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August 2, 2013

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~~The attacker's cave~~

The Gaang sat by the unconscious body of the boy and Katara started to ask Aang questions about Hokai. "So, from where do you know him?" Said Katara. "Hokai, Hokai, how is this possible?" Aang just looked at him, not knowing what to say, what to do and what to feel.

"Aang, is everything alright?" Said Katara.

Suddenly the boy started to move and then they knew, that he finally came to himself. "Where am I? Why is there a blindfold on my face? Who are you people?" Said the delusional and confused boy.

"Hokai, don't you recognize my voice?" Said Aang, in a slow and gentle way.

"Aang, is that you?" Said Hokai surprised.

"Here, wait a minute, I'll take of that blindfold," said Aang and removed the blindfold from the boys face, looking at the eyes of his old friend.

"Aang, it is you, but how is that possible, how are you still alive and who are these people?" Asked Hokai.

"Actually WE were wondering the same thing. How come that you're still alive, it's been hundred years since the Air Nomad Genocide. How did you survive?" Said Aang.

"Wait a minute, could someone tell me who this is?" Said Sokka in a wondering voice.

"This is Hokai, my best friend from the times I still lived in the Southern Air Temple. He was the only one who accepted me as a friend even after he learned that I was the Avatar. We played, meditated and trained together each day, until I left," said an evermore happy Aang, realising, that he finally isn't the only Airbender in the world anymore.

"That's great and all, but that doesn't explain how he got here and how come that he still looks like he's twelve years old," said Katara, who still couldn't believe what happened.

"I actually have to thank you for that, Aang. Remember, when you thought me the Air Chill move. That move saved my life," said Hokai.

"Please explain a little more," said Sokka, still not knowing what to think about the situation.

"Well, two weeks after Aang left the temple the Fire Nation attacked. They destroyed and burned everything in their way, killing anyone they saw. The Monks fought valuably, but they were outnumbered ten to one. I hid in a cellar with my staff and saw a window. I went through the window and just flew from the temple as fast as I could. When I looked back, I saw the whole temple burning. I was ashamed that I didn't do anything. I flew for days, until I finally saw land. But when I landed I realised, that I didn't land on land, but on ice. I walked and flew for days but there were no signs of civilization. One time, I even had to evade Fire Nation soldiers, the first of the Southern raiders. And that's when it happened. While the Fire Nation soldiers were following me a huge storm was brewing up. It was hopeless. There were just too many of them. I hid in a cave and just shivered in fear. Then I knew, what I had to do. I used the Air chill move, that you thought me and froze the air so much, that the water in the air and near me turned into ice and I was trapped in ice for a hundred years," said Hokai.

"So you survived like me. You froze yourself in ice," said Aang.

"Well, there were problems. You got out because you knew how to waterbend and you could free yourself from that icy prison." Replied Hokai.

"Yes and no. Mostly Katara freed me by Waterbending, but I helped at the end a bit," said Aang.

"Well, I can say, that you got lucky. No one was there for me, when I was frozen. But even I had some luck. This Summer was so hot, that almost all of the ice surrounding me melted and I could go free. When I came out I saw a smoke in the horizon. I grabbed my flying staff, but it was still frozen, so I had to walk towards the smoke. When I came closer I saw members of the Southern Water Tribe destroying a Fire Nation ship, so I went there and introduced myself. They greeted me with all their respects. When I asked them, who and where is the Avatar, so that I could teach him or her Airbending they started to tear up. They said, that the Avatar has just died," said Hokai.

"Ohhhh, so you've must have been in the Water Tribe village just a few days after you got hurt in Ba Sing Se Aang," said Katara. "At that point the entire world thought that the Avatar was dead.

"Yes, exactly. When I heard that, I knew, that I only had one thing left to do. Stay alive so long, that I could teach the new Avatar Airbending and to get revenge on the Fire Nation. So Aang, I knew that you survived for a hundred years, but I thought the you've just died, a week ago. You can't imagine, how devastated I was. My best friend was dead, then alive and then dead again, one week after I unfroze." Says Hokai, as he slowly starts to cry.

"There, there, it's all right now." Says Katara as she hugs Hokai. "You're with friends now." "It will all be alright."

"So, please tell us what you did then. I'm dying to know." Says Sokka, waiting to hear the interesting story.

"Well, after I heard about Aang dying, I knew that it was up to me to avenge my people. I stayed in the village for a few weeks, training and getting stronger. All of the villagers were so nice to me, but the food was awful. All I ate was bread. Not that they didn't give me anything, but all they ate was Fish Proon soup. No offense Sokka and Katara but that was disgusting.

"Mhhhhhhh, Fish Proon soup," said Sokka as he drooled as he thought about the soup.

"Please forgive my brother, he thinks only about food," said Katara.

"That's all right. Now, where was I. ... Oh yes, of course. After a few weeks training I headed off. The first thing I did, when I came into the Earth Kingdom was eating a Egg Custard tart and it was delicious," said Hokai.

"Mhhhhh... Egg Custard Tart," said Aang, as he drooled and thought about food.

"Well, forgive me for my friend. He has the same habits as my brother," said Katara.

"Heh, again, it's all right. Now as I was saying before I was interrupted. After I ate I travelled the whole Earth Kingdom, until I came to the Eastern border with the Fire Nation. The Earth Kingdom largest cities were under Fire Nation occupation. Then I reached Hon-Shui-He. A small village just at the edge on the coast but under Fire Nation control. I boarded a Fire Nation transport ship and hid myself down in the ship. When we were at sea I got out and started to get rid of the crew, one by one. Of course, I didn't kill them, because I am a pacifist but I threw them on a lifeboat and send them far away, using my Airbending skills. Then I found a smaller ship, I think it was a landing craft and put the torpedoes on. Afterwards I send a torpedo into the transport ship, using my Airbending skills. Then I drove the ship unseen to the harbour, which was easy because most of the soldiers stationed here are recruits of the Domestic Forces and started my attacks on the boats. During the night I attack the ships and during the day I walk amongst other Fire Nation people. And that's it," said Hokai.

"But why do you keep attacking ships if the Fire Nation surrendered," said Aang.

"I bet he hasn't heard about the capitulation. It's forbidden in the Army to talk about such things, Zuko told me that," said Sokka.

"So, the war is over?" said Hokai.

"Yup, but you really need to STOP blowing up these ships. The Fire Nation is on the eve of Civil war, and these soldiers are the good guys," said Aang. "Come, come with us to the Royal Palace. We need to talk about so many things. I'm so thrilled on not being the only Airbender around anymore. And I'm so thrilled on having you in Team Avatar," said Aang

"Really, I get to be on Team Avatar? Okay, let's go, I just have to get changed."

Hokai went to a secluded part of the cave and changed his clothes. Now wearing Air Nomad clothes, the Gaang went to the Fire Lord's palace to hear new intelligence reports about the Red Revolt


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