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It felt like forever for Slenderman to finally pull the team to their next destination from the portal. They all were still tied up and couldn't break free from their binds. The area they were taken to looked very ominous for any usual world or any world they've seen yet. The sky was rather cloudy and the sun was barely peeking through. The ground was hard rock or cement, but it was the building that really got their attention. It looked much like a gigantic warehouse, giant door open Inside looked pitch black and more of a cave than a building. Only Ty had enough remaining energy too remain awake as she looked up and saw the letters S, C, and P planted in large white letters with the symbol of what looked like some odd shaped gear underneath it.

Ty obviously was confused as well as scared. She couldn't really do anything but somehow she noticed her friends were asleep. She can only assume they were drained in some way during Slenderman's fight, and she was the first to wake up. She glanced to her side and saw the familiar face of HoundDoom looking right at her face. He knew she was awake and knew she was powerful so he kept a safe distance. It took a little more time to notice they were not exactly being dragged ether, but were more floating! They were in one of Slenderman's orbs and Ty couldn't get out for anything, not like she tried. The rooms they past weren't as dark as they were when they first came in. In fact, it was rather bright with the odd lights hanging from the ceiling, beaming a very bright light blue around each hall they went through. HoundDoom kept an eye on her as he was walking, his now blue skin seemingly shining from the light.

"Where are we?" Ty thought. As if reading her mind, HoundDoom walked closer to her and mouth the words "Don't move." and she didn't move. Ty saw ghost floating around them, circling them time and time again as Smile dog walked alongside Slenderman ahead. Ty kept looking around, not moving her head and noticed a few things. There were different chambers, test areas, and labs set everywhere as they walked. She saw in one containment cell only a mounted blue deer head on a wall. Kinda odd for a subject. Again, HoundDoom walked close and mouthed something else but this time it wasn't as readable as they passed. She couldn't see what happened next but next thing she knew she was split in her own orb, the others the same. Their binds were removed and she stopped in front of one of the cells and she, along with everyone else, was thrown in their own. That got everyone awake and shocked, trying to break free. But it wasn't of any use. Ty got up herself and tried to jab the door open but she only got a bruised hand outta that.

"Don't try that Ty. You only hurt yourself. HoundDoom, Smile dog, Ghost. You three are good. You can rest now, I got some work to fill and some tests to set up," Slenderman said, as he left the room. Smile dog and Ghost fallowed him but HoundDoom stuck around and looked into Ty's chamber.

"You saw a whole lot for a test subject. Try to watch yourself next time okay?" That's all he said before he left too, leaving everyone in the chambers. Ty tried calling them but found out it was soundproof as well. She was all alone... that was until she turned around inside her chamber. Inside was another girl, similar orange skin. Similar red hair... Starfire...

"Starfire? That you?" Starfire just woke up and saw Ty. She was suddenly pleased and hugged.

"Oh great friend Ty! You're okay!" she beamed, hugging her rather hard.

"Nice to see you too..." Ty said, trying to hug her back.


All the others were in their chamber, as Toph Beifong was in hers. She tried over and over again to break free but it was no use. Her metal-bending was completely useless here. Her sensory worked though, and she tested it to see where she was and where her friends are. She found they all were put rather far apart, and she was set up alone. That was until she sensed something behind her. Something big.

"Who's there?!" she demanded. At first no voice reacted from the. The cells were rather large, almost more like a giant animal pen than a human cell. Something did hear her and it started to walk over to her. The claws scratching on the ground. The heavy breathing of animal breath. Toph was in a room with a mutation!

Although unable to see, her practice has given her sensory ability more detail on people. The vibrations showed her a tall, 12-foot long beast. Like a mix of German shepherd and lion, with metal going along one side of its back. Toph didn't move as it growled to her but a loud snort from another corner got the beast to calm down and not attack her. Toph could only wonder and guess on what it is that's there... but one step proved all she needed before she began getting tears in her eyes are hugging him with open arms. The other animal smiled as Toph felt the familiar brown fur and harness on his chest.

"Toube... I missed you so much."

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