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Test of Star

Toph and Toube both continued hugging a while more. Toph didn't want to let go but she did after a point. She tapped her finger on the floor and got a good "look" at Toube. Toube looked normal, without a scratch on him.

"Toube... how-? I mean... what happened? Are you okay?" Toph asked, very urgent, which wasn't her usual mood.

"I'm fine Toph. Which is strange because Kaibutsu was telling me what kinds of things are around here."

"Who's Kaibutsu?"

"He's sitting right there," Toube said, looking over to the giant lion hound. Toph got what he said and was shocked. Kaibutsu sighed.

"Sorry about earlier. I thought they were giving me some food, and I haven't eaten in days," Kaibutsu said, not looking at the earthbender. Toph didn't feel any more comfortable from hearing that.

"Don't worry Toph, he didn't warm up to me either at first," Toube said.

"I understand... you said something about other things here Toube?" before the tosa can talk, Kaibutsu got her attention.

"Toph is it? In a place like this, they literally have anything, and everything, that you can think of here. I'm hardly a threat compared to some of the horrors here. which I'm sure you'll meet soon enough."

"Really? Anything?" Toph asked.

"You're kidding right? What you've just seen with your eyes is only part of what this foundation has to offer, believe me," Kaibutsu sighed. Normally Toph would say she alone can't see but as far as she's concerned, that's not an issue here. Toph oddly can't bend any of the stuff around her so bending out is out of the question. Her mind got a random question on it.

"You think they have any normal people?"

"Heh. That's the only thing they DON'T have. Any normal person in here is mutated for tests made by these freaks. Anything else?"

"Hm... well, you think there's anyone here that doesn't want to kill me?" Kaibutsu thought about it for a second.

"Well probably... but honestly, I never saw one yet. Any innocent looking thing here has a catch to it?"

"A catch? I don't get it."

"That means there's a way it can kill you," Kaibutsu groaned. Toph wasn't sure where that is going but right now she wasn't liking this. Then the thought of her ultimate form came back. If she can access it, maybe they can escape. Toube seemingly understood and gave her space as she sat down and tried to concentrate.

"What's she doing?" Kaibutsu asked.

"Ssshhh... she's meditating. She mustn't be distracted," Toube said.

"Why is she meditating?" Kaibutsu asked, quieter this time.


Meanwhile, the other team members were dealing with their own troubles. Smellerbee was alone for the longest time and it was really getting to her, her simply wondering what's going on with her team, Team Avatar and the Titans. All she had now is her blade, which she's just scratching at the wall. It was making a rather rough noise and suddenly one of the guards popped over at her door.

"Hey! Knock it off, were getting deaf out here!" This just encouraged Smellerbee to continue, as a way to tick them off. The guard raced off as Smellerbee laughed. Her voice however was overheard.

"Who's there?"

Smellerbee stopped, only slightly recognizing the voice. It couldn't be... but it can be... and it is. It took a good look but she soon saw him, the person that started their search.


"Duke! It's you!" Smellerbee said, hugging him like he was her own child. The Duke was very happy to see her. But only Smellerbee was there.

"Where's Pipsqueak? Where's Longshot?" The Duke asked.

"They're okay. Did they do anything to you?"

"Not yet... they were too distracted on trying to find you... I'm scared Smellerbee," The Duke said. Smellerbee tried to comfort him as best she could. It's been a very long time since Smellerbee last saw The Duke and now he had some catching up to do.

"There there Duke... we'll be okay. We'll get out, I promise you," Smellerbee said finally... but she didn't know how. One thing she did know is that she found The Duke, the main purpose but now she had to find a way to get herself and everyone else out. Some mission. As they were letting go of each other, a muffled voice began to be heard. Smellerbee got offensive but the Duke followed it to a small area over by the back of the cell. The Duke saw a small air vent where the voices are coming from. He had done this only a few times before while he was in here and Smellerbee sat down by to have a listen. It was just audible to be heard.

The noise was coming from another area of the foundation. It was in a lab, a set up lab, where the tests usually are worked on for the subjects. Only one person, a blue-skinned, white-haired girl, was working the controls when the rainbow-haired Dash came in.

"Twist? Almost ready?" Dash asked. Twist turned around in her chair.

"Almost. Just need some more data. Did Smile Dog and Ghost finally get the teams? I can't just keep these waiting." Twist asked in an annoyed tone.

"They're here, just Slenderman got them instead. They're in containment right now, put well apart from each other."

"Sounds good." Twist went back and looked on a few things before she said, "Before I can start, I would like some information on that new SCP. For the files and all."

"You mean that deer head? All I know on that is that it used to be some creative whiz before his head was chopped off."

"How did that happen?"

"I dunno, HoundDoom just found him like that and took the head back for the mantle. I don't think it does anything, it didn't for a few weeks now." Dash shrugged.

"Oh. Well right now though, I need to set up the chambers but first, I do need to say it's been awhile since feeding time."

"Feeding time? Come on Twist, I think you had enough there," Dash teased patting her stomach. Twist was rather overweight but she didn't mind it unless mocked.

"Not me! The SCPs. It's starting to worry me, the large one mainly."

"Who P4? He's fine, well feed him today."

"Not him, the other one. You know. '682'?" 

Dash shuddered, that SCP is a very dangerous one they had with them.

"It's his feeding time already?" Dash asked, worried.

"Yeah it is. That time of the month again, lucky for you, the dynamic duo's filling his order this time." Twist said, a bit relieved.

"Okay good. Last time I went in he nearly ripped out my lovely hair," she said, flipping her hair, showing the colors.

"Yeah yeah. Well I just hope they don't get killed."

"I guess. See ya later." With that Dash went out as Twist continued her work.

The conversation ended there. Smellerbee and the Duke both got worried, they heard each word and could only wonder what tests they have to take.

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