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December 23, 2013

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Starfire and Ty, not having anything else to do, began talking to each other. They really needed a way out of this mess but with nothing to give them a chance, what's the point on coming up with plans? Starfire and Ty have a lot in common it turns out. They kept talking to each other until suddenly their door opened up, with Smile Dog and Ghost standing there.

"Okay you two. Time for Starfire's tests. Come on Star," Smile Dog said. Starfire wanted to blast him into dust but that would be pointless. She got up, floating like she always does, and went off with Smile Dog. Ghost though was still waiting.

"Aren't you going?" Ty asked.

"You're coming too. First thing, your test is right after this. Second, it'll make it easier now come on," Ghost said, wrapping his tail around her arm. Ty, not having much choice, got up and was pulled along.


Starfire and Ty were taken to a specific chamber for the testing to begin. It was very large, plenty of space for Starfire to fly around. There was a glass viewing area above her where Smile Dog, Ghost, and a few others are viewing. The crowd usually Is Feral, Glaze and Adjula but now Ty is watching. Ty watched as Feral got to an intercom.

"Starfire. You hear me?" Feral asked. Starfire nodded.

"Okay. See that large door there? Our test is gonna go through there, gonna see how it goes K?" Feral instructed. These tests were mainly what their own mutants can do. Feral went over and pulled a lever and the huge metal doors started to open. Starfire turned, beginning to fly and getting ready when her mutant gave a mighty roar! It was enough to make her shutter.

"Whelp. Here we go," Adjula said from the watcher lab. Ty just stared off, her hand touching the glass as she saw red eyes glow from the darkness. Starfire can hear claws scrape the metal floor and heavy breathing from some unknown beast. Starfire got spooked and flew up high as the animal got in. This animal was like a giant lion with a metal side.

"What the? P4? What's he doing in here?" Glaze asked.

"Feral, you mess with the subjects again?" Adjula asked. Feral laughed nervously as P4 looked up to Starfire, his teeth showing in a hungry sneer before charging at her! It gave Starfire the shock of her life when it nearly jumped high enough to reach her. The second leap from the wall though would a got her if she didn't fly out of the way! Starfire tried knocking on the window at one point before P4 lunged at her again. The mutant dog hit the window so hard it looked close to shattering!

"We're getting nowhere here. Plus we need new glass," Smile Dog said, looking at the glass cracks where P4 hit. He went right to the intercom.

"Okay. This test is over, get out!" Smile Dog ordered. P4 retaliated but he knew that was pointless so he turned back to his chamber. Starfire literally flew like mad back with Ty once the door opened.

"Sorry we had to cut that short. Any further and not only will our subject needed replacement, but we'll need new glass. Geesh," Ghost groaned.

"Sorry? Sorry?! It doesn't matter in the slightest to you if I live or not! (gets in Smile Dog's face) if I knew how to get out, I would eliminate you! You TROQ!"

"Watch it! We don't wipe out our subjects until we run outta ideas for experiments. (Turns to Ty). okay Ty you're next," Smile Dog said, as Ghost grabbed her with his tail.

"What?! No way I'm going in there!"

"What are you so worked up for? Just get in there."

"No! If that's your first-"

"Ty. It's not like you have somewhere to be anymore. Just go in before I lose my patience," Smile Dog warned, pushing her along until she fell into the room. She landed on her one hand, showing her acrobatics and strength. Feral, Adjula and the Dynamic duo were impressed. Glaze got to the intercom this time.

"Okay Ty Lee. Can you hear me in there?" Glaze asked. Ty didn't reply so Glaze just continued.

"Just give me a second to alter." Glaze pressed some buttons and the area inside the chamber seemed to alter itself. The walls turned to a forest of sorts. Ty didn't know how they did that. She walked over to one of the trees, it sure felt real. Ty wasn't sure what's going to happen now, but she got herself ready regardless. Feral got to the intercom.

"Okay Ty. We heard of your agility so were gonna test that. Ready? Here they come!" Feral said. Ty then looked up, hearing what sounded like a bat shriek.

"Oh great. Now what?" Ty thought, slightly allowed. She looked in the tree branches and saw a group of wolfbats, like ones back at home. Ty didn't move but it only took one look for the wolves to explode her way, leaping from the trees at her. The crowd from the safety looked in amusement as Starfire got worried, covering her eyes. Starfire can hear a bunch of hits but seconds later... it stopped. Starfire looked to see the group blank faced, staring into the chamber. Starfire saw all of the wolves on the ground, unable to move due to Ty's chi-blocking.

"Wanna cut this short?" Smile Dog asked on a whim. Ty did a good acrobat somersault in the air during her jump before being let in. For the heck of it, Adjula had a timer going and stopped it once they were both done.

"Wow, pretty good time. 2 minutes for both, fastest ever," Adjula said.

"Really? Fancy. Come on you two, back to your cages," Ghost said. Before he can start, Adjula then remembered something.

"Not yet you two. Aren't you forgetting something?"

"I don't think so. Why?" Smile Dog asked.

"It's time to get the order for 682. And it's your turn to feed him."

"What?!" Ghost and Smile Dog got spooked and immediately wished Slenderman wanted someone else.

"Who's 682?" Starfire asked, though knowing it's not a good question.

"Some other time. Just go back to your cages, this way," Glaze said, making them go back to their cells. As for the dynamic duo... well they got trouble to handle.

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