Midnight in Ba Sing Se
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Avatar: New Universe II





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July 9, 2013

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Titans East

That same night, Ba Sing Se was now calmer and the team was getting better. Katara and Aang were happy especially, now married. Toph, hanging by The Duke, Ty Lee (whom decided to stay with Suki) and Toube eating, still didn't like all the lovey-dovey going on but she's just gonna have to get used to it. KataraXAang and SokkaXSuki in the same house... at least the love circles isn't as big as when she met the teen titans, adding 3 more couples to the mix.

"You sure I should get used to this Toube?" Toph asked at one point.

"Come on, Toph, it's natures way. Everyone, at least once-"

"Falls in that pool of love, I know, but seriously, this is all much dont'chu think?"

As their discussion went on, down the road, the Freedom Fighters were on their patrol. During the last time Team Avatar was gone, Smellerbee decided to become the guards to the king (or to some famous person in Ba Sing Se anyway).

Right now she, Pipsqueak and Longshot were on their patrol as The Duke was told to stay with Team Avatar for the time being.

"Hey Smellerbee? You think it was right for the duke to stay behind?" Pipsqueak asked.

"I'm sure of it. He'll be fine, he's safe now. Now just look around for anything suspicious." Smellerbee said. But as they were walking...suspicion literally landed in front of them!

A few feet away, someone literally was thrown from an alleyway, his neck cut. He was only in a pair of shorts so his injuries were clearly visible. His skin was dark and he had black hair. Longshot quickly aimed his arrow towards the alley.

" okay?" Smellerbee asked the boy. The kid didn't react at first...but then. The kid showed his teeth and deep red eyes...


The freedom were caught in a deadly ambush! Longshot saw it first and tried to shoot but his arrow was disintegrated before he even got ready...then a monster jumped right for them!


The sudden loud noise got the teams attention fast. They all raced down to see what happened...and came across a horrifying sight.

There they were. Smellerbee. Longshot. Even Pipsqueak, all deeply wounded, bleeding badly and pinned down by the strangest creatures they had ever seen! These creatures all look like strange grey humans that had hooked blades for hands and each were aimed at their heads, spine, or neck for an instant kill if they don't comply. The Duke, to their horror, took a step forward.

"STAY BACK DUKE! PLEASE!" Smellerbee screamed, but that resulted in her getting a blade to her shoulder! The Duke got scared.

"HEY! Let them go!" Sokka demanded, aiming his sword at them. One of the bladed men, a teenaged one-blade, stepped forth to fight him. He aimed his bladed left arm to him and was about to attack when...


They all stopped but in that second, suddenly a bright flash occurred, blinding them for a that second, Toph was gone!

"TOPH!!" Toube screeched. When they all looked though...they saw Toph...Wrapped by a ghost!

The ghost's tail wrapped around her completely, Toph unable to escape. That's not the worst part though. When Aang tried to use ANY bending on didn't work! He can't bend!

"What the?...WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Aang yelled, meanwhile Toph and Katara seeing the result too...then...

"I made you dumb humans normal like it SHOULD be!"

Next thing they knew, a new character, a smiling demon dog, suddenly appeared. The Duke recognized the eyes from the fireworks event...the same eyes from him and the ghost are the spies!

"Okay Ghost. Let her through, she's no longer a threat." Smile Dog said. Ghost, to the shock of everyone, opened up a portal!

"NO YOU DON'T!!" Toube quickly grabbed Toph and tried to yank her away, but it's not working...and was pulled into the portal too!

"TOPH! NO!" Aang blindly tried to run to get them but the bladed mutant blocked him with a blade aimed to his throat. The purple ghost then opened up another, closing the one Toph and Toube fell through.

"This is your drop off. Bye-bye BAKA!" Smile dog yelled, throwing Aang inside. He turned to the others and did the same thing...and soon only The Duke and Ty Lee was left.

"Send the witch too."

"We've tried but we can't get her! She's too fast!" One of the men said.

"What?! Argh! Leave it to the dog to handle a man's job." Smile Dog charged towards Ty Lee but as soon as it did, he was quickly hit back...suddenly losing all feeling in his leg.

"AH! MY LEG!" Smile Dog screeched, not believing it himself.

"Smile dog! You okay?!"

"NO I'M NOT okay!! MY LEG'S JUST BEEN KILLED the heck did she do?" Smile Dog and Ghost could only watch as Ty Lee collapsed the other men just as quickly.

"Aargh...ghost! A little hand here?!" Ghost asked.

"With pleasure. PREPARE YOURSELF TY!" the ghost went for her, and wrapped around her immediately. The Duke tried sneaking off but the boy the Freedom Fighters found pinned him down. Oddly he stayed on his hands and knees.

"Okay. Ghost, take that "weapon" through, and take Dukie the midget to our foundation with the lightning witch and well figure out what to do." Smile dog decided.

"I can understand Ty Lee but why the kid?"

"He saw us first for starters (turns to the duke and gives him his signature smile) and second...he can make a good guinea pig for the tests. Let's go!" Smile Dog said.

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