll get the water," he said, water-bending the water off them till their both was dry.

"Thanks kid...I guess."

"No prob man. The name's Whiplash. What's yours?"

"Uh...I'm Leo. This is my twin brother Alex. You know how we get outta here?"

"Sure. But I don't think that's a good idea. Since your little stunt last night, the cops are swarming up there. (jumps down to them) And besides, the rest of the gang wants to meet cha." Whiplash said.

"The Gang?"

"There around somewhere. Just a sec." After saying that, Whiplash raced off to go look for them. Meanwhile, Leo and Alex are looking around. They still find it rough to believe of how much work is done into making this. Alex starts walking on ahead to where he believes the exit is.

"Where you going?" Leo asked.

"Simple. This guy's going out. See ya later." Alex continued on walking but Leo got a bit spooked for some reason, and Alex can see it when he started walking backwards.

"Come on, Bro! I'm not getting any younger here-" before he can finish his sentence, his back suddenly hit something on his back. One glance around his shoulder immediately send him bolting back to Leo. What they both were looking at was a giant Badger-mole! Full size, no fear of either of them! Leo got out a flame and readied it when...

"Wait! Don't hurt Stone!"

Suddenly another person, a girl this time, in Fire Nation clothing, raced in and blocked them both from attacking the giant badger-mole.

"You...know this badger-mole?"

"Of course I do! He's my pet, and I don't want him hurt!"

"THAT THING'S YOUR PET!?!?" Leo and Alex asked, shocked. The girl nodded yes as Stone licked her like a dog would.

"He's sorry for scaring you. Stone usually has that effect on newcomers."

"Uh...yeah...well anyway we need to get going. Come on, Alex- Alex?" Leo found Alex looking up at the badger-mole, hearing that they are natures first earth benders. He'd never thought of meeting one for real, especially in Republic City. While this was happening, the rest of the gang came around.

"I guess this is that gang Whiplash told us about?"

"You know about Whiplash?" The girl asked.

"Yeah, he soaked us when we woke up," Leo said. The gang glared at Whiplash, who chuckled nervously.

"And what are you named?"

"I'm Leo, and that's my twin brother Alex. Who are you guys?"

"The names Torch, leader of the gang. I'm sure you've met Whiplash already. The badger-mole is Stone and she's Serra. We do have two more members but they're out right now," Torch said.

"Why do they call you Torch?" Alex asked. Oddly, his group stepped back as suddenly he covered his whole body in flames! He remained like that for a while and put himself out, unharmed.

"That answer your question?" Torch asked. They both just nodded.

"Uh...thanks for that, but we really have to go." Alex said.

"But you can't go yet, the cops are storming up there! Plus this strange group is running around and they seem to be looking for you!"

"The Koi" Leo thought. After some thinking he said, "Alright. We'll stick around for a day or two, but we can't stay here. We're trying to find a home without that 'group' around."

"Sounds good to me. Come on, we'll show you around." Serra said. Leo and Alex weren't planning on staying by all means, but from the sound of things, they're just better off here. Especially now with both the Koi AND the cops looking for them.

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