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Virizion guided both teams off to another well known area of the Core. After passing through the main lobby, they came into what appeared to be like a lounge. Similar to the lobby in the TitanTower.

"Okay, here is the relaxers' area. If you ever get stressed out or just want some time alone, you can come here to calm down," Virizion said.

"It looks just like home," Raven said, looking around.

"We try to bring home comfort. Now you can wait here until Zuko arrives, I have work to do. See ya later," Virizion said, and left for her work.

For the time being, the teams decided to catch on up with each other, not seeing each other in months since the Slenderman incident.

"So how is it going back in Jump City?" Aang asked.

"It's going rather well. Just usual hero business," Robin replied.

"And what about the other teams? You know, HIVE 5, Titans East, those guys?"

"They're normal now. Titans East is actually watching over Jump City while were away. And as for the HIVE 5?...Well they didn't change, still criminals."

"They were criminals?"

"Yeah, thieves mostly. But I'm sure the Titans East can handle it while were away," Robin assured.

"Wish we had someone to take care of things while were away," Sokka pouted.

"It's not that bad. Besides, who can take the Avatar's place anyway?" Katara said.

"I am curious about this 'Avatar'. Tell me, how important is this Avatar in your world?" Starfire asked, curious.

"Very important actually. You see back home, I'm considered a bridge between the humans and spirits. Rather important back home," Aang explained.

"A bridge between spirits and humans? That mean you talk to ghosts?"

"Something like that."

"Interesting. So Toph, how's it going for you?" Terra asked. Toph reclined and relaxed on her seat.

"Pretty good. My school's been rather sky in students though so that's a bother."

"You're teaching?"

"Sure. I am the best earthbender back home, might as well give some pointers to those who'd listen. Speaking of which, have my tips helped you out?"

"Totally! The sensing part especially helped us out."

"Oh? So you can sense with your feet now?"

"I'll prove it," Terra said, getting up. She took a few steps to an opening and took off her shoes, now in bare feet. She concentrated calmly and stomped her foot on the ground, sensing the vibrations it made. Toph can easily sense it and was impressed, but Terra and Toph both got someone else coming their way.

"Hey, guys? We got company," Terra said, seconds before that someone walked over to them. As it turns out, Marage kept true to his word and now Zuko was here with them.

"Friend Zuko! It is great to see you!" Starfire beamed, hugging him hard.

"Nice to see you too...can't breathe," Zuko managed to say as he was dropped, catching his breath.

"It's nice to see you're here, Zuko," Katara said.

"Yeah. But I'm not the only one exactly." Before he can say why, two other figures came in. They're both pretty small as each went for Starfire and Aang...Momo and Silkie were also here.

"Hi, Buddy," Aang said, petting the bat lemur on his head, as Silkie was picked up by Starfire.

"Hello, my little Silkie. You just wanted to stay with Mommy did you?" Starfire said, close to baby talk. Silkie rubbed her with a smile on his face.

"These two followed me through the portal I assume...but where exactly are we?" The group explained to Zuko what the deal was, about the reward they got and where they were. Zuko was impressed when the reward was said, about creating their new world and all.

"So that's it? It sure is an honor."

"Yes it is. Imagine our own world, created by us to our own design! Oh I'm so excited!" Starfire beamed.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Zuko's here, now let's go!" Beast Boy said in excitement. Before they can run off though, another figure came to see them. He was mostly recognized by Katara. A medium-sized beagle like dog.

"Kon'nichiwa. It's good to see you again."

"Again? Do I know you?" Beast Boy asked.

"Right. You found me mot mahvan back at the foundation."

"'Mot mahvan'?" None of them knew what that meant, except for Starfire, who knew a few languages herself.

"That means, 'close to death'. Are you bilingual, Mr...?"

"Lezu. Spirit Council Translator. I'm more than bilingual. I have a unique ability known as polygoltism. I know multiple languages from the back of my head."

"That's interesting. How many languages do you know?" Zuko asked.

"Hm...34 Linguis at last count. French, English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese. That's just a few," Lezu said.

"It sure sounds like you're better though.," Katara said, checking him with her waterbending.

"Yes. And gracias for your healing. I didn't think a human with Aquakinisis would know that much in healing."

"It's the least I can do. One thing I can't stand is to see someone suffer," Katara said. Lezu nodded as Starfire got his attention with her flying.

"So, Starfire isn't it? By the sound of it you know a few languages yourself?" Lezu asked.

"A few, yes. I can prove it too."

"Let's put that to the test shall we?" Lezu was interested with this translator and wanted to see what she can do. he cleared his throat and got ready.

"Try this...Yuánlái péngyǒu de dírén, shì péngyǒu dàodǐ."

Starfire thought for a second or two and said, "An enemy turned a friend to the end." Zuko and Katara were reminded unintentionally from that of their own experiences back home.

"Good job Star! That's muy buena. Try this now...Deux mondes reliés par une âme'."

"Hm...two worlds connected by one soul." This is obviously connected to both teams being apart of the same friendship they all share with each other.

"Wow you're for the big one. Valmis?" Starfire nodded as Lezu prepared himself for the big one.

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit Avatar et LUCTUS Titan. Et liberasti me de re gratias fundamentum. Si no fuera por ti, yo probablemente no estaría aquí ahora, y todavía estar con la Slenderman. Vy vse zamechatel'nyye lyudi , i ochen' unikal'nyy v svoyem sobstvennom prave. YA gorzhus' znat' takiye udivitel'nyye lyudi..." Lezu said. He used three languages for three sentences, yet Starfire felt touched and had to translate it to the others.

"Team Avatar and Teen titans. I really want to thank you for saving me back at the foundation. If it wasn't for you, I'd probably wouldn't be here now, and still be with the Slenderman. You all are great people, and very unique in your own right. I feel proud to know such amazing what he said."

Lezu didn't know what to say. She got every single word precisely. They all are happy to hear that from him, even though it had to be translated. after that, Beast Boy walked to the door.

"Thank you for that speech, Lezu, yet we were about to go start on making our own world when you showed up."

"Eh? Xerneus gave you the privilege? Well bien alors, you head on your way." Both teams did go off but he stopped Starfire before she went off.

"Anata no sugureta hon'yaku sutāfaia."

"Anata Lezu ni kansha." With that they both left to start on their new world.

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